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utorak, 28.07.2009.

For Andres Diaz Bedolla:

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Virgen morenita, Virgen milagrosa.
Oh virgen morenita te elevo mi cantar.
Son todos en el valle devotos de tus ruegos
son todos peregrinos Seńora del lugar
son todos en el valle devotos de tus ruegos
son todos peregrinos seńora del lugar

Virgen morenita, india fue tu cuna
porque india tu naciste por la gracia de Dios
Así somos esclavos de tu bondad divina
Así somos esclavos de tu infinito amor
Así somos esclavos de tu bondad divina
Así somos esclavos de tu infinito amor

Así será, Virgen mía
mereces el respeto y la veneración.
Por eso yo te canto, te elevo mis plegarias
y pido que escuche mi ruego por favor.
Por eso yo te ... AVE MARIIIAAA

Virgen morenita, Santa Inmaculada.
Oh virgen de este valle, seńora del lugar.
Tú gozas el respeto y carińo de tus hijos
así los peregrinos te rezan en tu altar.
Tu gozas del respeto y carińo de tus hijos
Así los peregrinos te rezan en tu altar.

Así será Virgen mía
mereces el respeto y la veneración.
Por eso yo te canto y elevo mis plegarias
y pido que escuches mi ruego por favor
Por eso yo te ... AVE MARIIIAAA
Por eso yo te canto y elevo mis plegarias
y pido que escuches mi ruego por favor.

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Probably, here in Split (Spalato) is crowd on section for surgery becouse of tragedy, mensioned before (train…)
But I will stop on other section of hospital: cardiology
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There are Peter and Andrew, in the same room. And there is even someone of my relatives
Well, when I am here, in Split, I had to go there – to see them.

They did not meet with an accident in train tragedy, but train of life was probably taking them litlle bit faster then it should…
and so their heart didn't menage to take that preasure.

Fast life stile – that is problem of many today. And I supose, more and more people are coming on CARDIOLOGY
More and more death is coused by stres, by heart-atack…, by so unhealthy way of life...
So many things are to be done in a short time.
People feel like crucified, like stretched betwen obligations and desires. They are under preasure.

Doctor says: You have to BE STILL! keep peace... Image and video hosting by TinyPic
But patients are often not listening becouse it seemes to them they can, they should... even faster... becouse they are in good force...

And how dificult is to admit oneself as a week,
when your body is not listening and in your soul you feel so young!
You wish to do so many things and you can't.

Some are lookoing on their unability, tehir weekness - as a curse,
and other as a grace of God – becouse they see then un important thing:

Man is so week in his own power, he has to trust, to relay on Someone else…
on Creator of Life… On Him who is Lord of Life…

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Dear Jesus,
Healer of human hearts,
Keep our hearts in your PEACE…
Give us a grace to understand how week we are without Your help,
Give us a grace that we may spend our lifes for a right things,
For a Love
For which we are all created

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subota, 25.07.2009.

Train - tragedy (six death...)

Here I am. I came back from Bosnia (from Sarajevo, capital city) to Croatia.
Actualy, I wanted to write about something else. For example about Hope (lady named like that)… in time of war in Sarajevo, about Therese, about Andja, about Zvonko… and all together… about Hope… that Good must concer in batlle against evil…
And here I here the news about tragedy:
Here, close to Split, ... there was a big tragedy with train.
Six people are dead, 55 are in hospital...
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And again, how not to write about Hope?
Becouse, even that news, bad news that are around us, we are called to look with the eyes of Faith.
I had a chance to see litlle bit a video from train-acident. Actualy not this main acident but other one – where a litlle vagon* was coming to help and almost there was new tragedy becouse again there was problem with brake (age)... That video beter not to listen… There is so much swearing, so much offull ofences aginst God – Jesus, Mary…

Trunk next to trunk… Death next top death. Man next to man. Pain next to pain.
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To keep silent?
Or to write something?
If I write it may look as a some dry catholic preaching about suffering and pain, becouse ''what do I know about that?' Yes, I was a persecuted during war, but it was nothing comparing to was was going on in Sarajevo during war: 4 years with no eletricity, no wather, no food, no … people had to realy suffer hunger and thirst, and snalaziti se* to survive…

About strepnji* I know something. (''Where my brothers now? Are they alive? Will they come back?...')' But I have no experinece losing someone I love …in death, suddenly… I admit, I'm afraid of something like that. We are all people. Belevers or not. You can not love someone and let him go – and not to suffer, not to feel pain in heart, not to shead tears…

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Is Jesus crying today?
Does He sheads tears above trunks those who ended their lives so sudenly in tragedy?
Doea He sheads tears above so many tragedies on our roads coused by peoples carelesness?

