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Dave Gahan Biography

David Gahan was born in Epping on May 9, 1962.
He had a religious upbringing, as his mother's side of the family was closely tied to the Salvation Army.
Dave wasn't much into that kind of stuff. He preferred to spend his time with his friend riding.

Dave was still really young when his family broke up. His father left home and was never to be heard of from again.
That missing father had an effect on Dave as he compensated the loss by everything crazy he could do.
He describes him at that time as "a real wide boy with a chip on my shoulder, a real yob."
He and his best friend mark got into lot of trouble; he was involved into stealing cars, vandalism, and spray-painting graffiti on walls.
All those acts made him visit juvenile court three times before he was 14 years old.

Within six months of leaving St. Nicholas school, Gahan passed through an astonishing twenty jobs, everything from selling soft drinks to working construction.

He got into punk and entered into Southend Art College in 1977, he went into studying windows design, alongside John Lydon (The Sex Pistols) and George O'Dowd (Boy George -Culture Club)

In 1980, he met Vince Clarke who at that time was part of a band called French look. It was only later when he formed a band called Composition of Sound along with Martin Gore and Andrew Fletcher . One day Clarke asked Dave to come at a rehearsal of the band and made him perform "Heroes" a song from David Bowie, that's how the Depeche Mode adventure has started.

Since 1981 , now 22 years, Gahan has met the success inside of Depeche Mode, as some of their greatest moments in the Rosebowl , Pasadena , USA for their last show for the "Music for the masses" tour where they made one of their bigger concerts recorded on video by D.A. Pennebaker.

But Dave has also gone through quite bad times along the way.
In 1991, Dave separated from Joanne, his first wife and long-time love, Joanne, leaving their only son Jack to live with his mother.

Gahan moved to Los Angeles right after that and he married former Depeche press liaison Theresa Conway in 1993. But his marriage wouldn't last as they would split few years later

The most tragic moment was without a doubt on May 28, 1996: Gahan overdosed on heroin in a Los Angeles hotel room.
He was was revived by paramedics and was then arrested upon his release for possession of drugs when he came out of hospital two days later.

By court order, Gahan completed 9 months of rehabilitation and has been clean and sober since then.
Gahan completed the vocal tracks for the Ultra album, while in recovery. The drug charges were dropped and then that was a new beginning for Dave.

Depeche Mode released a compilation of Singles : "the Singles 86>98" followed by a worldwide tour, in which Gahan found back lot of pleasure touring and performing live again.

He went to live in New York and married Jennifer with who he had another child : a girl named Stella rose.

Back in 2001 Depeche Mode released their last album "Exciter" followed also by a worldwide tour in which Gahan took a lot of pleasure touring along.(as you can see on the "One Night in Paris" video recorded by Anton Corbijn)

But he also started to do more things on his own. The first was his presence in a tribute album to Roxy Music to cover a song called "A song for Europe". Then since 2000 he started working with a friend on some songs that pushed him now in 2003 to release his first solo album : "Paper Monsters"
Probably the best result of some of the musical influences of David Gahan and a very good start !

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