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Šifre za Gorki Zero

5332 - god
9123 - quick computer scanning
2354 - you make more health damage
8216 - more health
2352 - all weapons
4616 - 100% accuracy
6235 - first-aid kits are 2x more powerfull
2695 - infinite ammo
4982 - no one can hear you
8892 - no one can see you
4003 - full health
0038 - you are always silently
4828 - all other things

Šifre za Gorki 02

3815 Unlimited Health
8745 Full Health
0132 Medi-Kits Double Effect
6422 Double Protection
7663 Double Damage
7018 All Items
8700 All Weapons
8249 Unlimited
4394 100% Aiming
2733 Enemies are Blind
1554 Enemies are Deaf
0926 Moving Without Noise
6467 Faster Hacking

Šifre za Grand Theft Auto:Vice City

THUGSTOOLS - All ''light'' weapons
PROFESSIONALTOOLS - All ''medium'' weapons
NUTTERTOOLS - All ''heavy'' weapons
ASPIRINE - Full Health
LEAVEMEALONE - Decrease Wanted Level
FANNYMAGNET - Ladies Man, Women Follow You
CERTAINDEATH - Makes you smoke a cigarette
DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS - Makes Tommy fatter
PROGRAMMER - Gives Tommy girly arms/legs
LOOKLIKELANCE - Play as Lance Vance
MYSONISALAWYER - Play as Ken Rosenberg
LOOKLIKEHILARY - Play as Hilary King
ROCKANDROLLMAN - Play as Love Fist character (Jezz Torent)
WELOVEOURDICK - Play as Love Fist character (Dick)
ONEARMEDBANDIT - Play as Phil Cassidy
FOXYLITTLETHING - Play as Mercedes
PANZER - Spawn a Rhino
TRAVELINSTYLE - Spawn a Bloodring Banger
GETTHEREQUICKLY - Spawn a Bloodring Banger #2
GETTHEREFAST - Spawn a Sabre Turbo
GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST - Spawn a Hotring Racer #2
THELASTRIDE - Spawn a Romero's Hearse
ROCKANDROLLCAR - Spawn Love Fist's Limo
RUBBISHCAR - Spawn a Trashmaster
BIGBANG - Blow up nearby cars
MIAMITRAFFIC - Aggressive Drivers
AHAIRDRESSERSCAR - All cars are pink
IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK - All cars are black
COMEFLYWITHME - Cars can fly
GREENLIGHT - All traffic lights are green
SEAWAYS - Cars can drive/hover over water
WHEELSAREALLINEED - Only the wheels of a car are visible
LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS - Sportscars have big wheels
HOPINGIRL - Peds get in your car
ALOVELYDAY - Sunny/Clear Weather
ABITDRIEG - Dense Clouds
CATSANDDOGS - Stormy Weather
LIFEISPASSINGMEBY - Speed up game clock
ONSPEED - Makes everything faster
BOOOOOORING - Makes everything slower
CHASESTAT - Shows Media Level (when 2+ stars)

Šifre za Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas

Get Full Armor, Full Health & $250.000:
While playing, press HESOYAM.

Get Weapons:
While playing, press LXGIWYL.

Get Weapons:
While playing, press KJKSZPJ.

Get Weapons:
While playing, press UZUMYMW.

Full Ammo:
While playing, press WANRLTW.

Hitman Weapon Skill:
While playing, press NCSGDAG.

Maximum Vehicle Skill:
While playing, press VQIMAHA.

Maximum Muscles:
While playing, press JYSDSOD.

Maximum Body Fat:
While playing, press BTCDBCB.

Minimum Muscles and Body Fat:
While playing, press KVGYZQK.

Maximum Respect:
While playing, press OGXSDAG.

Maximum Sex Appeal:
While playing, press EHIBXQS1.

Maximum Lung Capacity:
While playing, press CVWKXAM.

Commit Suicide:
While playing, press SZCMAWO.

Never Get Hungry:
While playing, press AEDUWNV.

Slow Motion:
While playing, press LIYOAAY.

Fast Motion:
While playing, press PPGWJHT.

Faster Gameplay:
While playing, press PPGWJHT.

Lower Wanted Level:
While playing, press ASNAEB.

Raise Wanted Level:
While playing, press OSRBLHH.

Six Star Wanted Level:
While playing, press LJSPQK.

No Cops:
While playing, press AEZAKMI.

Get Gimp Suit and Attract Prostitutes:
While playing, press BEKKNQV.

Weapon Aiming while Driving:
While playing, press OUIQDMW.

Reqruit Anyone (with 9mm):
While playing, press SJMAHPE.

Reqruit Anyone (with Rockets):
While playing, press ZSOXFSQ.

Pedestrian Cheats:

Crazy Pedestrians:
While playing, press AJLOJYQY.

Pedestrians hate you:
While playing, press BGLUAWML.

Pedestrians have weapons:
While playing, press FOOOXFT.

Elvis Pedestrians:
While playing, press ASBHGRB.

Weather Cheats:

Normal Weather:
While playing, press AFZLLQLL.

Rainy Weather:
While playing, press AUIFRVQS.

Sunny Weather:
While playing, press ICIKPYH.

Overcast Weather:
While playing, press ALNSFMZO.

Foggy Weather:
While playing, press CFVFGMJ.

Sand Storm:
While playing, press CWJXUOC.

Orange Sky and time stopped at 21.00:
While playing, press OFVIAC.

Nightand time stopped at 00.00:
While playing, press XJVSNAJ.

Spawn Cheats:

Spawn Parachute:
While playing, press AIYPWZQP.

Spawn the Stretch:
While playing, press KRIJEBR.

Spawn the Rancher:
While playing, press JQNTDMH.

Spawn the Bloodring Banger:
While playing, press CQZIJMB.

Spawn the Hotring Racer 1:
While playing, press PDNEJOH.

Spawn the Hotring Racer 2:
While playing, press VPJTQWV.

Spawn the Trashmaster:
While playing, press UBHYZHQ.

Spawn the Rhino:
While playing, press AIWPRTON.

Spawn the Romero Hearse:
While playing, press AQTBCODX.

Spawn the Caddy (golf cart):
While playing, press RZHSUEW.

Spawn the Jet Pack:
While playing, press YECGAA.

Spawn the Monster Truck:
While playing, press AGBDLCID.

Spawn the Quadbike:
While playing, press AKJJYGLC.

Spawn the Hydra:
While playing, press JUMPJET.

Spawn the Stunt Plane:
While playing, press URKQSRK.

Spawn the Hovercraft:
While playing, press KGGGDKP.

Spawn the Dozer:
While playing, press EEGCYXT.

Spawn the Hunter:
While playing, press OHDUDE.

Spawn the Tanker:
While playing, press AMOMHRER.

Traffic Cheats:

Explode All Cars:
While playing, press CPKTNWT.

Turn Cars Black:
While playing, press IOWDLAC.

Turn Cars Pink:
While playing, press LLQPFBN.

Jump higher:
While playing, press LFGMHAL.

Increased bunny hop with the BMX:
While playing, press JHJOECW.

Aggressive Traffic:
While playing, press YLTEICZ.

Improve Car Handling:
While playing, press PGGOMOY.