Is He crying today?
We belive – yes.
He is Ruler over Life and Death… but also:
He himself took once on himself SUFFERING AND DEATH…
And he is taking it today. Today He is suffering in those who suffer…
Today he is also caring His cross…
And we are participating in Mistery of Redemption, in mistery of saving souls:
By acepting the Cross. Acepting the pain. Ofering sacrifice to God the Father who is waiting for us in Eternity…
………And that is sometimes so dificult…
The more dificult there where is litlle faith…

Dear Jesus,
Comfort the sorofful and strenghten the faith of the weeak.
Those who are serching for You they are finding You…
Let us search for YOu without stoping
And Let us find You…
In others… in ourself…
Becouse YOu are in every created soul…
In every pain…
You are again taking your cross

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utorak, 14.07.2009.


- Do you know how to walk on wire? – somebody is asking me, only jocking.
- Yes, I know… but if I put it on the groundJ - I said, also jocking.

It's not good to walk on a wire – if you are not acrobat.
So it's also not good to walk on a highway, even more on that – white line in the midle… thinking:
'anyway cars are passing left and right, so they will not touch me…

It's not proudent to play with life, to stay there where evil spirit can so easily to take you, to overcome you… becouse it is like walking on a Highway.
No one, wise, wil enter such a adventure.
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Well, that's good parable, I think.
But it's not good – my choice in wich I have put myself in situation where evil one could 'take me'.

Have you ever seen a men – cascader*(?) who is driving so dengerous and his car is going up and down, now left, now right…
You are starting to ask: I''s this man hero? Without any good reason he is puting himself in such a dengerous situation in which he can lose his life… Is he not rather fool, and not a hero?''

Is hero a man who is in war and coming right in front of enemies, without any good reason, and they can shut at him so easily?
He is rather a fool, however brave he is.

Hero is a brave man, but sometimes he has to run away.
He has to go to save his head. His life.
To save life so that he can alive and saved save others.

Mesage (to me):
Beware of situation which can make you sin. Don't walk on wire. Don't walk on a higway…

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Dear Jesus, thank you for bringing me down to the ground.
I mean, ... thank you for the experience of walking on wire and on a higway.
I am realy fool sometimes.
Keep me safe from Evid Driver who doesn't keep the your Rules
I'm in your army, in your infantry...
Do not let me walk

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ponedjeljak, 13.07.2009.

For the glory of God

In his sermon yesterday priest spoke also about miracles and said something interesting:

To be amaised only by miracles and not look at the message (Jesus is God,… Savior… my Redmer)… is the same like to stop your atention on cover, package and NOT to look on content.
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Mirracles are hepenig today also.

Yes… I'm thinking… when somebody poor have a desire for bonbons (candies) and in fifteen minutes somebody in need is calling for help… and gives to that person as a reward – bonbons… …
(not fruits, not money, not…but bonbons…)

And today also big mirracles are happening – like healings.
How many people had a dignosis of canser and that sickness was miraculosly disapeared.
Faith of one was strenghtened by that mirracle but faith of others not.
Jesus wasn't saying without reason sentance: ''If they don't want to listten what Abraham said, and what Moses said… thay would not listten even if someone died stands up!''

I'm continuing to think about that what priest said about content and package and …thinking about people who are fascinated… by some carismatic person, some lider, and they gather around him…
They are so happy to have a chance to speak with him, to touch him, to have some written word from him, … to be ''friend'' of him… becouse he is famous… If they are realy gathering around him, around lider and not around Jesus – it is pity – they are realy like pople who are gathering around package and forgething content
and theay may remain hungry… instead of nourished.

Even one grandmother can say a deep truth of our catholic faith (only need to be recognised), but it is not acepted as it is acepted when the same sentence is said by famous carismatic lider.
(for example: ''Everything works out for good to those who belive!'')
And both of them are not saying their thoughts but Word of God. Not their own message.

