Island of Solta, a Yacht Sailing Adventure

23 siječanj 2014

Greetings my fellow Croatian readers! I've made this blog as a token of sheer gratitude for letting me and my family visit your country every summer holiday. We absolutely love Croatia! It is our number one destination every year. For those of you that don't know me, my name is Jimmy Chang, I'm 33 years old and live in the UK with my wife Rachel and my two sons Robert and Roland. Since we all love to travel with style, we usually charter a yacht for ourselves which allows great comfort and relaxation. This post is about the island of Solta and all its wonders.

Solta Island lies southwest of the city of Split on the mainland cost of Croatia, near the much larger island of Brac, from which it is separated by a channel barely half a mile wide. Although a relatively small island, it offers three harbors for visiting yachtsman (like ourselves). The island is mostly dependent on tourism, including yachting tourism.

We rented a yacht from our favorite charter company in Croatia – SailingEurope. We picked one of those Ferretti motor yachts. I've read they're the top yacht models in Italy that pack quality and speed which will certainly provide us with much amusement. My two sons love it when I kick up the speed so it feels like we're flying through the ocean waves. Afterwards, they're always laughing how their skin is salty from the ride. My wife rarely approves of such wild rides, but she usually doesn't give me a hard time as long as the boys are entertained. Less work for mommy, heh.

We reached the harbor in Rogac and set anchor there. It is a rather small, yet charming harbor for visiting yachts, but we were certain we made the right choice when we “parked” there. We continued our journey on foot. The village of Grohote two kilometers uphill was worth the hike. Dating back to the 14th century, it is the oldest village on the island and Roman remains discovered nearby sest an even older history. The village still retains many of its medieval streets and old stone houses. We explored other villages as well, namely Gornje Selo and Donje Selo.

After a while, the family got hungry from all the hiking and walking, and what would a holiday on Solta be without its gourmet cuisine. The largest part of restaurants, bars, clubs etc. can be found in the Stomorska village – the most developed touristic center on the island. We sat down in a nice little restaurant and had some of the best fish we've ever tasted, and I should know, I'm part Japanese, part Italian. The kids weren't impressed with the food, they're too young to appreciate the finer cuisine, so we bought them junk food to keep them happy.

Later on we took a swim on the largest beach in Necujam. It's a good maintained beach although sometimes windy. The boys were thrilled to finally take a dip in the sea. We literally couldn't get them out on dry land for an hour. They were all wrinkled from swimming too long. It was time to head back home. Solta was indeed a wonderful place to visit, especially if you're a family guy like me. I hope you will too have a nice time here and re-visit Croatia next year. We know we will, haha! Have a safe trip!

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