Invisible Cars:
While playing, press XICWMD.

Always Green Traffic Lights:
While playing, press ZEIIVG.

Sports Cars Traffic:
While playing, press GUSNHDE.

Reduced Traffic:
While playing, press THGLOJ.

Taxi Upgrade:
While playing, press VKYPQCF.

Beach Party Mode:
While playing, press CIKGCGX.

Yakuza Mode:
While playing, press IOJUFZN.

Clown Mode:
While playing, press PRIEBJ.

Cars Float Away When Hit:
While playing, press BSXSGGC.

Flying Cars:
While playing, press RIPAZHA.

Flying Boats:
While playing, press AFSNMSMW.

Invisible Cars:
While playing, press XICWMD

Šifre za Grand Theft Auto:London 1969

6661970 Infinite Lives
tourettes Infinite Lives and Press For All Weapons
flashmotor All Levels
travelcard All Levels and Infinite Lives
iamgod 10x Multiplier Infinite Lives and Press For Weapons
averyrichman 999999999 Points
uaintnuffin 999999999 Points All Weapons and Press For All Items
rommel Debug Mode
psychadelic DriveBy Shootings
deathtoall Press for All Weapons
tithead No Police
silence Turn Off Police Radio
driveby Drive by
herc Super Code
asawindow Unlimited Lives Press for All Weapons

Šifre za Prince of Persia:Warior Within

Life Upgrade Pedestals
Upgrade Pedestal 1: The first upgrade pedestal is right after you beat Shahdee. Walk up the stairs and you will see a tall altar. Pull it back to open a secret doorway behind it. Follow it throw avoiding the traps to obtain the first life upgrade.
Upgrade Pedestal 2 (Past): The second upgrade pedestal is in the area where you first fight the Crow Master. Make your way up the area to the stairway. You'll see a small metal grate. At the bottom of the stores to the left there are some barrels and a switch. Hit the switch, slow down time and make your way to the grate, roll under it. Go through avoiding traps to get the second life upgrade.

Upgrade Pedestal 3: When you reach the central hall after obtaining the serpent sword turn the turnstile lever so that it faces the doorway with the save point fountain. Facing the opposite doorway walk foreword and to the right, you'll see a ledge. Drop down and wall jump back and forth to make your way slowly down. Once you get down, drop down to the ledge below and wall run and jump off at the end and jump side to side to make your way up. Wall run again and at the end wall jump from side to side to make your way down to a ledge. Make your way to the doorway go through and avoid the traps for the third upgrade pedestal.

Upgrade Pedestal 4:When in the Mechanical tower you will eventually reach a Thrall who is throwing spike beasts. Get him to blow up the left wall (Your left when facing the Thrall) Walk throw and avoid traps to get the fourth upgrade pedestal

Upgrade Pedestal 5: When you get to the Garden in which you see the whole breathtaking scene make your way up to where you fight Silhouettes and Keepers. Walk to the left to find a ledge where the fence doesn't continue, drop down, move, drop down and wall run to make your way to the doorway across the gap. Walk in, make your way through avoiding traps to find the fifth upgrade pedestal.

Upgrade Pedestal 6: Once you turn on the water in Garden works via turnstile, wall run up the wall behind it, walk in make your way through avoiding traps to find the sixth upgrade pedestal.

Upgrade Pedestal 7: In the Prison area after you beat Thrall and make your way up. Make your way to the end of the left side and break a wall, you'll see a door. Head to the right side and midway throw you'll see another cracked wall. Break it hit the switch slow down time and make your way to the first wall you broke head throw and avoiding traps to find the sevenths life upgrade pedestal.

Upgrade Pedestal 8: Inside the library when you make your way up from the walkways beneath it. You see a broken doorway, make your way throw it and get to the railings. You need to jump to the other one and instead of heading to the ledge to the left, head to the opposing doorway (which is still intact) Jump to the ledge and make your way to the right side, jump up, and go through to find your way to the eight life upgrade pedestal.

Upgrade Pedestal 9: The ninth pedestal is located in the room in which you chase Shahdee and she shuts the door behind her. You are required to make your way up and to jump on a bar to open the door, as you make your way up you'll see a cracked grating. Come back here when you have the scorpion sword and break the grate to reveal a crate. Bring the crate out to the left wall, jump on it, wall run up and jump off to reach a ledge above it. Follow the area throw to make your way to the ninth upgrade pedestal.

With all pedestals found you will be able to get the Water sword which is in the room before the throne room. It will be in the center. The Water Sword gives you an alternate ending as it is the only weapon capable of defeating the Dahaka.

Teddy Bear
One of the miscellaneous secondary weapons is the teddy bear. Locate it after earning the Scorpion Sword in the clock (west) tower. There are three encounters with a giant golem enemy in the clocktower when you initially go through it; the first is before you start negotiating the vertical climbing of the tower (past); the second is atop the clock tower (past); the third is is stationary and throws exploding monsters in the clock tower's second area (past).
Look for the room where the second giant golem enemy is. You will need to be in the present (so find a time portal) and drop into the water-filled dead end past the golem's room. Break the wall and retrieve the teddy bear.

The teddy bear is almost unbreakable and does almost no damage, but has the ability to restore lost life to the Prince with each successful blow on an enemy.

Hockey Stick
After you obtain the Scorpion sword find your way back to the central room. Turn the turnstile so that the lever is facing the doorway with the save point fountain. Stand facing the opposite doorway and walk up a bit and to the right. You will find a ledge that is one step lower than the area around you. Walk down and grab on to it. Jump to the opposite ledge and jump back and forth to slowly make your way down. Once you reach the bottom drop down to the ledge below it. Wall run to the next wall and get ready to jump off and back and forth to make your way up. Wall run again and when you reach the end wall jump to slow your descent once more, you'll eventually grab onto a ledge. Make your way to the doorway that is next to it, but DON'T GO IN. Instead keep going on the rocks until you see the area where sand is falling. With the scorpion sword in hand break the wall. Break the rack of weapons and pick up the hockey stick.
As with all special weapons the hockey stick is unbreakable, but if you throw it you lose it for good. It has moderate damage and a relatively slow attack rate.

Light Sword
The light sword is the most powerful secondary weapon in the game. When in the mystic caves you come upon a door that you must unlock via switch. Directly after that door there is a drop in the floor. Drop down and break the left wall and break the rack to pick up the light sword. As with all secondary weapons it is unbreakable, but if you throw it you lose it for good. The light sword has maximum damage and maximum attack rate.
Secret Ending
To get the secret ending simply obtain all 9 life upgrades, when you get to the room before the Empress' throne room there will be a new sword waiting for you. It is the water sword and said to be the only thing that can kill the Dahaka. For your final battle, instead of fighting the Empress you fight the Dahaka.

Šifre za Prince of Persia the Sands of Time

Tomb doors puzzle
Near the end of the game, you are in a tomb with infinite doors. You have to find the correct series of doors to progress. Go to the landscape view. Always start at the door with the face above it and go clockwise.
Hangman in A Prisoner Seeking An Escape level
When you reach the bottom of the chamber in the A Prisoner Seeking An Escape level, kill all the sand creatures and then enter the cell to the left when looking at the save point. In the left corner of the cell is a little joke on the wall. Take a closer look in first person view at the drawings you find there. Obviously the prisoners where playing hangman here.

