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petak, 14.11.2008.


Well as you can see the Dojo is finally fixed. Here are some pictures:

You can get free sandales.As for the inside of the dojo,it is much much better now. It can be a fun place now:

So I was roaming around and when I went into Agent HQ, I found that there was a blank screen on the right side(possiblity of a new room?) and on the left side, a fully dug Dojo Courtyard, and the part where its still covered in snow there is a door(it looks high tech?):

and for the end here is a sneak peek for the new play at The Stage next Friday:

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četvrtak, 13.11.2008.

more news for ninjas

The news came and alot about ninjas has explained.The mysterious penguins name is sensei.He seeks new students to become njinas.The opening is next week.

here is the link for the news; link

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utorak, 11.11.2008.

The final clue!

So out of many clues that ninjas are coming,here is the final clue:
Click the five lightbulbs at the dojo and the "WEAR A HARD HAT" sign, and then watch
They are totally coming!

by: Bunislav

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If you go to the HQ , and wait for about 5 minutes,then the ninjas will hop out in the screen and write a message
Here is what they wrote:
Very weard,what coud that mean...

by: Bunislav

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ponedjeljak, 10.11.2008.

The ninjas are ALOST HERE!!!

So in the time I was in scool, CP change.Well a little but for now it is good.
On the mab picture of the Dojo there is a little change :

And in the Dojo there is a sign:

So next week the Ninjas are coming.
The Dojo on the roof you change too.They dig out some part of the roof Dojo, and the secret ninja is alomst finished.There is a door to some place, so there is going to be a room, or a Ninja city.

And for the end, the second party of Fun Club is going to be this week, more about it you can find on club penguin forum.

by: Bunislav

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petak, 07.11.2008.

All new things

A am a little late with the news because my cousin died, but here are the latest events in Club Penguin:
New newspapers just came out. Here is the ling for them LINK
In the newspapers is a hidden secret.If you click the letters N, I, N, J, A on page A2 it reveals you a secret page.


On CP there is a new pin. It is in the Forest.Pin is in the form of shovels and a lot of similar to a pin that has been before.
And for the member a new Style Catalog and Wig Catalog (Big Wig) just came out.

And finally in Club Penguin comes a new game, currently nobody knows what is the game going to be about, but here's sneek peek:

And the first meeting of Fun Club:
Is going to be on 13:30 AM,on Club Penguin time. On a server Grzzly,since the Dojo is full now...

that all for now
by: Bunislav

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srijeda, 05.11.2008.

New fireworks in club penguin and more about ninjas!

A lot of that happened which may refer to the official appear of the Ninjas. There are many there enough evidence from the past that can confirm.
The mysterious penguin who is diging on the roof of the dojo,is dressed the as at the time ninjas. The same penguin is gray, which means that we may even get a new color.
All kind apperiances of the famouse ninjas in Dojo in the past and now to.
Here is the picture of the most ninjas on it:

oh Yeah on club penguin they put some cool fireworks:

thats all for know
by. Bunislav

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utorak, 04.11.2008.

I am Working to write all mission,so here a couple of them that i wrote:
1. Mission
The case of missing Puffles-a
First, talk with Aunt Articles, then go to ice ring, look left and pick the picture on the floor, then give it to Aunt Articles. Now go in Pet shop and read a message on the box for dogs using the codes on the left corner of the screen.
Go to sports shop and responds to G. question, if you answer correct, it will open the cupboard with Spy Tools. Pick life preserver launcher to save pingvines in the ice Berg then go to sports shop and take grappa hook.
Now, go to the ski mountain and used Spy phone Wrench to fix broken telescope, the penguin there will allow you the telescope after you fix it. Use a telescope to look around until you see a flying green puffle. Go to tallest mountain then used grappa hook to get to the top. When you found the Puffle mission ends.

2. Mission
G's secret mission
The secret word will be mogul, tell it to Agent G.It is not necessary to end sled test, just fell as soon as you can to end with this! Pick up a ski wich is not broken and a rope of the demolition scene, then take 3 fruits from the bushes.
Feed theblack puffle with one fruit you got from the bushes. After that take the cordwood (next to the river). Use skis, rope, and 1 fruit to create one fishing rod and pick a fish.
Get the pan from tree by clickin on the lower part of the tree (return where you got black puffle then go left). Inflow water from the river in the pan.9) Go to the cave and click on 1 of stones. Put the cordwood and "Survival Guide" in a circle. Feed the puffle with fruit, it should make a fire.
Put the fish and log in the fire you will fell asleep as soon as eat and drink the water.Go out and the mission ends....

