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Tinys Tire Factory. Discount Auto Tire. Rv Camper Tires.

Tinys Tire Factory

tinys tire factory

  • A building or group of buildings where goods are manufactured or assembled chiefly by machine

  • A factory (previously manufactory) or manufacturing plant is an industrial building where laborers manufacture goods or supervise machines processing one product into another.

  • Lyoko ( ) is a fictional virtual world in the French animated television series Code Lyoko.

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  • An establishment for traders carrying on business in a foreign country

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End the Union - Edinburgh

End the Union - Edinburgh

As an English man (albeit half Scottish) living in Scotland I’ve got to say this is one of the few things that really gets tiring….nationalism…what with the SNP coming to majority rule (just) and wanting a referendum on the act of union this issue is thrust ever more into my weary face.

Only those English living here will understand the extent to which this feeling seethes amongst the Scots. The completely irrational sense of bitterness and animosity is evident in so many Scots I’ve spoken to here over the years. It’s the same irrational sense of belonging that I know caricatures some Irishmen (the ones who feel aggrieved by the potato famine – they do exist!). The strangest thing is the English don’t really consider the Scots at all in their national psyche, let alone have any strong feelings about them.

I mean apart from anything, how economic is it for Scotland to be floated away from the rest of the union when the economy almost exclusively makes locomotion from tourism, a drying up oil supply and distilling. I will always remember sitting in the debating chamber at Holyrood one day when the Tourism minister for Malawi was present. Apparently this was to drum up interest in tourism for Scotland. I’ve got to say I found it slightly incredible that that the tourism minister was spending his time this way when Malawi ranks almost at the bottom of the development pile. Perhaps this is why. I couldn’t believe what poor judgment Scotland displayed on the other hand entering into an agreement of this kind with that sort of regime.

Sectors such as technology, of which Scots are very proud and will have no problems reeling off the list of famous inventors and inventions that have been born of Scottish ancestry, are so tiny they would hardly register on the GDP scale. I’m also not sure the tweed industry, as internationally renowned as it is could contribute sufficiently to this fledgling economy.

I suppose I’m being unfair, The Scots do see themselves as an ideas factory for the world, where grey matter in grey weather reaches superlatives that would and could not (we are told) be met by any other means. The trouble is as I know some are aware, an ideas factory contributes merely the fuel to an economy. It’s the fire that makes it tick. We live in an increasingly global society where culture and money rub shoulders and hands in a myriad of ways and much more frequently than before. Nobody can afford to have a narrow outlook. Just look at the facts. All this is something that has obviously not escaped Gordon Brown, a Scotsman of considerable intellect (wherever you stand politically)

Right, end of rant, and over simplified analogies use of GDP etc …this isn’t a blog – honest. The point is I hate nationalism of this kind.



A woman holds her child, blackened by carbon dust. His nose bleeds due to infections caused by exposure to dust and pollution during play in the workshop in Korar Ghat by on the outskirts of Dhaka. Many women bring their children along so they can look after them while working. The environment in and around the workshop is full of carbon dust and other waste. Children play until they are tired and ready to sleep. Most children have chest and eyes infection. Environment is so polluted, most children suffers from one or the other kind of infections all the time.

There are hundreds of other informal factories and workshops inside and on the outskirts of the city of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The industry employs thousands of women and children. All day long women and children break used batteries to get reusable parts and tiny pieces of metal out of them. Once separated, these materials are sent to battery manufacturing factories and workshops that either reuse them or melt them to make other useful materials.

While breaking used batteries or even playing, children inhale millions of fine carbon dust particles from the batteries throughout the day. Depending on how much work they do, each of them get between 5-15 Taka per day (US$ 1.00 = Taka 60). It takes a young child 4-12 days to earn just one US dollar.

Children in these workshop face some of the worst condition of life anywhere in the world. None of the children go to school. Although they work hard and need nutritious food, they hardly eat much. It’s amazing that they still look happy and manage to crack a smile every now and then.


tinys tire factory

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