Šifre za Prince of Persia the Two Thrones

Secret baby rattle weapon:
Complete the game under the easy difficulty setting. Take out your dagger and do not have any secondary weapon. Pause game play, then press [Left] [Left] [Right] [Right] [Up] [Down] [Down] [Up] [Up] [Down].

Secret chainsaw weapon:
Take out your dagger and do not have any secondary weapon. Pause game play, then press [Up] [Up] [Down] [Down] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right] [Up] [Down] [Up] [Down].

Secret swordfish weapon:
Complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. Take out your dagger and do not have any secondary weapon. Pause game play, then press [Up] [Down] [Up] [Down] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right] [Up] [Down] [Up] [Down].

Secret telephone weapon:
Complete the game under the normal difficulty setting. Take out your dagger and do not have any secondary weapon. Pause game play, then press [Right] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Down] [Down] [Up] [Up] [Up] [Down] [Up] [Up] [Down] [Down].

Voice credits:
Play through the game until getting to the large courtyard just immediately before the first chariot sequence, during your second Dark Prince transformation. Look in the corner of the courtyard to find a hole in the ceiling which enemies appear from until you leave the area. Stab and hang from the panel near that hole to open the exit. Climb the pole nearest to the hole in the ceiling to hear a monotone female voice announce the game's voice credits.

Alternate ending sequence:
Collect all the life upgrades to fight the Dark Prince instead of Vizier at the end.

Additional sand:
When the Prince absorbs two or more Sands Of Time, at the same time rewind time a little to gain additional sands.

Defeating Mahasti:
When you meet up with Farah again after the brothel, there will be an intermission sequence in which Mahasti will attack you. Climb up to the save fountain, then down to a platform where Mahasti will be waiting for you. Use whatever fighting tactics desired. If you get knocked off the platform, rewind time and dodge the attack. After awhile you will transform into the Dark Prince, and Mahasti will run away. While chasing her, always run to the right, kill the enemy on the platform in between to fill a sand tank, and heal. When you grab the ledge of the platform Mahasti is on, slow time and jump up. Slash at her until slow time ends and she jumps again. Repeat this until her health is depleted. You will then enter a deadlock that you will have to win. If you lose, Mahasti will jump across the arena, and you will have to try again.

Defeating the Canal Monster:
This enemy is like a Thrall from Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within. Start by slashing at its legs and climb on top of it. When you are on top, you can control him. Guide it so that it smashes into the doors. Eventually he will tire out near the end of the canal and the level will be over.

Defeating the giant in the Arena:
Run around in a circle avoiding his hands until you find a white crate with steps on it. There should be a dagger hole. Run up and hang on to it, then run to the next one and go over the wall. There is a platform above the giant and it will trigger a speed kill sequence, which must be timed correctly. Repeat this process a second time and you will blind the giant. He will smash part of the arena which will make it more difficult to find the ledge you use to attack him. Run around in a circle until you eventually find it. Do a speed kill sequence, then take him out by slashing his legs which will trigger the final speed kill sequence. If timed correctly, you can defeat him.

Run around him a few times to find a set of brown wooden stairs. Go up the stairs, then when you are on them there will be a location where you can run up and stab your dagger. There will then be another dagger location on your right where you must run to. Then, run onto the wall where the giant opens it for you. There will be another dagger location. You must then run up again, and then on your left will be a platform where you will be able to jump onto the giant and stab him. Repeat this sequence and you will blind him. You can defeat him by cutting his legs when he is blind.

Defeating the Twin Warriors Boss:
Right after the room in which you must move the statue of your father down the hall, you will have your second chariot race. At the end of the race, you will run into the sand enemy that you saw in the earlier intermission sequence. His brother will come with his sword and surround you in a ring of fire. Run towards the one with the sword and slash at him with your dagger. He will block it, and after a little bit his brother will slam his axe into the ground. Roll to the side to dodge it, and his axe will become stuck in the ground. Vault over him while his brother with the sword tries to slash at you. If done correctly, you will trigger a speed kill scene where you slash them both down to half health. Repeat this process. When the brother with the axe jumps towards you, roll to the side and get away from him. Only go for the one with the sword. If you fail a speed kill you will get knocked to the ground and lose a lot of health. If you find yourself on the ground, do not try to attack coming up; just roll away to the side.

Defeating the Vizier:
When you step into the circular room, the floor will rise up until you are level with the fighting stage. There will be a short intermission sequence, then the fight will start. Immediately after the intermission sequence ends, roll to the side to dodge an attack. Repeatedly roll to the side until the Vizier charges at you. Roll to the side once to dodge it, then charge at him and double slash with your father's sword. He will block the dagger, and any slashes after the second one. After you have hit him twice, roll backwards or to the side to repeat the process. If your attack misses, do not try to attack him until he attacks you again. There will be three times when the Vizier will fly up and throw statues at you. Just keep running left or right until you see the statue, then roll in the same direction to dodge it. After awhile, the Vizier will fly up and crumble one of the walls. The chunks of stone will hover around in a circle around the center of the room. The Vizier should be on the opposite end of the stage. Make your way through, then wall run up the columns behind him. At the top of your wall run, trigger a speed kill to cut one of his wings off. If you make a mistake on the wall run or the speed kill, or the Vizier moves before you can activate the speed kill, just try again. Do not get caught on the edge. If you touch the railing it will hurt you. After a few speed kills and you cut off both of his wings, he will fly up and take the boulders with him. Never stop moving, because he constantly shoots sand attacks at you. Make your way up until you get to a beam. Activate the final speed kill sequence, then kill him.

When the fight begins, immediately roll backwards, then get close to him and block his attack. Attack him quickly because he is a hit and run type Boss. After you hit him a few times he will fly back and try to hit you with a piece of the arena. Get close to him again, blocking his punches, and attack him a few times. He will fly back and try to hit you with two pieces of the arena. Roll to dodge them. Then, attack him again and he will fly back and try to hit you with three pieces of the arena. Get close, block, and attack him again. The Vizier will now blow up part of the arena and there will be blocks going around in circles. Try not to get hit by them, as they can do a lot of damage. Do not rewind time if you get hit; try to conserve your sands for later. The Vizier will now fly to every other column and try to hit you with an energy beam. Dodge and get close. Run up the column behind him, which will trigger a speed kill sequence in mid-air. If timed correctly, you will slice off one of his wings. The Vizier will now try to hurt you by trying to hit you with energy beams. You must get close to him and run up the column behind him, which will trigger another speed kill sequence in mid-air. If timed correctly, you can slice off his other wing. It is easy to predict where he will go because it is every other column. Get close to him for the final time and run up the column behind him. It will trigger the final speed kill sequence, where you will stab him with the sword and the dagger. Once this is done the Vizier will take the pieces that were on the ground and form an obstacle course in the air. Look around with the camera and find a block that is sticking out. Run up the column and rebound to grab it. Make your way to the top. Conserve your sands because the Vizier will try to hit you in mid-air, and if you get hit it is a long way down. Use slow time to help you. When you get to the top you will become level with the Vizier. Jump towards him to trigger a Matrix-style sequence. Wait for the dagger to glow and time it correctly to defeat him. You will stab him and you will both fall. After the intermission sequence, the Dark Prince will take you to a dream world where the walls and platforms are yellow and black, and everything is glowing and moving. Pursue the Dark Prince and slash him every time. You are safe in this world because if you fall you are returned to the platform from which you fell. Get to the end where you will see Farah telling you to wake up and come into the light. The Dark Prince will be next to you. Do not bother attacking him because he will make two more copies of himself. Walk into the light to complete the game.

