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Free Ringtone For Any Phone. Adding Ringtones To Env2.

Free Ringtone For Any Phone

free ringtone for any phone

    free ringtone
  • (Free ringtones) A ringtone or ring tone is the sound made by a telephone to indicate an incoming call or text message. Not literally a tone, the term is most often used today to refer to customizable sounds used on mobile phones.

    for any
  • In predicate logic, universal quantification formalizes the notion that something (a logical predicate) is true for everything, or every relevant thing. The resulting statement is a universally quantified statement, and we have universally quantified over the predicate.

  • telephone: electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds; "I talked to him on the telephone"

  • A speech sound; the smallest discrete segment of sound in a stream of speech

  • call: get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone; "I tried to call you all night"; "Take two aspirin and call me in the morning"

  • (phonetics) an individual sound unit of speech without concern as to whether or not it is a phoneme of some language

Thai dessert - Khanom Duang for YOU :-)...Enjoy eating :-) ^ ^

Thai dessert - Khanom Duang for YOU :-)...Enjoy eating :-) ^  ^

Time for Thai dessert...Are you hungry :-)? I cooked it yesterday. This is also my favorite Thai dessert. My parents also love it very much because of its sweetness and softness. Although they are similar to worms but they are so colorful worms..hahahahaha..Just kidding you :-)..Enjoy eating and keep smiling. Have a lovely week :-).


1 cup of rice flour
1 cup of tapioca flour
1 cup of water
2 cup of scrape coconut fruit
1/2 cup of sugar
2 tablespoons of parch sesame
1 teaspoon of salt
1/2 cup of concentrated coconut milk
Artificial food color or nature color

1. Mix rice flour and tapioca flour with water then paddle it on fire when cooked, put it down and knead it, mix little tapioca flour.

2. Separate the flour and add your color on.

3. Sculpt the flour like worm then steam it in Thai steaming pot until it cooked. Then admix it with scrape coconut fruit.

5. Mix concentrated coconut milk with salt, parch sesame and sugar.

6. When serve add coconut milk to dessert and sprinkle with sesame.

Thai Dessert with LoVe for you...
Mix flour with water and good feeling for the start..
Add scrape coconut fruit and color of heart..
Sprinkle sesame and sugar..
That's how the wonderful and delicious Khanom Duang..

Just for you...GUTEN APPETIT with my Thai Dessert....

Ich liebe dich..I LOVE YOU now and forever, my Dearest :-).
A pretty little girl in Thailand..

Samutprakan, Thailand..

***NO INVITES PLEASE***...Thanks so much for your visits and also for any comments and faves. I am so appreciated for all. All your words are nice awards for me. Thank you..thank you :-)..

I Witnessed the Attempted Murder of a Vintage Fisher Price Happy Apple

I Witnessed the Attempted Murder of a Vintage Fisher Price Happy Apple

It was about 20 years ago at a Goodwill Store in Medford, Oregon. I had just been approved as a Fisher Price Toy Retailer, but I also browsed around for used Fisher Price Toys. I had just gathered up a Japanese Doll and a few Little People and was about to get in line at the checkout stand when I heard a noise that nearly any Fisher Price toy lover would recognize. It was the tinkling and chiming of a Roly Poly Chime Ball or of a Happy Apple. I looked around to see the checkout clerk, a middle aged lady with a bright red happy apple in her hand and a hammer in her other hand. She was beating and pounding, and alternately getting a chisel like tool and prying away. She was determinedly beating away on this poor (formerly) happy apple. I thought she had lost control of her senses. Finally I said, "What on Earth are you doing to the Happy Apple?" She kept prying away, and said in a harsh voice, "Some kid has stuck something inside of this that keeps rattling around, and has ruined it for sale. Kids! Harrumph!" I said that it was supposed to have a happy chiming sound, and it was fine, and I would buy it. She shook her head as if to say that poor woman (me) was really stupid to buy a damaged toy". If you have ever tried to pry a wheel off of a Fisher Price Little People Car, you would know their toys are extremely sturdily made. Trying to pry apart a Happy Apple, indeed!


A is for Apple

free ringtone for any phone

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