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Why Work In Investment Management

why work in investment management

Campo Lameiro. Petroglifo "Laxe dos Carballos" 2010

Campo Lameiro. Petroglifo

Texto de Fidel Mendez Fernandez. Arqueologo.

Why one kills what one admires?
Destruction is an absurd possession. Possession is not admiration. To eliminate is not to beat. However, all the former mechanisms are present in the logic of the hunter, of the warrior, both of them in the male singular.
The social recognition of personal individuality, so dear to our western culture, a condition of possibility of freedom, emerged in the early Bronze Age, as a vindication of other values perhaps not so acceptable as fundamental as they are today, not even as positive: the warrior, the male, the hunter. The three archetypes are represented in the stag of Laxe dos Carballos: the first two in the animal itself and the third one in the javelins stuck into its back. The three of them will gradually melt into the warrior, the nemesis of the hunter that will reach its heyday in the Final Bronze Age.
Human societies are so tragic! They almost always escape from the pot to fall into the fire.
In the early Neolithic began the production of food, which, beyond its circumstantial beginnings due to a possible food crisis or a population boom driven by climate causes, undoubtedly tried to bring about a higher degree of autonomy for the social group, which at that time was everything; like the “third state” for Abbe Sieyes, but a real one. It is true they attained a higher degree of autonomy than other social groups, but when they began to become sedentary, because cultivation so requires, they turned the resources that used to be unlimited into something finite because the land must be controlled by nature. One lives off nature, in it, but the territory must be possessed to become so. Thus, at the end of this stage some groups began to compete with some others with the unavoidable imposition of some and the submission or absorption of others.
Each local group was, in turn, able to achieve further autonomy thanks to a technological revolution in the early Bronze Age based, to a great extent, in the development of new crafts that brought about the exploitation of products other than meat, in cattle farming, and grain in agriculture. At that time, they began to use a light plough, which did not enable watering, but only working the land. Presumably, they began to use primitive fertilization techniques and a sort of crop rotation entailing the conscious management of the fallow lands inside the territory dominated by the group. The higher the investment in work, the higher the dependency on its yield and, subsequently, on the means of production and infrastructure; that is to say, the land, the cattle, that do not only provide meat, but also draught, milk, leather, and other raw materials for the making of by-products.
This technology came along with, or was favoured by, the ideology of the warrior/hunter, which was admirably suitable for the demarcation and defence of the territory. The quick expansion of the ideology was fostered by the presence, in its dissemination channels, of alcoholic beverages and maybe other psychoactive substances that could be at the origin of the making of carvings such as the Laxe dos Carballos one.
Once again, the group attained further autonomy and freedom, but the internal differences that emerged would eventually derive into the establishment of social classes. In the past, the others were outside the group, now they are at home. With the emergence of individuality, true solidarity collapsed. In the past, there were no power strategies in the group, now they are its natural habitat.
Human societies are so wonderful! Even though they are always haunted by ideologies that are not exactly sublime, they are always able to try, once and again, to be more free and, at the same time, to leave us works as admirable and fascinating as this stag; a metaphor of themselves: smiling and deadly wounded.

Por que se mata o que se admira?

A destrucion e unha posesion absurda. Posesion non e admiracion. Eliminar non e superar.
Ora ben, todos os anteriores mecanismos estan presentes na loxica do cazador, na do guerreiro, ambas as duas en masculino e singular.
O reconecemento social da individualidade persoal, tan querida para a nosa cultura occidental -condicion de posibilidade da liberdade- xorde nos inicios da Idade do Bronce como vindicacion doutros valores quizais non tan asumibles hoxe en dia como primordiais, nin sequera como positivos: o guerreiro, o macho, o cazador. Os tres arquetipos atopanse representados no cervo da Laxe dos Carballos: os dous primeiros no propio animal e o terceiro nas xavelinas que aparecen cravadas no seu lombo. Os tres iranse fundindo co tempo no guerreiro, nemese do cazador que alcanzara a sua apoteose no Bronce Final.
Que traxedia a das sociedades humanas! case sempre foxen do pote para caer no lume.
Co inicio do neolitico comezouse a producion de alimentos que, alen do seu inicio circunstancial cunha posible crise alimentaria ou un aumento demografico propiciado por causas clima