Health bonus:
Shortly after your first transformation into the Dark Prince, you will find a hallway with two paths. One is down a trapped corridor, and the other is hidden behind a cloth doorway. Go through the doorway and follow the beams until you reach a fountain. Drink from the fountain and you will appear in a trapped corridor. Get past the traps to the light, and you will appear back at the fountain with a health bonus.

There is a circular water-filled room shortly after one of your Dark Prince transformations. After solving the puzzle, run up the wall to get to the rods, then jump up from rod to rod. Around halfway up the room you will see a hole in the wall poorly concealed behind a blue banner. Jump through this hole to get to a life upgrade fountain. Make it to the end of the corridor and you will appear back at the bottom of the room.

Right after you defeat the Canal Monster, there will be a fountain where you can save. Go back where you will find some pots and jars and smash them. There will be a hole behind them, which you need to roll under. This will lead you to a bonus health fountain.

After the third Boss fight and a Dark Prince transformation, you will be in a large room with an elevator in it. Make your way up the room until you get to a platform with two seductresses on it. Defeat them, climb over the railing, then jump up the dagger holds. At the top one, do a wall jump until you activate the pressure plate. Slow time and go through the door on the left before it closes. At the end of this hallway there will be a health bonus fountain.

After the intermission sequence in which Farah kills a Sand Guard for you, climb the rooftops and kill the Sand Archers in your path. After a while you will be told that you have lost the rooftops. Make your way down until you are in a room with one of those mechanisms that you stab your dagger into. It will open two doors. Do not go through the closer one to your right. Go through the one behind you down the ramp. Go through the corridor until you get to a health bonus fountain.

Šifre za Yu-Gi-Oh the Power of Chaos Joey the Passion

Faster duels:
Start the game with the -speedy command line parameter.

Getting new cards:
In Match Duels or Single Duels, if the card that was won is not a new card(s) (i.e. says "NEW!" across it as you acquire it), click just below the card (middle card for match duels). You will be given the option of getting another card.

Show frame rate:
Start the game with the -fps command line parameter.

Wrong card behavior:
While the Trap Card "Magic Thorn" is active on the field, when your opponent discards any number of cards from the deck (for example, Needle Worm, Gravekeeper's Servant) it does not count as damage to Life Points, and the card just says discard. The card was supposed to activate even if your opponent discards from its deck.

Šifre za Call of Duty

Various cheats
Create a shortcut and edit the properties of it and add this after all the other stuff: "+set monkeytoy 0 +set sv_cheats 1" (without the quotes)
Start the game and press the tilde sign (~) to open the console.

Note: If after you type one of these codes in the console it tells you that "sv_cheats are read only", then try typing this into the console: setrandom sv_cheats 1

Enter some of these commands:
give - Gives player an object ("give mp 40", etc.)
give health - gives you full health
god - Invulnerability
notarget - The enemies won't shoot you
noclip - Walk through walls and such.

Šifre za Call of Duty 2

Activate cheat codes:
click YES.
In menu title press: ~ and type:
developer 1 = enable cheat codes, LOAD button appears, click it and select the level
Once the level is loaded type ~ again and type "devmap" and you can use the following codes:

god = God Mode
give ammo = All Ammo
give all = All weapons, full ammo, health and armor
noclip = Walk through solid objects
notarget = Invisibility to most enemies
kill = suicide

Šifre za Tomb Rider:Legend

Enter the following codes while playing the game:

Hold Backspace and press 7 button - Bulletproof Lara
Hold Backspace and press 3 button - Unlimited Assault Rifle ammunition
Hold Backspace and press 4 button - Unlimited Grenade Launcher ammunition
Hold Backspace and press 5 button - Unlimited Shotgun ammunition
Hold Backspace and press 6 button - Unlimited SMG ammunition
Hold Backspace and press 8 button - One Shot Kill
Hold Backspace and press 2 button - Show Enemy Health
Hold Backspace and press 1 button - Disable textures
Hold Backspace and press 9 button - Wield Excalibur
Hold Backspace and press 0 button - Wield Soul Reaver

Note: First, you must have the cheats unlocked in your extras menu.

Lara's Many Outfits:
To collect Lara's wardrobe of outfits, you need to collect and conquer special circumstances.

Amanda Ritual Outfit - Complete Ghana Time Trial
Amanda Winter Outfit - Complete Kazhkastan Time Trial
Biker - Finish England Level
Biker without Jacket - 100% Silver and Gold in England
Black Legend - 100% Silver in Croft Manor
Blue Legend - 100% Silver in Peru
Catsuit - 100% Gold in Japan
Classic outfit - 100% Gold in Peru
Cream Suit - 100% Silver and Gold in Croft Manor
Goth - Complete England Time Trial
Gray Classic - 100% Gold in Ghana
Green Sport Outfit - Complete Bolivia Time Trial
Lace Shirt Goth - Complete Japan Time Trial
Legend - Unlockable from the start of the game
Pink Legend - 100% Silver in Ghana
Pink Winter - Complete Nepal Time Trial
Pink Winter, No coat - Complete Peru Time Trial
Red Jacket Biker - 100% Silver in England
Ripped Evening dress - Finish Japan Level
Ripped Red Evening Dress - 100% Silver in Japan
Snowsuit - 100% Gold in Nepal
Special Forces - 100% Gold in Kazakhstan
Special Forces (Urban) - 100% Gold in England
Sport Outfit - 100% Gold in Bolivia
Suit - 100% Gold in Croft Manor
Union Jack Legend - 100% Silver in Bolivia
White Bikini (Croft Manor) - Complete all Time Trials and beat the game
Winer, Orange No coat - 100% Silver in Kazhkstan
Winter outift - Finish Kazakhstan Level
Winter, No coat - Finish Kazkhstan Level
Winter, Orange - 100% Silver in Nepal
Black Bikini (Croft Manor) - 100% Bronze, Silver and Gold in all Levels, beat Time Trials and Complete the game

Pistol Upgrades:
To get these Pistol upgrades you need to obtain a certain amount of Reward items in levels

Extra damage - 75% Bronze and Silver
Increased Accuracy - 50% Bronze and Silver
Increased magazine size (40 bullets) - 25% Bronze and Silver

Location Concepts:
By collecting all the Bronze rewards in Levels, you get the location concept. This includes many different sketches of the level's creaction.

