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How To Order Flowers Online

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68.Interval-Product sales

68.Interval-Product sales

March 2008

Watching Birds, Contributing to Science: Ornithology's Citizen Scientists
Why is bird watching such a popular pastime? One reason, perhaps, is that birds can be found in all the places we call home––from forests, to suburbia, to rural farmland, to the busiest of city blocks.

A Tree Swallow investigates Joni James' nest box #8, but it's already occupied by a House Wren.

Inside Tree Swallow box #9. Two of the four eggs have hatched.

This plastic gourd is home to Tree Swallows, one of which is perched beside it. The attached cable leads to a nest camera, inside.
And since many of us are already observing birds, it makes sense to utilize these observations in the field of science. After all, the number of ornithologists who can devote their time to field study is limited. Not only can the public participate in ornithological research, it’s advisable that they do. In order to track continent-wide bird behavior, breeding activity, and habitat characteristics, citizen scientists can be a real boon to the study of birds.

Joni James is one of 1200 citizen scientists who collect and submit data to NestWatch, a project of Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology. “I set out birdhouses, plastic gourds, so forth to provide nesting sites for cavity nesting birds,” she says. “And then during the spring and summer I monitor these and collect data. I keep track of what birds are using the sites, the birdhouses. I keep track of when nesting began; the dates, how many eggs are laid, which is called a clutch. I keep track of when the eggs hatch, how many nestlings. And then eventually the date and number of fledglings when they actually leave the nest.”

James submits the data she collects through Cornell’s online database. By posting this information to the NestWatch site, observations made on her Indiana property become available to a much wider community––anyone with a computer, in fact. By studying the data that she and other participants submit, scientists can begin to track and understand the long-term effects of climate and land-use changes on populations of wild birds. Bird enthusiasts have been contributing their observations to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology since 1965, and once these paper records are integrated into the NestWatch database, ornithologists will have access to nearly 400,000 records covering 500 species of birds.

“The more people who participate, the more data can be collected,” James says. “There are only so many scientists, so many ornithologists. And then this information helps in the study of the birding biology of cavity-nesting birds, and also the conservation of them.”

Carolina Chickadees and Tree Swallows are two species that inhabit James’ nest boxes. She keeps tabs on these seasonal residents by opening the boxes and checking in. And with the help of nest cams James has installed, observations can be made 24/7, by simply turning on the TV and tuning in her own personal “bird channel!”

Learn more about NestWatch and how you can participate

Bald Eagles have arrived! Check out Joni James' blog

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088 | 365 [explored]

088 | 365 [explored]

01.08.11 EXPLORED
Today was my first day of classes. Everything was pretty normal except for this problem I've been having with my microecon class! I went to the lecture this morning even though I'm not technically enrolled in the class, and then went to the prof afterwards to ask how I could sign up, because when I tried enrolling online it wouldn't let me because it said there was a pre-requisite I needed in order to get in.

Apparently this pre-req gets covered by this math placement test I took over 3 semesters ago during my freshman orientation, so I went to this one office to find out how I scored to see if I met the pre-req. Apparently I got a 40% on the math placement test and you need at least a 57%, sooo this obviously was a problem. The lady there told me that they're administering the test every day this week at the library, so I'm going to take it sometime this week and HOPEFULLY I pass. If not, I'll be stuck taking Algebra II instead of micro, because that's what type of math is on the exam.

And I reeeally don't want to take that because I took Algebra II when I was a soph in high school, and I really don't want to be taking the same class as a soph in college. That, and it would be a waste of a semester class that could be spent taking something more important.

sigh sigh apple pie. Sorry for the rant, guys. All of this was just really unexpected and now I have no clue what to study -__-

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