set gift pack source still unknown Dragon Nest

Tasks can also be changed on the anniversary of three days or permanently hat, depending on
,Dragon Nest Gold, national dress has not yet opened. Welcome to play more quests you wanted to know the library see also: http://DN.duowan.com/s/ask/index.html

part Dragon set gift pack source still unknown. Purchase the gift, and other dress, also is active on the line. Currently has been soldiers, archers, mages and priests Dragon Suite package.
raising the skill level of the equipment, 40, only level 1 skills such as Highlands is not valid.

[Skill upgrading equipment]
,Dragon Nest Gold,applies only to the skill level at least 1 per cent of the skills, the same kinds of skills cannot be used again.

new wave dance gestures. Need bigbang is said to Pandora's box of gold can be exchanged. Exchange can be found in quests-activities in task-75-waves Dance Exchange volumes before the activity.

props, pets and function: bull-headed pet dog.

Have picked up features of the
,Buy Dragon Nest Gold, pet. Click the right mouse button can be called. Only on the pet's name was originally set to call. Not in the arena (PVP), attacking team to team up on the map.

Allowing pet charms charm perfect merchandise. Click the right mouse button the equipment can be carried out.

You can extend the lifespan of pet, after clicking the right mouse button can be placed on the extension of the pets and work with them.

a special heraldic skill bar,
,Cheap Dragon Nest Gold,good thing, but you want cheaper.

Has now opened a special heraldic bar, regardless of the heraldic type can be equipped.
New Hat: blue whale hat, red whale hat.

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