Bolivia - 100% Bronze in Bolivia
England - 100% Bronze in England
Ghana - 100% Bronze in Ghana
Japan - 100% Bronze in Japan
Kazakhstan - 100% Bronze in Kazakhstan
Nepal - 100% Bronze in Nepal
Peru - 100% Bronze in Peru
Special - 100% Bronze in Croft Manor

Unlockable Cheats:
To obtain cheats in the game, you must complete certain Time Trials in Levels (mins:sec)

Bulletproof Lara - Complete England in less than 27:00
Draw Enemy Health - Complete Bolivia in less than 12:30
Infinite Assault Rifle Ammo - Complete Japan in less than 12:15
Infinite Grenade Launcher ammo - Complete Kazakhstan in less than 27:10
Infinite Shotgun ammo - Complete Ghana in less than 20:00
Infinite SMG ammo - Complete Peru in less than 21:30
One Shot kill - Complete Bolivia Redux in less than 4:15
Wield Excalibur - Complete Nepal in less than 13:40
Wield Soul Reaver - Complete Game and all time trials

Lara in bikini:
To unlock the white and black swimsuits for Lara you must complete the game, find all the rewards (including the ones in Croft Manor) then complete the game again under the time trial difficulty. Complete Bolivia Redux in time trial mode. This will allow the use of the "One Shot Kill" cheat which will help significantly. Note: This will also unlock everything else in the game, including the pistol upgrades, another thirty costumes, and the "Wield Excalibur and "Wield Soul Reaver sword" cheats.

Pistol upgrades:
Collect the indicated number of silver and bronze rewards to unlock the corresponding pistol upgrade:

Increased magazine capacity: 25%
Increased accuracy: 50%
Increased damage: 75%

Unlockable Character profiles:
Collect the indicated number of Bronze Artifacts to unlock the character profiles:

Lara Croft - Collect 10%
Zip - Collect 20%
Anaya Imanu - Collect 30%
Shogo Takamoto - Collect 40%
Toru Nishimura - Collect 40%
James Rutland - Collect 50%
Amanda Evert - Collect 70%
Winston Smith - Collect 80%
Alister Fletcher - Collect 90%
Unknown Entity - Collect 100%

Ghana: Gold statue
At the end of the level, when you stand on button that opens the timed door, do not enter that door. Instead, go to the under the door to find a golden statue.

Japan: Alternate costume
When you reach a room which has a hanging dragon in it, you will find a large red box. Throw it to the floor to break it. You will get a gold statue that gives you a new costume.

Šifre za Sonic R

Radiant Emerald Course
On each normal course finish in first place.
Play as Dr. Robotnik
On the Radiant Emerald Course finish in first place.
Play as Super Sonic
From the first four courses collect all seven chaos emeralds.
Play as Same Character
In Multiplayer Mode highlight a character hold Change View and press Action.
Skip Credits
Hold Action Accelerate Change View and press Start.
View Demo
Press Action Accelerate.

Šifre za Age of Empires


With the ability to convert enemy forces into friendly units, priests are also a very effective (and sneaky) defense against invading armies. Standing behind a good set of walls, a well-trained priest can easily convert enemy troops and give you forces outside your walls. But certain differences between civilizations can give these units an extra edge. Egypt has a great bonus for priests (+3 range), making them an excellent wonder-defending race. The Choson are also very good because they get reduced-cost priests (allowing you to pump out a ton of priests very quickly).
Random Games
When selecting a civilization for a randomly generated game, choose a civilization that is suited for the map type since certain civilizations have advantages and disadvantages depending on terrain. For example, the Shang do not get any of the triremes, so they're at a disadvantage in a game with a lot of water. You'll need to experiment to find all of these subtle differences, but it will prove to be worth it.
When exploring a random map, players don't need to venture too far away to get up and running. You can always expect to find at least one berry site within approximately 15 tiles of your starting town center, so you might want to explore enough of the map to find that site before placing your granary down. Other resources have similar generalities that you can always count on.

The random map generator does not always place players on opposite ends of the map; if you are in one corner, that does not necessarily mean that your opponent is in the reciprocal position. So, it's always a good idea to explore early to find out where your opponents' towns are located.

More importantly, understand how the map types are defined: Highland means the map is generated entirely of land or land with a small river cutting through it (the land masses will always be connected by several shallows areas). An inland map will always have some water in it, but will still always have a single, unified land mass (though the number of shallows connections will be fewer than in a Highland map). Coastal maps can have separate continents, so you should always plan on having some method of transporting units across the oceans and use fishing boats as an alternative source of food.

A large island map will have a slim chance of being connected by a shallows bridge, but more often large islands make up different continents for multiple players. In many instances players may share an island. Small Island maps create different islands for each player and are never connected by shallows or land bridges. As you become familiar with the advantages and disadvantages for each civilization, you'll be more effective on each terrain type.

Make 25 photon man then click the left mouse botton and drag it over the photon the mouse botton go then you should be able to move them anywhere and the whole group will move there.
Submitted by jack

Šifre za Need for Speed:ProStreet

Cheat mode:
At the "Code Entry" menu in Career mode, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Most codes can only be used once. Therefore it is recommended that the auto-save option be disabled before using the codes in the event you wish to revert the game to its original state.

Unlock everything
Enter "MASTERCODE" or "UNLOCKALLTHINGS" as a code to unlock all bonuses.

Extra money
Enter "1MA9X99" as a code to get an extra $2,000 in Career mode.

Enter "W2iOLLO1" as a code to get an extra $4,000 in Career mode.

Enter "L1iS97A1" as a code to get an extra $8,000 in Career mode.

Enter "CASHMONEY", "1Mi9K7E1", or "LEIPZIG" as a code to get an extra $10,000 in Career mode.

Enter "REGGAME" as a code to get $10,000 and unlock some cars in Career mode, including the Chevrolet Camaro Concept, Ford Mustang GT 500, and Nissan R34 Skyline.

Five free repair markers
Enter "SAFETYNET" as a code to get five free repair markers in Career mode.

Audi TT 3.8 Quattro
Enter "ITSABOUTYOU" as a code to unlock the Audi TT 3.8 Quattro in Career mode.

Chevrolet Chevelle SS
Enter "HORSEPOWER" as a code to unlock the Chevrolet Chevelle SS in Career mode.

Coke Zero Volkswagen Golf GTI and Vinyl
Enter "ZEROZEROZERO" as a code to unlock the Coke Zero Volkswagen Golf GTI and Vinyl in Career mode.

Energizer Lithium Dodge Viper SRT10 and Vinyl
Enter "ENERGIZERLITHIUM" as a code to unlock the Energizer Lithium Dodge Viper SRT10 and Vinyl in Career mode.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Enter "MITSUBISHIGOFAR" as a code to unlock the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in Career mode.

Castrol Syntec Vinyl
Enter "CASTROLSYNTEC" as a code to unlock the Castrol Syntec Vinyl.

K&N Vinyl
Enter "WORLDSLLONGESTLASTING" as a code to unlock the K&N Vinyl.

Easy money
Enter the "UNLOCKALLTHINGS" and "LEIPZIG" code. You should now have the S13, Cobalt, GTO, and Black Viper in your garage, and an extra $10,000. Sell those four cars. Then, save your career, and restart the game. Load your saved career. Enter the "UNLOCKALLTHINGS" and "LEIPZIG" code again. Start a Race Day, then exit the Race Day; do not do any of the races. Go to your garage. The S13, Cobalt, GTO, and Black Viper should be in your garage again, and you should have an additional $10,000. Repeat this process as much as desired.

