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Pharmaceutical Name: Methandrostenolone / methandienone
Chemical structure: 17 beta-hydroxy-17alpha-methyl-1,4-androstadien-3-one
Effective dose: 15-50 mg / day orally or 50-150 mg / week by injection

Dianabol is a 17 alpha alkylated steroid and is orally applicable with a great effect on protein metabolism. Dianabol effects protein synthesis and supports a buildup of protein as a result. This setting results in a positive nitrogen balance which can also have a positive effect on well being. Dianabol is a very powerful steroid, in terms of both androgenic and anabolic effects on the user. The result of these effects will result in a great buildup of muscle mass and strength in a relatively quick period of time. That said, its main use is in mass building stacks. Dianabol is commonly combined with injectable testosterone products such as enanthate, cypionate, and sustanon, largely to "kick-start" the cycle to improve gains in muscle mass, strength and improve muscle pumps before the longer acting above mentioned testosterone esters go into full effect (this can often take several weeks or more, as in the case of sustanon, which contains two long acting esters which slow its start time). A weight gain of 2-4 pounds each week for six weeks is normal when using dianabol (combined with proper nutrition and training of course). This increase in weight results from the hypertrophy (growth) of muscle fibers, as well as water retention. This is due to the fact that dianabol aromatizes easily and as a result has high estrogenic properties. Since dianabol aromatizes so heavily, it is important to keep ancillary drugs such as anti-estrogens like nolvadex or its weaker counterpart clomid on hand in case symptoms of gyno show up during cycle. Proviron will also aid in this regard. Due to the heavy aromatizing properties of dianabol, it should not be used by bodybuilders nearing competition, as excess water retention is not desireable at such a time. Since dianabol is a 17-AA steroid, it should be noted that it is liver toxic if used in high doses or over extended periods of time (or both). 15-40 mg of dianabol per day should be sufficient for the steroid novice, and this dose should not be ran for much more than 4-6 weeks at most, and used mainly to kick-start a cycle as mentioned above. Dianabol only cycles are a poor idea for the novice, since dianabol is a more powerful agent than most injectable steroids and the athlete should work up to a level in which dianabol can be used safely in a steroid stack. It is important to understand your body's propensity for side effects and starting slowly is very important. Dianabol is a steroid for the slightly more advanced athlete. Dianabol only cycles generally involve a higher dose of dianabol (closer to 40 mg a day) to elicit favourable results - as a result such cycles are generally advised against. When stacked, less dianabol is needed since the injectable steroid is also aiding the muscle building properties desired. The use of dianabol in a low dose only to jump start a steroid cycle is the most that is generally recommended for the first time steroid user, and sometimes even this is considered too much, as testosterone only cycles are sufficient for those new to steroids for great gains in both strength and mass. The only benefit dianabol would add (stressing once again, at a relatively low dose which is all that is required for the first time user) is the psychological edge that the jump-start in the cycle would provide. Such an edge may make an individual more likely to strictly adhere to anabolic training and nutrition principles for the beginning of the cycle when motivation is not otherwise at its peak. Otherwise, the user is advised to be patient, since testosterone only cycles will provide the results with time. As an additonal tip, blood work should be done before any steroid cycle begins and is especially important in the case of dianabol. If dianabol is used for an extended period of time (six weeks or eight weeks at the absolute maximum), blood work should be performed after the completion of the cycle to determine liver values.
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