17.07.2007., utorak

..evo radim si po neznam koji put blog..
..neznam ke da napišemrolleyes..
..ovaj blog bit će posvećen uglavnom black,viking,pagan metalu..
..a pisat ću i o nekim mitologijama..
..drugi blog vam neću dat još neko vrijeme,možda poslijewink..

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...I am a mortal, but am I human?
How beautiful life is now when my time has come
A human destiny, but nothing human inside
What will be left of me when I'm dead?
There was nothing when I lived...

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May Result-Slava To Our Horns In Blood

Open Wide The Gates
Oh,we've been waiting
for a long time...unleashed
through the pillars of Navia
Ride towards our conquest
For our heathendome,Slavia!

Forlorn,on the whirlwinds
so devastating and shapless
Neglected within boundaries
Of an Ancestral mist...Timless!

Slava to our horns in blood
Pagan rituals will never part
Slava to our horns in blood
ever-burning flames of my heart

Oh,bow down for us
we are the things to come
oh,worship us
for we are the horned ones

Slava to our horns in blood....

Christian scapegoats
weak at souless heart
embrace the demice
that your own god brought

Forgotten ,you shall be
in an ashes of a decayed era
putrid stench of rusted cross
in an already d-out tomb

Endless,flagellation of christ
to witness sons of slaves
the fall of god's
kingdom to the grave
we stabbed the knife into his rebs!

Kult Perunov - Casna Krv Slavena

Iz mračnih šuma
u prošlosti davnoj
ponosno jašu
horde slavenske

časne su krvi
vatrenih srca
časne su krvi
vatrenih srca

poput hladnih vjetrova
što pušu s planina
kroz polja panonska
i najviših visina

strah u kosti utiru
ponizno ih gledaju
časnu vojsku slavensku
dok ih bogu žrtvuju

časne su krvi
vatrenih srca
pogleda ledena
vojska slavena

iz drevnih šuma. još se čuju
krici njihovi, nevjernički
koji boga poganskog ne štuju
koje je pokorio narod slavenski

vječna slava poganima

Dissection-God Of Forbidden Light

Hail Lucifer!
Dark bringer of light
Hail Lucifer!
Giver of eternal sight

Wisdom bringer - We call upon thy name
Bestow upon us thy infernal blessings
Of the inner divine flame

Open our eyes Mighty Father
So that we may see
Guide our steps on the Burning Path
Of liberation and ecstasy

Titanic Prometheus - God of forbidden light
Your Black Flame we bear inside as a legacy of your might

Illumination's father - God of shadowless light
Black Sun of dark mysteries - Restore the dragon's sight

Mighty god of darkness
All salutations to thee
Your gift of knowledge and rebellion
Will set our spirits free

Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer!
Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer!

Open our eyes Mighty Father
So that we may see
Guide our steps on the Burning Path
Of liberation and ecstasy

Mighty god of darkness
All salutations to thee
Raise the hidden flames within us
Into chaos set us free

MayheM-Pagan Fears

The bloody history from the past
Deceased humans now forgotten
An age of legends and fear
A time now so distant

Less numbered as they were their lives
So primitive and pagan
Superstitions were a part of the life
So unprotected in the dark nights

Pagan fears
The past is alive
The past is alive

Woeful people with pale faces
Staring obsessed at the moon
Some memories will never go away
And they will forever be here

Venom-Don't Burn The Witch

The witches brew a pot of hate
with lizard, but and man
with a smile they laugh their spells
astir with wretched hand
calling demons baphomet
and Mephistopheles
the tattered firyres cackle
as their mortal victims bleed

don't burn the witch
the ways of hell aren't wrong
don't burn the witch
let them brew their song

the witches of the blackened arts
are cunning, cruel and mean
persecuted by religion
God the man unseen
beastial malevolence
is chartered in their bones
leave the unreal house of God
and burn in hell at home

eye of lizard
wing of bat
testicle of man
tongue of eagle
brain of rat
Jesus Christ's left hand

the witches make the voodoo doll
a toy taboo in heaven
they dance around the pentagram
in search of rape by Satan
leave the heart and blood of men
in cauldrons laced in sin
add the arsenic, hemlock, pus
triumph takes the wings

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