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Što filmski posteri kažu o čovjeku 2 !

This seems to be the most popular poster from ‘The Evil Dead’ series I see on a man’s wall. If you see this poster on the man’s wall, you must know that he thinks he is Bruce Campbell’s biggest fan. He probably has both his books, (signed) has every various collector’s edition of any of the Evil Dead movies there are available, and most likely has seen ‘The Evil Dead’ musical…more than once. This is a man’s platonic man crush. Do not mock him for it, because he will not take too kindly to it :P. Other Notable Mentions: ‘The Evil Dead’, The Evil Dead 2,’ ‘Bubba-Ho-Tep’


There are typically three types of men I’ve come across who have posters of ‘Scarface’ or ‘Goodfellas’ on their walls. The first type are men are genuinely huge DePalma and Scorsese fans.(This is the best group!) The second type are the materialistic men out there that think having loads of money, women, and power is what life is all about. The third type of men are the ‘posers’ or ‘conformists.’ (The largest group!) It’s as if men all around were told at a young age, if they don’t have these posters on their walls, then they are pansies! These posters are the BRAND NAMES of all movie posters. So if you see either of these movie posters on the wall, test their knowledge of these movies. If they only know the famous phrases from the movie, then they are the POSERS.

One Night in Paris/Spice World/any ‘August Underground’ film

If you walk into a man’s room and see any of these posters up, this is what I want you to do.

1. Back up
2. Politely excuse yourself from the room
3. Run, do not walk, but RUN straight out of the house.

So, I am purposely leaving out a few big and OBVIOUS movie posters on the list, so you guys can discuss about them in the comment section. (So, I don’t want to see any of those ‘I can’t believe you left THAT one out’ comments! :P)

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