A message from the grave by Dr Canisius Banda
From the outset, I should like to express my sincere gratitude to management of the local MAP team for affording me this privilege to address you this morning. First of all, I want to remind you just what privileged individuals you all are. By being pressmen and women you belong to that group of men and women that is made noble by what they do. Yours is a calling that represents a grand lifetime opportunity to serve humanity. You have the power to shoo humanity away from harm and usher it towards the requisite development. Yours is an occupation that demands sobriety of mind, keenness of thought, diligence, the ability to go against the wind for the sake of righteousness and the perseverance on an issue that comes only with an acute awareness of one’s objectivity. You must always be inspired by a passionate immersion of your journalistic minds in fact and truth. These are your Teflon jackets that will ensure that harm or shame does not come your way. And should harm come your way, it will elevate you to such heights before the eyes of man that you might become a deity.
Always respect that remarkable spirit of African tolerance that allows even the fool to heard. Even a lie well told as an accurate quote from your source makes for excellent journalism. But should your task of the day be the reflection of truth, note that the truth cannot be told any other way other than the truthful one.
Further, I am happy to note that that the MAP, which is a aggregation of various media entities, through its activities, augments other national efforts in strengthening Zambia’s advance towards development in general and towards the eradication of HIV/Aids from our midst in particular.
Note that I say eradication of HIV/Aids deliberately as a goal because falling short of that might be synonymous with burying our heads in the sand, of leaving the battlefront with the mistaken notion that the war has been won when the truth argues otherwise.
I must inform you that the MAP, like many other such entities, is a necessary fixture in the life of any nation. Never be cowered by or shun away from peddling fact, truth and objectivity when they offend this individual or that institution. Yours is a profession that has the power to control minds.
Always remember that it is difficult for one to hold an opinion that is against one’s own. For this reason, you must be ardent and fierce advocates of the legislation for dissent and dissenters. Commonly, it is because we hold different views on an issue that enlightenment dawns and consensus is built. There can be no development without dissent. The unity that results from different views is often stronger than each individual’s view. Dissent is a vital and indispensable ingredient of human advancement. Dissenters ought to be encouraged and protected by law.
Always ask questions. Be inquisitive. Yours is not a profession of parrotry. Oftentimes, I come across reporters whose lack of curiosity scares me. I get the impression that the future is not in safe hands by their behaviour. It is that kind of behaviour that betrays lack of critical fundamentals in the reporter which task really is that of the employer to weed the profession of such charlatans. Prove to your employers that you are worthy of their company. Editors, please do not pass copy that insults the intelligence of the reader.
We must all always seek to add value to ourselves and those that we serve, to strive to be assets for humanity.

Ask questions. Questions such as what mathematical model or epidemiological pattern of spread explains why HIV/Aids, which was not first seen in Africa, to now be domiciled in Southern Africa? What is HIV?
For it is only when we fully understand what we are up against that we will be best equipped to succeed. Any worthy General will tell you that an investment in studying and understanding the enemy represents a battle nearly won.
Ask why some people never develop AIDS despite having HIV? Ask about the value of nutrition in containing HIV.
Ask about the sustainability of an undertaking of having hundreds of thousands of people on drugs that they take for a lifetime? Also inquire about the sovereignty of such a people when such consumption is not locally financed. Ask questions, ladies and gentlemen. Ask why, as a country, we are not making ARVs despite having the capacity to do so. Why should pre-qualification of drugs take forever to do? Why is there paucity of research on traditional medicines?
When success has been scored also reflect that. It is through such news-casting that you will ensure peace of mind of communities, give them the perception that not all is gloom, and subsequently create models of behaviour to be emulated. Not all news ought to be negative. And please never sacrifice c

why work in investment management

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