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Ringtones Para Cel : A Free Ringtone Site.

Ringtones Para Cel

ringtones para cel

  • A ringtone or ring tone is the sound made by a telephone to indicate an incoming call or text message. Not literally a tone, the term is most often used today to refer to customizable sounds used on mobile phones.

  • A sound made by a mobile phone when an incoming call is received

  • (Ringtone (film)) Ringtone is a 2010 Malayalam film by Ajmal starring Suresh Gopi, Bala and debutant Megha Nair.

  • (Ringtone (song)) Internet Leaks is the third EP from "Weird Al" Yankovic. It was released digitally on August 25, 2009, although all of the songs were initially released as separate digital singles between October 2008 and August 2009.

  • paratrooper: a soldier in the paratroops

  • A monetary unit of Serbia, equal to one hundredth of a dinar

  • parity: (obstetrics) the number of liveborn children a woman has delivered; "the parity of the mother must be considered"; "a bipara is a woman who has given birth to two children"

  • 100 para equal 1 dinar in Yugoslavia

  • A transparent sheet of celluloid or similar film material that can be drawn on, used in the production of cartoons

  • A cel, short for celluloid, is a transparent sheet on which objects are drawn or painted for traditional, hand-drawn animation.

  • Cel is an object-oriented prototype-based programming language based on Self and Smalltalk. As of 2002 it is no longer being supported or developed, but the code is freely available and functional. The language was started by Dru Nelson in 1998.

  • (Cels) Jacques Philippe Martin Cels (June 15, 1740 – May 15, 1806) was a French botanist specializing in horticulture.

ringtones para cel - Wireless Extenders

Wireless Extenders zBoost YX039 Dual-Band Directional Outdoor Signal Antenna

Wireless Extenders zBoost YX039 Dual-Band Directional Outdoor Signal Antenna

The YX039-PCS-CEL dual-band outdoor signal antenna system allows your Wi-Ex cell phone signal booster to provide a larger area of improved indoor signal strength and improve indoor performance where weak outdoor cell signals exist. The antenna operates with signals in both the 850 MHz Cellular and the 1900 MHz PCS bands. The YX039-PCS-CEL dual-band antenna system consists of two directional panel antennas, one for the Cellular band (850 MHz) and one for the PCS band (1900 MHz). An antenna combiner is included to combine the signals from the two antennas into one coax for connection to the Wi-Ex Base Unit. Two 18-inch coaxial jumpers are included to connect each panel antenna to the Combiner. zBoost will increases signal for voice transmission,increases signal and speed of aircards, EDGE and 3G technology, uses patent-pending technologies to protect the carrier network . It is not compatible with Nextel/iDEN devices. zBoost has a 1 year manufacturer warranty. zBoost provides solutions for the 70% of cell phone owners experiencing problems with their cell phone service, including dropped calls, poor signal reception or dead zones. zBoost improves indoor cell phone signal by capturing and enhancing outside signal, then bringing it indoors.
The use of radio distribution equipment that enhances, extends or amplifies a wireless signal may be prohibited without the consent of the wireless carrier upon whose network such equipment will be used. You should consult with your carrier before purchasing such equipment to use with that carrier’s service.

76% (12)

Si, este mensaje es para vos...

Si, este mensaje es para vos...

... para vos pebete que miras al de al lado cuando sos vos el que tiene el celular al palo. Para vos que vas en el bondi y se te da por la movida ochentosa y todos volvemos a tener nevados y peinados batidos porque a vos se te canta. Para vos que crees que el gusto de la cumbia es popular, y por eso tenemos que escuchar letras horrendas con contenidos de dudosa calidad semantica. Y para vos tambien que tardas diez horas en atender haciendote el que miras quien es, para que suene el ringtone y todo el mundo te mire porque es la musica del chavo del ocho.
A vos te digo. Cuidate.

Para alegrarse

Para alegrarse

El mundo necesita de esta energia que entregan estos colores naturales, como radiantes sentimientos.
No solo positivos, sino que tambien de alegria y sonrisas.

Una actitud positiva es como un iman, atrae buenos momentos y sin querer, alegras el dia de la gente que te rodea, puede que tambien lo necesiten y tu seas un motivo para entregar ese positivo sentir.

“El mal genio es lo que nos mete en lios. El orgullo es lo que nos mantienen en ellos”

Neil Simon.-

ringtones para cel

ringtones para cel

Ridgid 32910 1/8-Inch to 1-Inch X-Cel Screw Feed Tubing/ Conduit Cutter

Ridgid 32910 Tubing and Conduit Cutter, 10Ridgid Pipe and Tubing Tools include the legendary RIDGID pipe wrench, the most complete and premier line of threading and roll grooving equipment, best-in-class pipe and tubing cutters, bending and forming tools, and a variety of other pipe-working tools and accessories. RIDGID Pipe and Tubing Tools perform the same every time, job after job, under the toughest conditions.Ridgid 32910 Tubing and Conduit Cutter, 10 Features:; Clean, square cuts are easily made on copper, brass, aluminum and thi -wall conduit.; Now includes X-CEL Knob for quicker cutting.; Nos. 10, 15 and 20 feature a convenient fold-away reamer.; No. 30 is rated for larger diameter steel and stainless steel tubing.; No. 15-SI is especially designed for stainless steel tubing. Includes special roller bearings and cutter wheel to make stainless cutting easier.; Pipe Capacity: 1/8" - 1"

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