And we who are writting a blog (or blogs), wanthing or not, we are tempted to desire that other like us.
Well, question is: Why do I want to be liked?
- I want that other – accepting me – accept Word of God, praising and glorify Him or
- I want that other – praising me?

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If it is truth that people are hungry for the Word of God – and I belive that it is TRUTH –
Then every christian who has even litlle of that Bread
(maybe 5 little pieces … like 5 main truth of catholic faith)
He is called to be sharer of that Bread of Heaven..
And Jesus… he… He is blessing our cooperation… and giving it … to many

Dear Jesus, thank you for planting in us hunger for Your Word and Love
I ask you the grace for all christians who are carring in the bascets of their hearts
Bread of Life
… inflame in them desire to share it with others…
So that you may bless it… and bless all who are hungry for your Word
And your Love

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nedjelja, 12.07.2009.

Hungry for... what?

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''I will send a famine on the land
Not a famine for bread,
Nor a thirst for wather,
But of hearing the words of the Lord''
(Am 8,11)

Yesterday I was mensioning some rothen figs, and this morning I have heard in first reading about figs. Well, it so not so often in Bible written about figs. Why this morning? And what about figs? Amos is speaking about himself as a one who is shepered and man who is working in field with a wild figs. Hm… whild figs…?! Why did he work with the wild figs?
I supose there was some reason. For shure there were some fruits also.
Becouse, if not – for what?
Some figs man plant by himself, takes care, and it grows… that are not whild. Some other are groeing from seed that has fall on the good ground.
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It is like with the disciples of Jesus. He call some of them (12), ''took them from the place they were living'' and ''planted'' them elswhere…
And seed also has fallen on some good ground and there where other trees also, whild, but who were bringing fruits… although Jesus took special care about 12.
For them He was founding more time.
But others also where not left aside. He took care of whild also… and about others who where like fruitless.
In Gospel we see Jesus who wants to pick up some fig. It's interesting to imagine Jesus picking up figs. He is hungry. (it must be that his stomack was complening sometimes loudly:-) ANd than that – anger…

But what Jesus ih hungry for today?
He is hungry in hungry people who wish to be feed with a bread, rise, soup, figs… with something… But He is hungry for US also. For each of us. For our words. For our love. For our time given to Him.
He is hungry and waiting, and we… we maybe still don't belive that we are more precious to Him than anything created on this world, much more than any tree in the garden of Gardener who whants to spend his time with precious tree that it may bring fruits… (of spirit…)

And we prayed today in prayers of faithfull for all of us to be fruitfull ground…
Well, when we recognise ourself not so fruitfull… What to do but… Pray to the Good Lord something like we sang in todays antifona:
Show us Lord your MERCY, and save us!

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subota, 11.07.2009.

(h)Angry Man

This morning...
passing among the tables with fruits and vegitable sudenly I heard: ''Treesss!''
''Here – your figs. Although I paid for them ..'' angry man trew plastic bag with figs on the ground. ''I don't need that kind of rooten figs''
I didn't here the begining of discusion but it wasn't comfortoble to pass by this man who shouted on owner of figs.
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It reminded me on event from Gospel when hungry Jesus cursed the fig tree.
And it dried up.

And the same, as iti is not comfortable to pass by angry man so probably wasn't easy nigther to disciples to listen how Jesus is cursing fig tree.

And how much Jesus have a reason for being angry looking at his 'garden of fruits'… I mean us – people, us christians from whom He espect to bring fruits of spirit:
Peace, patience, meekness, generosity…
In His rightessnous* He could shake this earth, shake the rotten figs… shake all of us and remind us:
''Hey, man – You are not your own master. There is Somebody higher…''

I like more to write about Jesus who is mercyfull*, but we can not avoid that truth also – that He is righteous also.
Jesus is angry at times. He has right to be angry.

Imagine, how do you feal* when you pay something very expencive and than you discover – there is some mistake on it.
You would be angry, shurly* and you would probably say somehting like: For what I have given so much money?

Maybe you would feal like to break something, to trow it on the ground
Like the man who trew his figs, just bought.

And Jesus bought us.
Jesus paid for us so big price
. With his blood and pain He has redemed us.
We belong to Him.
And again (what a terible consencvence of freedom!) – we can refuse Him.
We can live as if He is not existing.

I don't know how He doesn't get enough of waiting and so shows Himself and says:
Here, I AM.
I truly exist. And I love you. Do you love me?

