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Wise financial investment - Solar investment.

Wise Financial Investment

wise financial investment

    financial investment
  • Investment is the commitment of money or capital to purchase financial instruments or other assets in order to gain profitable returns in the form of interest, income {dividend}, or appreciation of the value of the instrument. It is related to saving or deferring consumption.

  • investment in stocks, bonds, or other financial instruments; these investments provide the funds that allow investments in capital goods.

  • A specific term used in cash flow accounting meaning loans received from, and paid back, to other entities. It may also be used in a wider sense to describe the investment of money in the capital markets.

  • The manner or extent of something

  • a way of doing or being; "in no wise"; "in this wise"

  • United States Jewish leader (born in Hungary) (1874-1949)

  • having or prompted by wisdom or discernment; "a wise leader"; "a wise and perceptive comment"

Private railways: old wrecks old tracks?

Private railways: old wrecks old tracks?

Taunusbahn ttrainset, Betzdorf 01.08.2009..

Private railways. the keyword of the nineties. I will not write to much about , cause I am specialized on this subject, especially on the long term effects.

With the financial crisis the reality came back. Railways are a complex system of lines connecting via knots several networks and lines in those networks. ehmm. Well Privatisation does set one single track as busines unit and ignore the complex network.

What can be a scneario to run a track with not many travellers? run cheap. Buy old wrecks, prefered for zero; do as less as you want on the tracks and run cheap. A realistic scenario; as this way in America the railway system declined seriously in the 50's; the rise and come of the airplaine was a reason but not the reason; as in Japan and Europe is proven with the high speed network. Well what we see here at the picture is a company what will introduce the American way in Germany.

I understand the VT628 is a beautiful sample of early 70's design The trainset is however 35 years old. This can not be taken serious. Especially as many other private railways have succes with investments in modern material. Even in Betzdorf, where the 3-landernbahn runs with very modern LINT trains over the track from Siegen to Au(Sieg).

Even as short term solution the explotation of an old wreck is not wise. The thought can be "but a modern LINT/FLIRT/PROTOS/STAdler/Whateverwill come soon and we need a replacement. Dont !!!!! Every day is terrible for the business on middle and long terms. Heavy users, the customers you need to service, will complain each day about comfort, noise or other typical not likely things from a wreck. It is better no to ride as use an old wreck. And honestly it cost some more as zero euro, but this decade it was possible to hire or buy such engines in time.

This is a sample where privatisation make things worse. As this kind of business is the most cheapest and therefore the most profitable, this is also the future over 10-20 years on many rural tracks. After America in the fifties, this future can also be recognized easily in England. As many old crap is rushng over the tracks. The railways are 100% private now. The most modern train seems to be the High Speed Train of 1975 and investments are not done. This decade the number of traincrashes increased hughly in england. According to reports due to too old trains and too less maintenance on safety. In some cases there was simply no safety maintenance. Of course all in combination with lack of control, cause the private market dont need to was the idea.



This high quality complex offers the exclusiveness of a holiday and residential complex with great investment return possibilities. Comprising of 286 homes which are a selection duplexes and apartments, with a selection of bedrooms, offering the exclusivity of living in a unique place in a unrivalled natural setting.

There is also a guaranteed 6% rental return over 24 month's on all of the apartments and duplexes through the developer. Whether you choose to purchase one of the luxury apartments or duplexes as an investment, as a home, or both, you can be assured you're making a wise financial decision.

This spectacular complex is complete with excellent facilities, you can enjoy two outdoor swimming pools, a superb restaurant, bars and entertainment areas, a gym and a medical facilities as well as an internet cafe and a gourmet supermarket Terraces overlook the attractive gardens and children's park and entertainment area.

All the factors needed for a successful investment, in a private complex of luxury homes, the major goal of which is enjoying life, island style in one of the most privileged locations in the world.

wise financial investment

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