Recommended dragster
The best dragster is the Nissan 240SX. The first chance you get, make the 240SX your drag choice. Put on all the best performance parts you can afford. Remember, you need a lot of speed and traction. After you start setting new track records, you will be invited to race Karol Monroe the Drag King.

Šifre za Need for Speed:Carbon

1. Start game.
2. While at the screen that says "CLICK TO CONTINUE" or "MAIN MENU", type
in the desired codes below, for the desired effect you want.

inthezoneskin = Autozone Vinyl Unlocked!
syntecskin = Castrol Syntec Vinyl Unlocked!
*5grand5grand = Castrol Cash Unlocked!
shinycarsarethebestcars = Chrome Cars Unlocked!
cooperlogofreeforyou = Cooper Tire Logo Unlocked!
chasingmobile = Corvette Z06 Interceptor Unlocked For Quick Race!
guesswhoisback =Cross Corvette Z06 Unlocked For Quick Race!
trashtalking = Rhino Unlocked For Quick Race!
bigredfiredrive = Fire Truck Unlocked For Quick Race!
*friendlyheadlocksapplied = Infinite Crew Charge!
*nosforeverever = Infinite Nitrous!
slowitdownwhenyouwant = Infinite Speedbreaker!
*speed3foryou = Mazda Speed3 Unlocked!
*lotsoffreelogos = Need for Speed Carbon Logo Vinyls Unlocked!
*lotsoffreevinyls = Need for Speed Carbon Special Logo Vinyls Unlocked!
watchoutthebigtruckishere = Dump Truck Unlocked For Quick Race!
pharrellvinylgogo = Pharrell Vinyl Unlocked!
chasingheadlocksappliedrashtalk = Mazda Dealership Unlocked!
givemethedb9 = 2005 Aston Martin DB9 Unlocked!
givemethechargersrt8 = 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8 Unlocked!
canyonalltheway = All Tracks Unlocked!


Codes marked with a * is confirmed working, the others might have to be
activated by another method. Someone sested that they might work with
an EA account, but since i don't have that, i can't test them. Codes with
* don't have to be typed with a *, just in case you're wondering.

Another issue with the codes, is that when you type one wrong, it's like,
it's blocking and you can't type others. Only solution to that, is to
restart game :(

We decided to release the codes for you all now, since the demand is high,
maybe you can see the light in getting the others working? Have fun :)

Special Note:

The 3 last codes wasn't found in the main game exe, if you look a little
deeper, you will find them, you actually need a tool other than notepad,
before you can be successful.

Šifre za Delta Force:Xtream

Cheat mode:
Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect - Code:
Flight mode - i can fly

Šifre za Sims

Code Effect
Repeat Last Cheat
; Seperate Multiple Cheat Commands
klapaucius 1000 Simoleons
rosebud 1000 Simoleons v1.1
histadd Add New Family History Stat to the Current Family
writedestlist Appends the Route Destination List to AllRoutes.txt Every Time a Route is Found
autolevel Architecture Tools Automatically Set the Level as Needed
file import FAM File Automatically Import and Load Indicated FAM
house house number Automatically Load Indicated House
preparelot Check and Fix Required Lot Objects
crash Crash Game
watertool Create Moat or Streams
shrinktext font size text Create shrunktext.bmp Files
editchar CreateaCharacter Mode
interests Display Personality and Interests
drawallframes off Draw All Animation Frames Disabled
drawallframes on Draw All Animation Frames Enabled
draworigins Draw Colored Dots at Each Person's Origin
coredump Dump Entire Memory to coredumpdate:time.txt
dumphappy Dump Selected Person's Most Recent List of Scored Interactions to a File
dumpmc Dump Selected Person's Motive Contribution Curve to a File
debugsocial Enable Debug Flag to Show Outcome Choice Dialogs for Social Interactions
simlog end End Sim Logging
cht fileh3 Execute "file.cht" file as a List of Cheats
drawfloorable off Floorable Grid Disabled
drawfloorable on Floorable Grid Enabled
assert Force an Assert for Testing
loganimations Log Animations in the Event Log Window
mapedit off Map Editor Disabled
mapedit on Map Editor Enabled
moveobjects Move Any Object
tutorial off No Tutorial Object Generation when Tutorial House is Loaded
browserfailsafe Prevent Web Browser Crashes
previewanims off Preview Animations Disabled
previewanims on Preview Animations Enabled
tileinfo Programmer Stats
quit Quit Game
import Read in Behavior Tuning Constants from Tuning.txt
rebuildcp Rebuilds Entire Control Panel/UCP from Scratch
refreashfaces Refresh the BMP Resources for All People whose IFF Files are Writable
refreashtextures Rematch Dependent Textures and Regenerate Bitmaps for All User Characters
restoretut Restore Tutorial
rotation <03> Rotate Camera
routeballoons off Routing Debug Balloons Diabled
routeballoons on Routing Debug Balloons Enabled
famtest opcount Run Series of Random Operations on Unhoused Families
save Save Currently Loaded House
history Save Family History File
plugh Say "plugh"
porntipsguzzardo Say "porntipsguzzardo"
xyzzy Say "xyzzy"
drawroutes on Selected Person's Path Displayed
drawroutes off Selected Person's Path Hidden
logmask Set Event Logging Mask
autonomy 1100 Set Free Thinking Level
simspeed 1000 1000 Set Game Speed
editgrass number Set Grass Change Value
growgrass 0150 Set Grass Growth
lotsize number Set Lot Size
simlimit milliseconds Set Max Milliseconds to Allow Simulator
sethour 124 Set Time of Day
bubbletweak z offset value Set Z Offset for Thought Bubbles
directory path Sets the Neighborhood Directory to the Path
allowinuse Sets Whether Menu Items Appear for in use Objects
memview Show Memory View Window in Debug Builds of the Game
begin Start Sim Logging simlog
swaphouses house number Swap the Two House Files and Updates Families
sweep off Ticks Disabled
sweep on Ticks Enabled
tileinfo on Tile Info Displayed
tileinfo off Tile Info Hidden
visitorcontrol Toggle Allowing Visitors to be Controlled using the Keyboard
reportassets Toggle Assets Report
autoreset Toggle Automatic Object Reset Feature
simpeek Toggle Calls to PeekMessage within Sim Loop
cammode Toggle Camera Mode
allmenus Toggle Display Unavailable Interactions in Person Control Menus
music Toggle Music
objcomp Toggle Object Compression in Save File
quats Toggle Quaternion Tranformations
soundlog Toggle Sound Log Window
sound Toggle Sounds
html Toggle Web Page Creation
reloadpeople Total Reload of People Skeletons Anmiations Suits and Skins
soundeven Trigger Sound Event
writeroutes Write out an RTE File Every Time a Route is Found
export Write Out Behavior Turning Constants to Tuning.txt