3. Mission
The case of the missing coins
Chat with the agent who was in front until you try to talk to you. Go to office and look under the couch, take the loading disc and connectors. Then go into your computer and insert the disk. When you're in your computer, find numbers that are together an, e, s, w or in front of them. (This means the north east and south west. For example, one of the numbers n1, which means north of the Treasury must be 1)
Go to the vault and enter the number you got from your computer. Now your phone will ring. Reply-G will want to see videoHQ, go see his video. Chat with G until he sests going on the roof and door-opening will give you the key. Take the key on which you can read Roof-key (the first). Go in the gift shop office and go to the door to the roof. Click and drag the key to the door. Go to the roof, and use screw driver to "powa box". Go to "powa Box" and click and drag staple in the box. When you come out from the white box take your with sewage. Go back to the vault and Chat with the agent. Go back to G and Chat with him until he tells about the magnet that was stolen. Chat with him until he tells the second mission. Now to a night club and then with the stereo, which leads to the boiler room, go to boiler room, or use the phone to Spy boiler room. Now scroll around until you see the silver box, click on it. (For darkness used battery from HQ-table). Play with the buttons until you become green in May. Go back to G¨s , give him the hair!

4. Mission
Rescuing avalanche
From the gadget room, take a life preserver shooter. Go in the Lighthouse and take the rope. Go to the narrow Lodge and take a fishing rod. United those items. Get the beam of white hair. To fix the lift, go in the sports shop, take a belt of green penguin and put it into the "lift".
Then the labyrinth comes.To reveal the right way, go to Lighthouse balcony, use telescope part, and set it on the tripod in G's room. When you look through the telescope, you will see the right path.
Now, use the preserver shooter for the salvation pingvine. Just click the rope goes down.
When you save penguins, you need 5 of them to throw a stone from cliffs, then save the last penguin.

First you need to talk to G. After talking to him you will see that Pink fur is stuck in his Furensic Analyzer 3000. Get your Spy phone and use the comb out and use it on the fur.
The fur belongs to a pink puffle. After that G will give you a some kind of white fur.Use it on the Furensic Analyzer 3000.On the second scan, Hot Chocolate, Hot Sauce & Jet Pack Fuel will appear.
Go to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the penguin that is cleaning the floor.From there take a bottle of Hot Sauce and a bottle of Chocolate Sauce.
Then chat whit the penguin again. He will ask you to bring the pizza to a penguin in the Ski Lodge.Take the pizza and go to the Ski Lodge.You shoud find the penguin behinde the Ice Fishing door.Give the pizza to him..
Go to the Coffee Shop and talk to the penguin behind the counter.Look at the drawing he did of the monster.Talk to him again. Ask him for Hot Chocolate.
The machine is broken sou you will need to fix it. Use your spanner from your spy phone and fix the tube on the right for the milk.Put the mug under it.Since there isnt any chocolate put he chocolate sauce into the insert chocolate bowl at the top.Click the switch on the side to turn up the heat.Put the mug into your inventory.
Return to the Gadget Room and take the AC 1000.Go to the Beacon. Go over the launch pad.Get the AC 1000 and fan the balloon over to you.Cut the fuel off the balloon with the scissors in your inventory.Pick up the fuel & go back the the Gadget Room.Go back to the Furensic Analyzer 3000.Put the Hot Sauce into the thing beside it.
Then put the Hot Chocolate in.Then put the Jet Pack Fuel in.Pick up the glasses on the thing beside the Furensic Analyzer 3000.Go to the Ski Lodge. Put on the glasses.Go into the Ice Fishing door again.
There will be a monster.Go back into the Ski Lodge & pick up the candle on the wall.Go to the Beach. Pick up the net beside the Lighthouse.Go to the lighthouse. Pick up the rope on the boat from mission 4.
Put the rope on the net. You’ve made a trap!Go back to the monster. Put the trap on the tree.Put a candle on the trap.A crab will go to get the candle. The crab gets trapped, & the monster runs away.Pick up the crab & the white fur that the monster left behind.Go back the G in the Gadget Room.
Talk to G. Give him the crab.Put the white fur in the Furensic Analyzer 3000.The monster is a Polar Bear! Talk to G again.
The end

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ponedjeljak, 03.11.2008.

Novi blog,novi post

Here I am making a blog.So this blog is dedicated to everyone from the local and outside.
So with the latest news from Club Penguin's ....
Halloween is ended.Stormwhich came to Club Penguin
has gone and you can see it through the telescope:

There is a new map in Club Penguin-u.Pictures of certain locations are
different, to me now it looks a lot better, but here's image:

As you can see on the pictures Dojo has changed, because they started to work in it:Photobucket

There you have a free item, for some old some new, and that is mining helmet ...
And of course the way that leads from the Dojo leads to a new room:Photobucket

The room is quite a melee.I think that it is because of the mysterious penguin
quite resembles the character from the movie with ninjas, which could lead to the arrival of a ninja:

A lot of changes happened immediately after the Halloween Party
Coming soon new stories, and dont forgot to join in the Fun Club on the Forum Club Penguin

by. Bunislav

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