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How To Repair Sink Drain. Sending In Xbox 360 For Repair.

How To Repair Sink Drain

how to repair sink drain

365.241 YAY!!! I Have My Room Back!!

365.241 YAY!!! I Have My Room Back!!

My roommate moved out today.

It was almost a disaster from the beginning; he had promised to help out with things and do some chores around the house, but within two weeks he stopped doing ANYTHING. He berated me for not cleaning stuff but then he never cleaned anything, either, often leaving me to clean up the kitchen after him. He criticized how I had the house set up, and he had Big Plans to work on the backyard and did NOTHING.

He had shown affection for Pepita and even walked her a couple of times before he moved in; afterward he forced her off of chairs with glares and intimidation when he wanted to sit down, and she began to be afraid of him and would come over to me whenever he came home- and of course he never offered to walk her again.

Practically the first night he moved in he invited a new boyfriend for dinner, and started entertaining without really even asking my permission. He did not want to pay for the utilities to use the family room or the cable (he wanted to only pay a percentage for the square footage of the space he actually occupied i.e. the bathroom and the bedroom), but he and this boyfriend (and then another one after him) ended up watching MY DVDs in my family room. I did not really care, but I would have liked to be asked or at least informed when these things were going to happen.

But the worst was: he barely spoke. Not a “good morning” or a “hi” when he saw me. Not a word as to where he might be going or when he might be expected back. The only time he spoke was to berate or criticize or be condescending. Even today, as he moved out, he did not tell me when he was leaving for good. He just left the keys in the entry hall and left without a word, though I was seated at my desk not five feet away. I still cannot understand that rudeness, because I am not a mean or hard person to deal with.

The final straw came when I got home from my New Year’s trip and the kitchen sink was backed up. No apology and he had to be forced to go get some cleaner to work on the drain. He was sure it was MY fault and a “pre-existing condition.” Nothing was ever his fault or caused by him. I had had it by then, and told him to leave ASAP. The sink stoppage wasn’t “pre-existing” but there was another clog in the sewer line (and it was “pre-existing,” but with lesser use in his bathroom it hadn’t mattered before) that ran from his part of the house to the main line; it cost me $1200 to put in an outlet so that that line could be rootered. Nearly half of the rental money he had given me went to repairs!!

I should have known when he demanded that I move my office into the guest room I had intended as the tenant’s room, since it was adjacent to the bathroom. He wanted my office room, and I dutifully moved everything out in October and stored all of my books in the garage. What a mistake!!

But now it’s mine again, the pall has been lifted around here, and he is gone from my life for good. What an obnoxious, immature man. Sigh.. Well, I can start over with someone else but on MY terms, with a list of rules and expectations!!!!! YAY!!!!

Drain Hog?

Drain Hog?

This little groundhog sat in the storm drain as curious about me as I was him. He never moved...don't think he even blinked an eye!

how to repair sink drain

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