Submitted by Paul M. Holtman
Submitted by
Easy Money
Press Ctrl Alt Shift C and type:

klapaucius; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Do not press Enter just yet. Highlight everything in the cheat window and press Ctrl C. Now press Enter and the cheat window will stay open. Just keep pressing Enter as much as necessary.
Submitted by Descent
Keep Relationships High
At 4:02pm all relationships go down by 2. By using the cheat 'sethour' to 5pm when it turns 4pm works to bypass it. This is hard when they go to work at 4pm or get home at 4pm...but with the use of the pause key and when it turns 4:01 changing it back to 4:00 as many times as needed works but is painstaking.
Submitted by Paul M. Holtman
Fully Restored Sim
Never feed toilet clean up...etc. If you use cheat menu and 'moveobjects on'. Then you can delete your sim. This is helpful by training the sim until he doesn't want to do anything. Save the game very important or you will lose what he has done i.e.. new friend or skill. Then go to buy objects grab the sim menu appears to delete...delete them like any other object. Then go to live mode menu. Click on deleted sim there is a red box in the bottom left corner of their picture plus they are not anywhere on screen. They now appear fully restored and in the green. This is helpful also to remove family members you dont need during any task being done dont forget to save first.
Submitted by Paul M. Holtman
Cheat Tip
Using 'Moveobjects on' you can delete any trash dirty dish water spill or off property object you dont careful with mailbox and trash can because there is no way to restore them......Further in this mode you can build there house outside their lot properties and can even build a pool outside lot and they will use it thats just an example there are other things...landscaping basketball courts...whatever you want
Submitted by Paul M. Holtman
Go Back to Work
When sim gets home from work use sethour to the time car pool arrives and tell the sim to get back into car. Since while they are at work all of their needs stay same i.e. in the green for bladder energy ect by sending them back to work you can rapidly advance them provided they have the required needs to advance...skills friends..etc.
Submitted by Paul M. Holtman

Šifre za Sims 2 University

To bring down the console press Ctrl + Shift + C during the game. Now enter any of the following codes:
Motherlode - $50,000
Kaching - Adds $1,000
Help - Lists common cheats
Exit - Close dev window
Expand - Enlarges dev window
boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/false - Snap/unsnap objects to grid
Moveobjects on/off - Move objects anywhere
Aging on/off - Sims cannot age (those freaks)
StretchSkeleton - Change Sim's height
Vsync on/off - Increase graphic performance (lowers textures)
faceBlendLimits (on/off) - Face stretching is not limited
deleteAllCharacters - self-explanatory
TerrainType desert/temperate - Terrain selection
boolProp simShadows (True/False) - Shadows on or off
boolprop displayNeighborhoodFlora (True/False) - Plants on/off
boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoads (True/False) - Roads on/off

Šifre za Spider-Man Friend for Foe

5,000 credits:
Using the gamepad, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right while standing on the Helicarrier. Substitute appropriate keyboard keys if not using a gamepad.

New Goblin:
Using the gamepad, press Left, Down, Right, Right, Down, Left while standing on the Helicarrier. Substitute appropriate keyboard keys if not using a gamepad.

Using the gamepad, press Left, Left, Right, Up, Down, Down, Down while standing on the Helicarrier. Substitute appropriate keyboard keys if not using a gamepad

Šifre za Spider-Man

Code Effect
FUNKYTWN Toon Spidey
STICKMAN Stick Spidey
CLUBNOIR Ben Reilly Costume
ADMNTIUM Invulnerable
UATUSEES What If Contest
RGSGLLRY Character Viewer
CINEMA Movie Viewer
FANBOY Comic Collection
MME WEB Level Select
KIRBYFAN Game Comic Covers
ROBRTSON Storyboard Viewer
SM LVIII Quick Change Costume
MRWATSON Peter Parker Costume
KICK ME Amazing Bag Man Costume
XILRTRNS Scarlet Spider Costume
SYNOPTIC Spidey Unlimited Costume
TRISNTNL Captain Universe Costume
MIGUELOH Spidey 2099 Costume
SECRTWAR Symbiote Spidey Costume
RULUR J James Jewett
EGOTRIP Pulsating Head
GLANDS Unlimited Webbing
LEANEST Everything
WEAKNESS Full Health

Šifre za WarCraft 3:Region of War

During gameplay press ENTER to get the message box and put in a code below then press ENTER again to activate:
fastbuild: WarpTen
fastdeath: IocainePowder
godmode: WhosYourDaddy
Gold: KeyserSoze [amount](i.e. 'keysersoze 50000' will give you 50000 gold) Note - Default is 500.
Lumber: LeafItToMe [amount] Note - Default is 500.
resource: GreedIsGood [amount] Note - Default is 500.
food: PointBreak
mana: ThereIsNoSpoon
cooldown: TheDudeAbides
nodefeat: StrengthAndHonor
novictory: ItVexesMe
research: WhoIsJohnGalt
showmap: ISeeDeadPeople
techtree: Synergy
dawn: RiseAndShine
dusk: LightsOut
time of day: DaylightSavings [hour] (i.e. 'daylightsavings 12' will set time to 12 noon) Note - The cheat without any numbers halts day/night progression as a toggle.
upgrade: SharpAndShiny
level jump: Motherland [race] [level] (i.e. 'motherland human 04' will jump you to campaign level 3) Note - The level number must include interludes. So, to get to Human 9, you must actually type 'motherland human 12' since there are 3 interludes in that campaign.
defeat: SombodySetUpUsTheBomb
victory: AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs

Please Note: that you can still damage your own units and that your own units will have one hit kills.
Submitted in part by Morten

Animal kill
Keep clicking the mouse over the animals and they will eventually explode.
Note: The explosion will not hurt anyone else.
Ending bonus
Successfully complete the game on the hard difficulty setting to see a 20 second clip of StarCraft 2 running under the WarCraft 3 engine !!
Find the enemy with out cheating
If you think you beat the level but it wont say it most likely there is one more thing out there. if you press Tab{on the key board}the map will turn black and the enemy will turn their color. Therefore it will be easy to spot the enemy.

Šifre za Sims Life Stories

Cheat Mode
Start the game, press [Ctrl]-[Shift]-[C] to bring up the console and enter one of the following codes:

[Ctrl]-[Shift]-[S] - Display Game Stats (such as the FPS rate) * The only "code" that works in both Freeplay Mode & Story Mode.

