EU majorettes' championship

utorak, 03.01.2017.



on 3rd February, 2017 in Croatia, Zagreb, Mirogojska 16

Zagreb, 3rd January, 2017

Official language of the Assembly: English (only)
Place: Croatia, 10000 Zagreb, Mirogojska 16
Arrival time: 3.2.2017. at 09:00 hours
Lodging: if delegates need lodging they have to organize it by themselves. Cost of lodging is on every national association, if you need help on that please contact EMA office
Food: Food also has to be organized by delegates themselves, if you need help on that please contact EMA office

Agenda for the meeting:
1. Ratification of the 12th GA Minutes
# minutes are in attachment

2. New members ratification, changing of status of EMA members

3. Financial report of 18th European majorettes championship, Vinkovci 2016

4. Report of preparations for 19th European majorettes championship, Kopar 2017
# date of competition
# conditions
# price for lodging and food
# price of ticket for spectators that Slovenian majorettes’ association inform us will be paid by every spectator

5. Place of 20th European majorettes’ championship 2018
# official candidatures must be sent to EMA till 18th January 2017

6. Executive committee departments and obligations - report for General Assembly

7. Plan for Year 2017
# including Financial plan

8. Report on administrative procedure of changing of EMA headquarters

9. Report of collaboration with IAM

10. Changing of EMA Rulebook and other acts
# all proposals must come to EMA till 18th January 2017, that national associations can discuss about them - proposals after those dates will not be discussed on 13th General Assembly

11. Presidential Report, Financial Report, Supervisory Board Report

12. Election of
- President of EMA
- Vice-president of EMA
- general secretary of EMA
- Executive Committee
- Supervisory Board
# all candidatures must be sent on registration form to EMA e-mail or fax till 18th January 2017. All candidates will be published in EMA blog that associations can have information to discuss in their bodies. There will be no candidatures after 18th January 2017 or on General Assembly because national associations instruct us that they have to discuss about candidates and decides on their bodies who to support in elections.
# if one national association candidate representative from other national association or country he/she must give them written permission that they can do that and that he/she has will to candidate. Without that permission candidature will not be considered as one.
# election will be on 13th General Assembly but mandate of all present members is till 6th August 2017 (2 years after last election)

13. Other subjects

Alen Šćuric

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Representatives in EMA:

  • Austria
    Antonio Parancin

    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    - Marija Topić Ramljak, SMBIH

    - Denitsa Valentinova Damianova

    - Mateja Baltorinić, HMS

    Czech Republic
    - Miluše Vápeníková, CMTO

    - Patrick Goussard, AMF

    - Tibor Tandi

    - Roberta Reri

    - Zoran Strezovski

    - Ljiljana Porobić, MMA

    - Mihai Ludovic Kiss phD, AMR

    - Adam Vidaković, SMS

    - Katarina Babušikova

    - Aleš Breznikar, MZS

    United Kingdom
    - Eileen Chesire, UKMF

    Alen Šćuric (Croatia)

    Mihai Kiss (Romania)

    general secretary:
    Marija Topić Ramljak (BaH)

PHOTOS from European majorettes' championship

  • Dancing majorettes Roma, Italy

    Kynsperk Majorettes, Czech R.

    H.Vertesszolosi Sportegysulet Mazsorett Szakosztalya, Hungary

    Zagrebacke mazoretkinje, Croatia

    Mazoretkinje sonta, Serbia

    Mostarske mazoretkinje, BaH

    Fešta Kotor, Montenegro

    Street Ladis Albi, France

    Laške mazorete, Slovenia

    Medness, Cluj Napoca, Romania

    I.Nima, Nitra, Slovakia

    Putney Shangri-La majorettes London, United Kingdom


  • adress:
    Trebez 25
    10090 Zagreb




    • Every year we organize European Championship (1999 Croatia, 2000 Czech Republic, 2001 United Kingdom, 2002 Poland, 2003 Slovakia, 2004 Croatia, 2005 Romania, 2006 Italy, 2007 Montenegro, 2008 Romania, 2009 France, 2010 BiH...) in September. The best year was with 80 teams from 10 countries and more then 1.700 majorettes participated in championship. Championship is organized in senior (15 years and more), junior (12-14 years old) and cadet (8-11 years old) category. In this championship we have competition in parade march (100 m long) and stage choreography (12x12 m). Teams can participate to dance with batons or/and pom-poms. Every majorette is presented a medal (for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place) in each category, and we present cups for each team wining one of the first 3 places. To European championship can come up to 3 teams per country (first 3 places in their national championship, or if they don’t have national championship 3 teams chosen by national federation).

    • We organize seminars and exams for judges (we have 16 international judges from 6 countries).

    • We organize seminars for majorettes and trainers.

    • We give information about shops where teams can buy majorettes equipment (batons, pom-poms, uniforms etc.).

    • We organize collaboration between teams, associations and federations.

    • We organize festivals of majorettes, and participation of teams from other countries on different national championship.

    • We organize commercial performances and tours by collaboration with international managers (average fee for those tours is 4.000-5.000 EUR per 3 days).

    • We organize meetings of EC and other committees of EMA every year, and every time in different country.

    • By participating in our activities teams from different countries learn from each others, and with new experience and dancing technique their performance becomes much more attractive (especially in comparation with other teams from their country).

    National association (federation, organization) can become member of EMA on one of the meetings of EMA’s General Assembly. If there is no National association, one or several teams can temporary become members with all possible rights including voting and participating in European championship. As you establish National association, it automatically becomes a member of EMA.
    Each member association must pay annual fee of 175 EUR per year, except for the first year of the membership. Teams (without association) doesn’t pay fee.

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