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Umpire Equipment Bags - Images Of Lab Equipment - Dog Safety Equipment.

Umpire Equipment Bags

umpire equipment bags

  • The act of equipping, or the state of being equipped, as for a voyage or expedition; Whatever is used in equipping; necessaries for an expedition or voyage; the collective designation for the articles comprising an outfit; equipage; as, a railroad equipment (locomotives, cars, etc.

  • The process of supplying someone or something with such necessary items

  • an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service

  • A tool is a device that can be used to produce or achieve something, but that is not consumed in the process. Colloquially a tool can also be a procedure or process used for a specific purpose.

  • The necessary items for a particular purpose

  • Mental resources

  • referee: be a referee or umpire in a sports competition

  • A person chosen to arbitrate between contending parties

  • (in some sports) An official who watches a game or match closely to enforce the rules and arbitrate on matters arising from the play

  • an official at a baseball game

  • arbiter: someone chosen to judge and decide a disputed issue; "the critic was considered to be an arbiter of modern literature"; "the arbitrator's authority derived from the consent of the disputants"; "an umpire was appointed to settle the tax case"

  • (of a hunter) Succeed in killing or catching an animal

  • Succeed in securing (something)

  • (bag) a flexible container with a single opening; "he stuffed his laundry into a large bag"

  • Put (something) in a bag

  • (bag) capture or kill, as in hunting; "bag a few pheasants"

  • (bag) hang loosely, like an empty bag

Chalking the field

Chalking the field

Before two teams start playing, the field crew must set up and chalk a baseball field. In order to chalk a baseball field, the umpires or coaches must use tape measures and a GPS. In addition, depending on weather conditions and the condition of the field, crews may have to rake the field before chalking the field.

Under poor weather conditions crews must fix the field up before chalking the field. The surface of the infield can be fixed with a piece of equipment called an infield fodder. An infield drag smooths the playing surface by breaking up big clumps of clay and dirt, creating a more even ground. Areas that are too wet or muddy should be fixed with hand rakes. By raking more dirt and clay on top of the mud, the surface should eventually become playable.

In order to chalk a baseball field, one must first determine where home plate should be located. Home plate should be located a few feet from the backstop, and dictates the locations of the rest of the baseball field. Second base should be the second item that is set up. Using a tape measure, one should make a straight line towards the outfield from home plate, and place the second base bag exactly 127 feet, 3 3/8 inches away from home plate. First base and third base should be exactly 90 feet away from both home plate and second base, and will also serve as the foul lines. The last item that needs to be measured is the pitching rubber, which should be between second base and home plate, with it being exactly 60 feet and 6 inches away from home plate.



08 Aug 1971, St. Louis, Missouri, USA --- In a photo-finish to first base, the Los Angeles Dodger's Willie Davis races St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Bob Gibson to the bag in the first inning here. Davis was called safe on the close play. He beat out the play after hitting the ball to first base man Jim Beauchamp (background) who threw to Gibson running over to cover. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

umpire equipment bags

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