How to build a windmill water pump. Installing sump pump in crawl space. Peep toe pumps.

How To Build A Windmill Water Pump

how to build a windmill water pump

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  • A windmill is a machine which converts the energy of wind into rotational motion by means of adjustable vanes called sails. The main use is for a grinding mill powered by the wind, reducing a solid or coarse substance into pulp or minute grains, by crushing, grinding, or pressing.

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World Heritage Kinderdijk

World Heritage Kinderdijk

This photo featured on Explore Sep 28 2008, thank you!!!

The famous windmills at Kinderdijk. People from all over the world visit this world heritage site, yet I had never been before. Really needed to put that straight, so here you go ;-)

Kinderdijk is a small town near Rotterdam, situated in an area called the Alblasserwaard. This part of the Netherlands lies below sea-level, and has a history of floods.

The 19 windmills of Kinderdijk were built around 1740. Their purpose was to pump the excess water into a reservoir until the level of the river had reached a level that pumping the water into the river (called the Lek) was possible again. Since 1927 a diesel pumping station does the real job. The windmills were used for the last time during the second World War, when the mechanical pumps could not be used any more due to fuel shortages.

During the summer months, the mills are put back in operation again to please the tourists. In one of the windmills a small museum is established with an exhibition about how miller-families lived. You can also walk or cycle along the canals and river to take a closer look at the mills and enjoy the landscape.

Out of order

Out of order

On a farm in the Caledon Hills, Ontario. Funny how many of these wind driven water well pumps are broken and obviously out of order. Why do they build them to start with?

how to build a windmill water pump

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