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Israel foreign investment. Good investments in a recession. Investment fund of funds.

Israel Foreign Investment

israel foreign investment

    foreign investment
  • Foreign direct investment (FDI) refers to long term participation by country A into country B. It usually involves participation in management, joint-venture, transfer of technology and expertise.

  • Investment in an enterprise that operates outside the investor's country. See also foreign direct investmen and portfolio investment.

  • In 1991 and 1992, the government passed laws to stimulate foreign investment in nearly all sectors of the economy.

  • (israeli) a native or inhabitant of Israel

  • an ancient kingdom of the Hebrew tribes at the southeastern end of the Mediterranean Sea; founded by Saul around 1025 BC and destroyed by the Assyrians in 721 BC

  • A country in the Middle East, on the Mediterranean Sea; pop. 6,199,000; capital (not recognized as such by the United Nations), Jerusalem; languages, Hebrew (official), English, and Arabic

  • Jewish republic in southwestern Asia at eastern end of Mediterranean; formerly part of Palestine

Israel-Mexico: The fourth policy dialogue 19Oct09

Israel-Mexico: The fourth policy dialogue  19Oct09

A delegation from Mexico, led by the Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Lourdes Aranda Bezaury visited Israel (19 Oct.) and participated in the fourth policy dialogue between the two countries. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman greeted Undersecretary Aranda (pictured) , who took part in the dialogue in Jerusalem alongside Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Daniel Ayalon.

Foreign Minister Liberman thanked the Undersecretary for Mexico's abstention during the UN Human Rights Council's vote on the Goldstone Report.

The fourth dialogue emphasized and strengthened the momentum that has taken place in the bilateral relations over the past few years. The Israeli and Mexican delegations discussed a wide range of current subjects, including political and economic relations between the two states, trade and investment, international cooperation, culture, tourism, education, science and technology, as well as legal and consular matters.

At the start of the meeting, Deputy FM Ayalon expressed his gratitude for Mexico's abstention at the Goldstone vote in the UNHRC. Additionally, DFM Ayalon asked Undersecretary Aranda for Mexico's continued support during its term on the UN Security Council. Mr. Ayalon added, "Mexico is a key state in Latin America and the visit of the Mexican delegation can only serve to strengthen ties between Israel and Mexico."

Both delegations declared that Mexico and Israel enjoy a strong, diverse and developed relationship. Almost all indicators for judging ties testify to growth and advancement, starting with the trade statistics, economic cooperation and including investments and cultural cooperation. The free trade agreement between the two states will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2010. This agreement was recently noted to be the only free trade agreement which has continued to grow and flourish despite the worldwide economic crisis.

Significant cooperation between the two states has also been achieved in the academic, educational and technological fields. Both sides agreed on the need to expand and develop ties in these areas, which can serve as bridges for bringing the two peoples closer together.

The Israeli delegation expressed its desire to take part in the celebrations of 200 years of Mexican independence, which will start in 2010. Both parties discussed various ideas for cooperating in this matter.

The Israeli and Mexican delegations referred to regional and global events. The Mexican delegation expressed its satisfaction over the fact that Latin America has assumed a more important role than ever before in Israel's foreign policy. The Mexican officials noted that this was a welcome trend that will greatly assist bilateral relations.

Both sides also discussed the Middle East peace process. Mexico expressed its commitment to the achievement of a just and lasting peace in the framework of two states living side-by-side in peace.

Mexico and Israel stated their mutual dedication to developing, expanding and strengthening inter-state relations through the framework of cooperation, honest dialogue and the advancement of mutual understanding.

Photo: Yogev Cohen MFA

STOP THE WAR speaker Ali Mallah

STOP THE WAR speaker Ali Mallah

Ali Mallah, V.P.Canadian Arab Federation and Steering committee member Canadian Peace Alliance, addresses the crowd at the rally for Lebanon in front of US Consulate, Toronto.
July 22, 2006
Between 10-15,000 people attended, according to media estimates.
Ali Mallah ,Vice-president of Canadian Arab Federation, also has a very personal investment in his desire to see an immediate halt to the bombing in Lebanon- his wife and 2 children, ages 9 and 11, are there visiting family and are now in immediate danger in the South of Lebanon- the area worst hit in the Israeli bombings, and now completely cut off from humanitarian aid and supplies. The children are being brave, and said that they don't want to abandon their grandmother and cousins. I hope they continue to be safe. Many foreign nationals are remaining for similar reasons.
I saw on CNN news that the cost of evacuating one American family, only to Cyprus, was $4000.- which the US government CHARGED to the FAMILY's credit card. I wonder if the American families WITH funds are getting out first... and if this has any bearing on the number of people choosing to take the much more dangerous overland route to neighbouring countries. America, one of the richest countries in the world, is the only one I've heard of so far which is putting the cost of the evacuation on the victims' shoulders.
Not that the US doesn't have money to burn...
David Clark, a former UK Labour special adviser at the Foreign Office, wrote in this week's Guardian, "Yet the US remains entirely
complicit in its role as Israel's main strategic ally. In the midst of last
week's onslaught, in which Israeli bombers killed dozens of Lebanese civilians, the Pentagon announced the export of $210m of aviation fuel to help Israel "keep peace and security in the region". Even Britain and other European countries indulge in a form of diplomatic misdirection by focusing one-sidedly on the roles played by Syria and Iran. "

israel foreign investment

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