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New composition

They are asking me something about festival here, and I, fool, have no idea about that.
Funy thing is that I was walking that way and was looking how people on bilding (where the festival was) were hunged their close to dry up...
And yes, I hurd some singing... but I didn't notice it's so big event as festival is.
As if I have fall down from Mars. And I don't know any of songs from new Split - festival
(O, shame on me.)

People are months and monts trying to compose songs...
and there are some (like me) walking around and totaly not interested.
Well, maybe not totaly. I also wish to know if this year there is something good on festival...
Is there anything about true loves...
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But... I have heard one - spiritual and newly composed...
I don't know much about notes, music, singing... but everyone knows something about soul...
And as I like film which makes me cry - so I like songs which are making me cry
That one was like that. Not many words but a lot of ... heart.
Song was about Our lady - beneth the cross - Our Lady intercessor of Love...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I would also like to compose something - for Jesus.
although I don't understand notes...
Anyway, I will give you my words
and than you do something with that...

Sing that song to your Son that my litlle composition...
becouse I know...
That's the only way I can get reward that I want

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Eternal light

That light close to tabernacle is called ''Eternal light''.
It simbolise presence of Jesus in tabernacle.
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In modern churches some are putting artificial lights instade of naturale.
You see some flame but you know - that's not true.

It seemes more dificult to think about tongues of fire looking that artificial light.

It's nothing strange that you start to think about light when you enter the church.
But it is interesting that whan you open litlle book first sentance is abotut LIGHT. That light.
About commmandment in Old testament - that on the oltar sopose to be pepetual fire.
And farther it is said that our hearts are oltar - and on them supose to burn FIRE...
Fire of the Holy Spirit...
(little book: Novena to the Holy Spirit)

This little book inspired me to think most of the time in day about -- Light...
And I was thinking that eyes of every christian are two eternal light from which other, who are looking for God, can find out: ''God exist!''
You don't agree?
Well, question is: ''Who is christian?'' ''What a cind of man is it?''
But... whoever (among us - christian) realy looking for truth
easy is confroted with reality:
''I am a poor christian... so unworhy...
and my light is so small''
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It s interesting to examine ourself:
Is in my eyes that eternal light - turnd off
that light that simbolise Presence of Jesus?
is in my eyes natural flame? Or artificial?


Day of thoughts about Light.
And than I come for Holy Mass. There again:
First sentance about wise virgins... about our croatian blessed Marija Prpetog Isusa Petković
(Mary of Jesus Crucified P.)

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Holy Spirit, You are the Flame which can inflame whole the world...
Inflame our soul with Your Love
so that we can bring bunches
of Your Light
wherever we go... bunches of
Your Love..

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Emergency service

(written 9.7.)
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All kind of peple are in that part of hospital for emergency cases.
And that doctors and sisters – they realy can see all kind of wounds, all kinds of blod.
I had a chance to go there and so … I had to think about wounds…
About wounds on body and soul – thinking here about sin(s)…
When somebody gets hurt, like then, cut his finger with a knife…
He is not wondering will he go to doctor or not.
He sees blood, pain, … he doesn't know is wound deep and he doesn't know how big possibility is that wound getts infected.
He wants that in that case give his wound to doctor – so that he who is specialised for that may do something with that.
And than when wound is taken care of.. he can go home peacefuly, although there is still some pain maybe.
But imprtant is that doctor took care of it.
That is somehow with the wounds that man makes on his soul – and that is with every sin.
We are making demage to ourself.
Sin also hurts. It hurts you more the more you know how much Jesus loves you.
You don't want to hurt Him and again – you are hurting Him.
And similar as with a wounds on body – when you have no doubht will it be good idea to go to the doctor – so here also – when you have even litlle doubth that wound could be deeper – better to go to the doctor – in this case – to confesor.
So your wound ca be taken care of by specialist.
We can be afraid, like we can be afraid in front of doctor, and think – I will not go…
wound will become all right … just needs time..
We are not caled to have scrupules, of course – but also we can not take a risk that wound spreads infection and so soul becomes worse…
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It is pity to have that cind of imergance service close by and not to take adventage of that – to use that service for our own good..
So it is piy also to have a service for reconciliation with God – and not to use it…
That service is ofered for free… Why not to use it…
In carelesness for soul man can make to soul big damage.
He can, after cuting himself get a tetanus, and can even die.
And what a damage he can do for his soul?
Eternal and not repairable.
That is why it would not be good idea not to go to hospital if wound looks litlle bit deeper
And also – it would not begood idea not to go for confession when sin looks litlle bit more sirious
Becuse – Jesus left for us 'free service for reconciliation' … becouse He loves us …
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Thank you Jesus for that service
That you left for us
Your sinfull servants

