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Pull out faucet repair. Tecumseh engines repair manual.

Pull Out Faucet Repair

pull out faucet repair

The Frankencabinet

The Frankencabinet

One 18" IKEA cabinet, containing an ironing board, two kinds of baking sheet holders, a basket drawer, and another pull-out. It took a hacksaw and a Dremel to make it all fit (the pull-out, which was $5 in the As Is department, has been customized to fit this arrangement), but it's all there and works nicely!

Bungalow kitchens were all about interesting built-in storage solutions, so although this is modern, it's very much in keeping with traditional bungalow functionality.

This is the only base cabinet in our kitchen that is a traditional cabinet -- that is, not a set of drawers. (Well, except for the sink cab.) Drawers everywhere else, yay! But I really didn't want stuff to end up piled in the back of the cab like in my old kitchen (where the cookie sheets and baking pans were haphazardly piled and usually required me to remove half of them to find the one I was looking for), so hopefully this design will prevent much of that. Also, built-in fixtures are neat.



I'm so bored, I spent the evening fixing all of my strands of twinkle lights. 20 or so strands repaired. I scrapped 3 strands :-/ what else will boredom lead me to do?

I s'pose I could bother with lighting an image or something.... maybe tomorrow.

Well, I also spent some time trying to fix the bathroom faucet; and let the cat in/out about 4000 times. I see on my to-do list I have scratched off "take down curtainy thingys". So, I'm not exactly sitting here doing nothing. Other things on my list, "eat cookies" which I have done, but I haven't polished them off yet, so that's still on the list, and pull up carpet... I have to save some things for tomorrow. I have a month to kill before school starts, I'm not running any races here.

pull out faucet repair

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