Dragon Nest-Dragon harmonious sixth after Guan Shuren full screen on HIV escape

Lightning Bug harmony EX, miracle hand of hard drugs on the full screen anti-useless.
Sage's ENTs, and 7 high
,Dragon Nest Gold,past 6 minutes.
6 minutes more than a few seconds, ENTs now Ares awake at this time, began to fight, so you can rest assured that he is no longer angry, after some blood can concentrate on playing the ENTs.
Usual miracle is to open the top with a beat, Sage's BOSS, main screen with HIV now how you want to avoid?
While preparing the exchange transfusion BOSS, and 7 high hiding drugs, flowers out of a golf shot. (Station when the Cao Dai, Shu Jen sends a skill, plug in the stone from
,Dragon Nest Gold, the ground, I
Anti-3,500 for demon 10W of blood, magic anti-5,500, 3-5W or so)
If not much average blood team, standing high recommended with the miracle open, without opening the white open.
Yin's singles below Shuren, blood hitting the point conversion when Sage opened in iron and steel, hard anti-avatars and the like is, and our team then Sage's 8W blood, no HIV seconds by full screen, each
Full screen of HIV we are like that in the past.
Some may say, total station high? Tree wound do?
Mirror, Saints of totems can
,Buy Dragon Nest Gold,be document, I rushed over to eat myself tangled, and team-mate came and saved, no pressure, not touched by said a bunch of people was all winding.
Question 3: according to the monster types and properties, damage was mixed.
Some monsters will eventually damage resistance? Also do not eat or to resist or rarely had final damage monsters? If so, these monsters is the ultimate points of resistance, is the ultimate addition resistance percentage, or only four property and magic resistance the six basic physical damage? (Such as against 100 final, or 5% bonus damage resistance, or resistance to 5% all injuries).
These are my questions,
,Cheap Dragon Nest Gold,question the downstairs can we explore, great God more welcome to troubleshooting, of course, pretend to decline appeared, misled people kill themselves. Expected answer and more valuable questions.

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