Higher than Hope...

srijeda, 15.08.2007.

In love with my sadness...

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Listen to the voice
while walking the air...
is it calling you?
Do you remeber it?
Doesn't it sound so familiar...
I do..

It flys among the forest...
you hear somebody run...
it is the same voice...
where does it come from?
Is it in the air...
or do the trees have sam magical
sound....do they whisper?

Whose is that voice?
Is it her...
or shall I think strange toughts
have come to my mind..
Is it her?
My lady...
my sorrow and dark queen...
Could I catch her?
Could I hold her in my arms...

one last time...

I once ran away...
I left her with no excuse,
with no answer...why...
Does she even remeber me?
Does she know who I am...
I cannot be sure if she...
does she want me...
does she hold a memory of me
in her pretty, onest heart...

On my road
no people crossed my way...
only a old man...
carring his bag and walking with difficuty...
I wondered what to say to him...
I asked if he needed any help...
but the man raised his head
and a tear fall on the ground
far from his blue eyes...

I asked...
he laughed...
''Do you need any help, sir?''
''No thank you, young man, I am doing just fine.''
But I saw...he couldn't be fine...
''I see you feel great fear, young man... I see tears and darkness...''
''I don't know... But, wise man, how...?''
''Some tears are to be seen, some are kept deep inside...
and sometimes you can see better those that foolish people keep inside,
that those who scream a lovers name...''

And the old man was wright...
I was keeping my sadness inside...
so no one could be aware of what I felt...
But I never realised why was I afraid...
Was it because of her?..
I really do not think so...
she is so bright that no man could be afraid...
But...on second tought...
she does have something...
what does she have?
Does anybody know?

My lady...
lady Amaranth...
I ask forgivness..
I beg your mercy...
all for another chance to speak to you...
my lady..
but would you kiss me again...
like we used to...
Stand infront of me...
look me with your bright eyes
...say you love me...
While the bell rings midnight...
the wind passes by...
and the moon lights our way...

I love you Flarius...
I love you too, my lady Amaranth...

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Nešto o meni....

Volim glazbu...volim zimu, snijeg, kišu i hladnoću...ne podnosim toplinu i sunce...
Volim sladoled i piti mlijeko...ne volim meso... Pišem i sviram...
Ovisna sam o bijeloj kavi, cigarama i knjigama... Volim jezike...
Volim Shakespearea i Tolkiena...

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Lost soul....
I dream people
without faces
without hands,
without bodyes.
I dream souls,
and I dream hearts,
naked hearts,
hearts that died
and left a part of them
here, like a star in the sky.
Don't forget that he lives
in your heart,
until you decide to murder
your memory and burie his life.

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Mi portai alla fine del mondo
persi la vista
che vedeva...
Amai come
spirito divino
Vissi nel mondo
vissi una vita
ho perso
se stessa.
il mio cuore
e sfito,
sanguinano gli occhi...
non mi lasciare...

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Let it be
pure love,
let it be
in my heart.
Let it become
the highest
let it be
waves in sea.
We ride
towards the storm
we fly above
the clouds.
He will bound
to me,
the great
I will be
cold like ice
and pure like water..
my eyes...like sea..
will look at him.
He will not be able
to kiss me
no'r to watch my..
his beautiful eyes will bleed..
If only he remembered before..
he wouldn't have to regret...
Bound to me...
I will pray for your salvation..
bound to me..
only I can aprouch...
If you see me crying
kiss me please..
Only for you
I will die
and be born near you...
Let it be love
for you
and me...
send him my kiss
my heart
my soul..
A part of me belongs
to him...
my dark angel..
but I have to be
near you,
black demon...
My love
and your love
be true.
Let there be light
let there be love...
Let us love
let us touch
let us feel the passion
inside us...

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The Divine Wings Of Tragedy

Sometimes it is so hard to forgive yourself
The death of him you caused,
'couse he was my sunshine and my moon,
my life and my death...
and I was his dying wish...
his fallen moon and buried sky...
I was his death and his punishment
His only star...
Stars are shineing only for his soul
Pianos are playing only in memory of him...
Life has been turned off...until he dies..
Until I burie his soul alive...
I was the tempest that covered his mind,
I was the black hand that closed his beautiful eyes;
I was the rain that filled his grave...
I am his mind becouse he's not here...
His memory lies in me forever...
Becouse my punishment is to see his death over
And over again...in eternity..
Until my tears arise the seas
And my screams wanish in the night,
When time will be forgotten and all the pain put away,
I'll be his guardian turn to stone in all the nights that comes.

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Volim te kako nikada nisam voljela,
Trebam te kao što nikoga nisam trebala,
Trebam tvoje oči da me u tami vode,
Trebam tvoje ruke da me u tuzi zagrle,
Trebam tvoje usne da moje dotaknu
I da kažeš mi volim te.
Trebam tvoj osmijeh da sruši moje strahove
Trebam tebe da ispuniš moje srce ljubavlju.
I ako nikada neću smoći hrabrosti,
Sada priznajem da volim te.

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I loved you,
Now I don't know,
Now I don't care.
There is to much pain,
There are to many tears.
Leave me alone, just leave my poor heart,
I hope I'll never love again,
I hope nobody else has to live like me.
This is not life,
This is not truth,
This is just pain,
This is just not like you.

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Znaj, voljet ću te
dok zemlju ne proguta
sunčev sjaj,
dok mjesec ne odluta,
dok sjaj se kapi vode
ne izgubi u mome oku..
Voljet ću tvoj glas i poljupce,
slušati ću tvoje korake
i pamtiti svaki zagrljaj..
Znaj, volim te.

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I will cry
until you do not come back
to me...
until than, I shall cry.
Let the rain wash away my tears
let the moon curse my worse fears...
Let my nightmares become dreams..
let me love you...
Until you promise me
to never let me go
I shall cry...
My tears shall overcome
and no posion will be strong enough
to make me feel again.

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Cum amarore te amabo,
umquam oblitterabam amorem tuam
et meam...
amor lacrimosa
opprimebat animam meam
et non succedebam lacrimas tergere.

Recurrat extemplo, recurrat amor meo,
dispeream si tu non recurri.
Habebam imperium vivere,
habebam amor,
at amor nihil valet an
tu non es hic.

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