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Drip Feed Waste Oil Heater. Bosch Tankless Water Heater 2400es

Drip Feed Waste Oil Heater

drip feed waste oil heater

    oil heater
  • An oil heater, also often known as a column heater, is a common form of convection heater used in domestic heating.

  • heater that burns oil (as kerosine) for heating or cooking

    drip feed
  • A device for introducing fluid drop by drop into a system, e.g., lubricating oil into an engine

  • The continual investment of capital in a small and growing company as the company needs it, rather than investing a lump sum at the company's inception.

  • A device that passes fluid, nutrients, or drugs drop by drop into a patient's body on a continuous basis, usually intravenously

  • the administration of a solution (blood or saline or plasma etc.) one drop at a time

  • An act or instance of using or expending something carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose

  • The gradual loss or diminution of something

  • Material that is not wanted; the unusable remains or byproducts of something

  • spend thoughtlessly; throw away; "He wasted his inheritance on his insincere friends"; "You squandered the opportunity to get and advanced degree"

  • godforsaken: located in a dismal or remote area; desolate; "a desert island"; "a godforsaken wilderness crossroads"; "a wild stretch of land"; "waste places"

  • any materials unused and rejected as worthless or unwanted; "they collect the waste once a week"; "much of the waste material is carried off in the sewers"

First chemotherapy session ~ 21st September 2011

First chemotherapy session ~ 21st September 2011

Cavendish Suite at the Royal Hospital, Calow ~ hooked up to the machine drip feeding me steroids and the chemotherapy drugs to 'control the prostate cancer'.

The staff were brilliant and the other patients all seemed older than me but were surprisingly amusing, some more than others.

An irrigation jungle ...

An irrigation jungle ...

Drip feed irrigation system at Mapletrees Nursery, Barnham ... these are used for the hanging baskets during the busy spring season ... due to start a few weeks after this picture was taken. The plants are young Phormiums.

drip feed waste oil heater

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