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Trailer tire pressure. Tire barn lancaster pa.

Trailer Tire Pressure

trailer tire pressure

    tire pressure
  • The manufacturer's recommended pressure for a tire, dependent on load, speed, etc., usually given in bar or pound-force per square inch (psi). (1.8 bar = 26 psi; 2 bar = 29 psi; 2.2 bar = 32 psi; 2.4 bar = 35 psi; 2.7 bar = 39 psi)

  • The measure of air pressure within a race tire.

  • Cold inflation pressure is the inflation pressure of tires before the car is driven and the tires warmed up. Recommended cold inflation pressure is displayed on the owner's manual and on the placard (or sticker) attached to the vehicle door edge, pillar, glovebox door or fuel filler flap.

  • dawdler: someone who takes more time than necessary; someone who lags behind

  • An open cart

  • An unpowered vehicle towed by another, in particular

  • The rear section of a tractor-trailer

  • preview: an advertisement consisting of short scenes from a motion picture that will appear in the near future

  • a large transport conveyance designed to be pulled by a truck or tractor

In your Dreams. . .

In your Dreams. . .

OctoberFAST 2007, Part 2.

Saturday 6:00 am and the sun is coming in through the tent. I am camping less then a mile from the track at Plymouth Rock Camp Ground and will have to come back here with the whole family. Some events at RA let you camp at the track and I had assumed that was possible for this, so I did not get a hotel. I found out late, there was no camping allowed on-site. Off to the track to finish car prep and get to the novice classroom. Checked tire pressure, cleaned the windshield inside and out and borrowed a torque wrench from a paddock neighbour to check my lug nuts. (90# - check!)

We started with an hour of classroom time, going over the track and basic procedures including track etiquette, flags and genral track safety. Mrs. Mary Medo lead the classroom in professional yet personable and open atmosphere, sharing many of her own personal lessons along the way. Next were some of parking lot exercise's, we started with a hard braking drill. A great shake down for the cars and drivers. The exercise area was in the north paddocks,is between the end of the front stretch and the high rent paddock (trailers only.) Between seeing all the GT3's and race spec M 3's in the parking lot and hearing the F-40 downshift down into turn one, the mood was certainly being set. I heard later the F40 is a daily driver and the factory in Maranello is keeps tabs on all the telemetry data, as it is one of the high mile cars of it's stature. The owner/driver is a young doctor and a real friendly guy (so I hear. Quite lucky as well.)

More coming tomorrow!

The "Halfa Romeo" meets its fate


The immediate benefit for cutting the tail off the "coda tronca"  Jeff and I stood the Halfa Romeo up on its trunk hinges so he could strip the usable parts from beneath the car. You can just about see why  it's so rusted that we elected to dismantle it. I still feel bad about it, and have been apologetically driving my own Spider all weekend to atone for my part in the demolition. But the pieces will all live on; the Campagnolo "turbina" rims are at my house where they'll get cleaned up and added to the mix of Alfa wheel/tire combinations, and Jeff and I cleaned the axle later this weekend using my pressure washer. The axle (with a 4.56:1 limited-slip diff) will eventually go into Jeff's (that is, my old) GT 1300 Junior.

trailer tire pressure

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