gameVersion - Outputs the version of the Game.
addNeighborToFamilyCheat - Add neighbor cheat.
AgeSimsCheat - AgeSimsCheat.
aging - Turns aging on or off.
aspirationLevel # - Sets the aspiration level of the selected sim.
aspirationPoints # - Give the selected sim some extra aspiration reward points.
autoPatch [-on|-off] - Enable or disable checking for available patches via content browser.
bloom [R G B X] - Changes color of screen visual. RGB is color [0,1], and X is the bloom amount [0,1].
changeLotZoning [residential | community | greek | dorm | secretsociety] - Changes the zoning type of the lot.
clear Clear the console window.
deleteAllCharacters - This cheat will delete all characters in the current neighborhood.
exit - Close/Hide the cheat console window.
hide - Close/Hide the cheat console window.
expand - Expands or contracts the output portion of the cheat console.
x - Expands or contracts the output portion of the cheat console.
faceBlendLimits [-on|-off] - Turns on / off facial blending limits.
familyFunds [familyName][value] - Set the amount of funds.
familyFunds [familyName] [+/-][value] - Add/subtract from current funds.
filmGrain [0,1] - Film grain effects.
forcetwins - Force the selected pregnant sim to have twins .
help - Logs this help output.
kaChing - Increase family funds by $1,000.
letterBox [X] - Letterbox the screen (add black borders on top and bottom). X is the letterbox value [0,0.4].
lockAspiration - Locks/Unlocks the aspiration score of sims on the lot.
maxMotives - Sets all the motives (the needs) to maximum for all sims on the lot.
motherLode - Increase family funds by $50,000.
motiveDecay - Turns motive decay on/off for all sims on the lot.
moveObjects - Allows user to move objects that are normally unmoveable.
PlumbBobToggle - Toggle the showing of plumbBob.
roofSlopeAngle # - Change your Roof's Slope Angle in Degrees (45 is default).
setHighestAllowedLevel # - Sets the highest building level allowed. Which means the highest number of floors that you can build on your lot (house).
setHour # - Sets the hour of the day.
setLotLightingFile - Override some of the parameters present in the lighting.txt file .
showHeadlines - Shows/Hides all thought bubbles, speech ballons etc.
slowMotion [0-8] - slows the animation timer (0=normal speed).
stretchSkeleton # - stretches skeleton of the selected Sim (1.0 indicates no stretch, <1.0 makes shorter, >1.0 makes taller).
terrainType - Changes terrain type (Temperate/Desert/Dirt/Concrete). NOTE: Can only be used in the Neighborhood view.
unlockCareerRewards - Unlocks all career reward objects for the selected sim.
vignette [centerX centerY X] - Blur rendering from specified center (upper left is 0,0, lower right is 1,1). X is the amoung of blurring [0,1].
vsync - Enables/disables vertical sync - can improve performance, but will sometimes cause visual artifacts if off.
history - Unknown
debug - Unknown

Šifre za Empire Earth

Start the game. select single player give yourself the name Annomaster for god mode dessurtkrink for money
Submitted by Error Tha 59
Various Cheats
During gameplay in Random Map with Cheat Codes on, press Enter and type any of the following "Codes":
Code - Effect

my name is methos - All Resources = 100000 and Reveal Map
atm - +1000 Gold
you said wood - +1000 Wood
rock&roll - +1000 Rock
creatine - +1000 Iron
asus drivers - Reveal Map
win - Win Game
ahhhcool - Lose Game
display cheat - Print All Cheats to Screen
the big dig - All Resources = 0
boston rent - Gold = 0
un, smoke? - Wood = 0
headshot - Remove All Objects from Map
slimfast - ???
mine your own business - ???
i have the power - All Prophets Have Max Power
coffee train - Restores Health of All Player Units
friendly skies - Aircraft Flight Time Refilled
girlyman - ???
columbus - See Fish and Animals

Edit/Skip scenarios of the Original campaigns
When you are playing a Sierra Campaign (Greek, German, Russian, English and Learning scenarios, or a downloaded campaign) you can easily skip or edit a scenario of that campaign, by doing this:
1. Start a scenario from a campaign you like to edit or skip.
2. Save your game at any point of the game.
3. Close your game (F10>Quit This Game), and then go to the Scenario Editor.
4. Just immediately test your map.
5. Click F10, and then "Play Saved Game" and load your saved game from the campaign.
6. When loaded, immediately save your map and return to the editor (F2). Now press the load button.
7. See that your saved game is in your scenarios folder?
8. Load your map and see the effect.
You now can edit the map, or simply add victory conditions to skip the map.

Šifre za Empire Earth 2

Cheat Codes
Press [ENTER] while playing to bring up the console, then type any of the following cheat codes followed by [ENTER].

Code: Result:
icheat Enable Cheats
idontcheat Disable Cheats
play god God Mode
loot Increase Resources by 10,000
taxes Decrease Resources by 100
punish Damage Selected Unit
convert Convert Selected Unit to Your Side
recharge me Recharge Selected Unit to 100%
win Win Scenario
toggle fog Toggle Fog of War
sea monkeys Instant Build
epoch up Advance to Next Epoch
give tech Increase Tech Points by 50

Šifre za Eragon

Hidden Egg bonuses:
Collect the indicated number of hidden Eggs found throughout the game to unlock the corresponding bonus:

1 Egg: Ad for the Eragon and Eldest books
2 Eggs: Edward John Speleers commentary
3 Eggs: Design commentary
4 Eggs: Art direction commentary
5 Eggs: Birth Of A Game commentary
6 Eggs: Concept art
7 Eggs: Orchestra commentary
8 Eggs: Saphira commentary
9 Eggs: Sienna Guillory commentary
10 Eggs: Character concept art
11 Eggs: Concept art
12 Eggs: Concept art
13 Eggs: Robert Carlyle commentary
14 Eggs: Sound Effects commentary
15 Eggs: Garrett Hedlund commentary
16 Eggs: Evolution Of Games commentary
17 Eggs: Concept art
18 Eggs: Throne Room bonus level

Moje ocjene ovih igrica

Gorki Zero

Brzina:99% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

Gorki Zero 02

Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

GTA Vice City

Brzina:98% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

GTA San Andreas

Brzina:99% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

GTA London 1969

Brzina:93% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:9/10

Prince of Persia Warior Within

Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

Prince of Persia the Sanse of Time

Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

Prince of Persia the Two Thrones

Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

Yu-Gi-Oh Power of Chaos Joey the Passion

Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

Call of Duty i Call of Duty 2

Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

Tomb Raider:Legend

Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

Sonic R

Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

Need for Speed:Carbon i ProStreet

Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

Delta Force Xtream

Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10


Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

Sims 2 University

Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

Spider-Man Friend for Foe

Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10


Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

WarCraft 3:Region of War

Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

Sims Life Stories

Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

Empire Earth

Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

Empire Earth 2

Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10


Brzina:100% 10/10
Krajnja ocjena:10/10

Neki od NAJBOLJIH proizvođača igrica:Rockstar Games,North Games,Ubisoft,Activision,JoWood...


Igra tjedna- Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Film tjedna- 300
Out igra- Santa Claus in Trouble
Out film- Svemoguča misija
Kanal tjedna- National Geographic

Woo Hoo

Otkrivena ŠIFRA za Windows Vistu.
Skype,najbolji chat program.

Napravljena nova online igra ime nepoznato.
Radi se Memory Card za PS3.Sadrži 150 KB.

Nije ni počela 2008 a več je izašla NBA 2008 i FIFA 2008.
FIFA za PS2 je izgubila vrijednost.
Iz jednog super-marketa ukradeno 68 primjeraka Hugo Explorer,300 primjeraka
Gorki Zero,50 primjeraka Grand Theft Auto San Andreas i 600 primjeraka igrica za TOY-CAMERA.
!!!!Došla je!!!!

Izašla je igra Harry Potter 6,7.
Izašla je i igra Crisis 8.Svake godine izlazi jedna.
PS3 4666,99 kn.
Tekken 6,omiljena igra za PS3.Prodano je već 1800 primjeraka.

Ako vas zanimaju neke druge šifre
ostavite ime te igre u komentarima

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