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I live in Kanasas and my son is about to start junior high - what is the popular clothing line?

Discount Denver Broncos JerseysI live in Kanasas and my son is about to start junior high - what is the popular clothing line?

To give you some info. He is very athletic and does not cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys like anything flashy - currently he likes Nike tshirts and NFL . I just wanted some input on what is a polular brand for boys and what they are wearing in Junior High. I have been given sestions like Aerostople, American Eagle & Hollister? Currently I just buy him whatever is on sale where ever I go. Thanks:)

A response to Marissa. I would love for my son to pick Discount Detroit Lions Jerseys his own clothes but he would rather I buy them then have to shop. He tells me what he does not like and he does not like skater clothing which seems to be what everyone else likes:(

i dont know what yall wear in kansas but over here in cali we rock only the sickest clothing. The Hundreds, Stussy, and 10 deep. if your son wants to start a new trend in kansas he should wear those brands. There a lil pricey but sick and will definately turn heads. im currently tryna start a trend with young& reckless brand. /cheap Baltimore Ravens / good luck.

Shops such as Element, Hollister, Abercrombie&Fitch, Discount Green Bay Packers Jerseys Vans, Converse etc. are very popular among teenager boys.
Hoodies, "Skater" shoes and jeas are the most popular. I've added some links to the shops mentioned above :)

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If I am a Boys Youth size XL (18/20) in an NBA Jersey, does this mean I will be the same size in an NFL jersey

If I am a Boys Youth size XL (18/20) in an NBA Wholesale Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys, does this mean I will be the same size in an NFL jersey
My parents brought me back an NBA jersey which is a Boys Youth size XL (18/20) and it fits perfectly. I am wanting to buy a couple of NFL too, but as I live in the UK I have to buy online. The NBA jersey is by Adidas, whereas the NFL are by Reebok so I'm wondering if any sporty Americans who are clued up on their sports apparel can help me out please.

It is just a replica Wholesale Cleveland Browns Jerseys I want to buy, not an authentic one (if that even makes a difference, I don't know).

Also, I don't play American football, so I don't own any pads or that and want the Wholesale Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys to fit just like the NBA one does, i.e. like any other jersey would from Gap or Nike etc.


To the "duh" guy; dude, I'm a Mens size Medium in Discount Dallas Cowboys Jerseys (by both Nike and Adidas) so I'm guessing the sizing is different in the US and I just wanted some clarification as every sport's jersey is not made the same way.

Gavie, yes they would run pretty true to size...but most American Football Jerseys don't go by number sizing...just Small,Med,Large,XL,XXL and XXXL in youth sizes...since you are a Youth XL 18/20 in an NBA Jersey I would say you are close to my 14 year old Sons size, 5' 6" and 125lbs...and I just looked at the size of his last years Football Jersey and it is a Youth me and let me know if you would like to know anything else~~Aloha~~Michelle~~
Hey and Thanks for Representing American Football in the Atlanta Falcons Jerseys Good Job!!!

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