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(written on wednesday 8.7)

I wasn't chosing place in the church. I was falowing somebody. In front of me was un old, tiny man with the eyes fixed on main oltar. What a cind of burden was on his shoulders?
He was bowed down and at all time was strongly relying on bench
In time od Holy mass I could hear his soft cry: ''My Jesus, My Jesus''
Ah… I was thinking – this man is touching Jesus right in he Heart.
How He could be ignorant on this…
Was he only repented man or he was man with a big burden of lfe… I don't know…
But I know that Jesus can't be ignorant. Simply He can't. Becouse, if in some case I would be in place of Jesus this man wouldnt go home so sad.
I must fallow him till the door at the end of Mass… and tell Him something… i just have to…
Becouse, all of us have sometimes on a place of Jesus.
Jesus wants that – that we take his role and become – HE.
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And thinking of this man I undarstand better priests who are confessing. When comes a mam with a repented and broken heart how he will not wish to repair it, to take that burden and so be in a place of Jesus… How he will not be happy that Jesus gives him a chance in His name take out sins… in His name to give peace…
If we can be touced by sincere sorow of someone – how much more Jesus is touched…

Jesus, thank you becouse I know… you are not ignorant of any word that we are telling you.
Open our hearts that we may be in front of you – what we are –
Without pretending –
Becouse that is the way you like us the most

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Messenger of the Secred Heart…

(sunday 5.7.)

This morning I stoped and looked a little catholic magasin: Messenger of the Secred Heart…
And I was thinking litlle bit about that litlle magasins and about all contest inside that can help others.
I looked inside. But then returned on other thought:
Each one of us is called to be living magasin of that title… (Messenger of the Secred Heart)
Pepole today have a litlle time to look and so even less to read magasins.
For something short they will take few minutes, but for a longer tekst hardly.
Thatsway I am litlle bit afraid to write longer.
But people still have time to meet each other.
And majority of us in the crhurch have received Holly comunion.and Heart of Jesus in the Host… Jesus.
(make my heart like your..)
After Holy Comunion we are becoming carriers of God, carriers of Love, peace or… again and only carriers of ourselfs, our own worries, problems… and nothing more.
Jesus in Holy Eucharist we don't see, we don't experience (mostly), we don't feel…
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Only with the eyes of faith we know that He is IN US… and that He wants trough us be with OTHERS…
We know that He wants to make from us Messangers of His Heart
Wherever we are.

We are responsible
For Love that we receive in a special way in a Holy comunion.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We are responsible
For Love.

And for what we are after meeting Him
- Messengers of His Heart???
What cind of Messenger am I?
Bad news, no-hope, … lays, …
Or I am messenger of Hope, Truth, Love…
Messanger of Secred Heart…

God… You made a man from the dust, and you put in Him inmortal soul,
Let our mouth, our lips, may be in Your service,
That we may be Your messangers
And in thime when we are quite
Let that silence again
Glorify You

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Međjugorje: STATUE on Podbrdo - where does it comes from?

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STATUE on Podbrdo - where does it comes from? - did you ever ask?
Well, if you didn't know read this:

There was a woman who was a budist.
They had a boy - but blind and deaf!
His father was blaming his mother for that - ''It's fault of your God!''

She prayed daily to Our Lady in Međugorje...
On the way to Križevac (12. station of the cross),
she admited that she never acepted cross of her son... as Mary did...
At that time - SHE DID ACEPT... finaly...

Than - She heard voice singing AVE MARIAAA...
(italian group was coming...)
but she heard HER SON also started SINGING: AVE MARIAAA... !!! !!!

Even more miraculos...
than her husband caled and said: ''YOu know, I have to tell you something: YOUR GOD IS TRUE GOD! i WANT TO BE BAPTISED! ''
Than she said: I want also to tell you something: OUR BOY recovered... He is SINGING...

In thanskiving for that event, with the permission of parish, - on Podrbrdo
thay brought statue of OUR LADY...

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