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Fisher and paykel refrigerator review - Antique wooden refrigerator - Haier 4.6 cu ft refrigerator.

Fisher And Paykel Refrigerator Review

fisher and paykel refrigerator review

Fisher Towers from the California Zephyr

Fisher Towers from the California Zephyr

As the California Zephyr crosses eastern Utah, nice views are seen of the LaSal Mountains to the south. The mountains are between the Colorado line and Arches National Park. What is interesting
is that the sandstone pillars called the Fisher Towers are also seen for a very brief time. I have
located them with a note and added a closer photo "from the ground" in my first comment.

Denver::One Tabor Center/Daniels and Fisher Tower

Denver::One Tabor Center/Daniels and Fisher Tower

One Tabor Center (1985 - Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates) and Daniels & Fisher Tower (1985 - Sterner and Williamson); about 407 and 350 feet tall, respectively.

fisher and paykel refrigerator review

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Energy drink fridge. Rv fridge repair.

Energy Drink Fridge

energy drink fridge

powers in my natural fridge

powers in my natural fridge

i need energy, but my powers don't need a fridge. in this natural fridge, they have a nice view too. i used to drink these energy drinks in sweden this year, because they were cheap and drinkable. it's a pity the netto has changed into the lidl, i prefer to drink hustler energy drink :p

One of the moments when it pays to be creative...

One of the moments when it pays to be creative... when you absolutely positively have to chill a few cans of Battery energy drink, and they don't fit in the teeny tiny fridge of your summer place.

energy drink fridge

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Cooking for the freezer recipes. Refrigerator vans for sale.

Cooking For The Freezer Recipes

cooking for the freezer recipes

cooking for the freezer recipes - Cooking From

Cooking From A to Zest

Cooking From A to Zest

Cooking is more than just following a recipe. It's being able to confidently walk into a kitchen, assess what's there and whip up something delightful and delicious. With that in mind, Cooking From A to Zest is like having your own private in-home instructor teaching you a foundation of techniques and skills. Watch it like a class, learning as you go, or use the main menu to jump directly to the technique or recipe you want. From how to dice an onion like a pro to roasting the perfect chicken to gaining helpful insight from experts at markets and restaurants, host Kierstin Buchner shares tips for both the beginning and more experienced cook. VOLUME 1 - BUILDING YOUR KITCHEN: Cooking starts with kitchen essentials - such as efficient knife skills, selecting your equipment and stocking your kitchen with staple ingredients. VOLUME 2 - STOCKS, SOUPS, & SAUCES: Learn the building blocks of delicious stocks and broths, unveil the secret to cream soups and purees, then finish with with five key Foundation sauces. VOLUME 3 - SALADS, VEGETABLES, POTATOES, PASTA, GRAINS & LEGUMES: Learn to prepare salad dressings with ease, saute, blanch, and grill your way to flavorsome vegetables, and cook the perfect rice and pasta - every time! VOLUME 4 - EGGS, MEAT, POULTRY & FISH: Discover six classic ways to prepare eggs, then move on to a variety of mouth-watering methods for meat and poultry, including brining, braising and stewing.

78% (8)

Minestrone Soup (w/recipe)

Minestrone Soup (w/recipe)

One of my all-time favorite soups - minestrone! =) This was apparently the weekend to make soup and now I have lots of leftovers in the freezer for the next couple weeks. Yum!

Minestrone Soup

1 cup dry kidney beans, soaked overnight in water to cover
1/2 tsp crushed garlic
1 yellow onion, chopped
2 quarts water
1 stalk celery, sliced
1 carrot, scrubbed and sliced
1 white potato, scrubbed and chopped
1 cup fresh or frozen green beans (sliced into 1" pieces)
1 8-oz can ow-sodium tomato sauce
2 Tbsp parsley flakes, or 1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley
1/4 tsp celery seed
1/2 tsp dried marjoram
1 1/2 tsp dried basil
1 1/2 tsp dried oregano
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
1 zucchini, chopped
1 cup shredded cabbage
1/2 cup uncooked egg-free whole wheat elbow macaroni

Drain the soaked beans, then place with the garlic, onion and water in a soup pot and cook for 1 hour to make a rich stock. Then add the celery, carrot, potato and green beans, plus the tomato sauce and all the seasonings. After 30 minutes, add the zucchini. Cook another 30 minutes and add the cabbage and elbow macaroni. Cook util tender, 20 minutes or so.

VARIATIONS: Add 1 15-oz can low-sodium, water-packed garbanzo beans, a 10-oz package frozen chopped spinach, and/or 1 15-16-oz canlow-sodium chopped tomatoes about 20 miutes before the end of the cooking time. Stir well and heat thoroughly before serving.

Servings: 6

(recipe from The McDougall Program)

*Okay, this one's not as quick as the veggie stew, but it's totally worth the time! I LOVE this soup! I always use the garbanzo beans and usually the tomatoes in mine and plan to try the spinach too. Never can have too many veggies! I have always had to add more water as the soup cooks though so keep an eye on that as you go. =)

Peanut Butter Balls!

Peanut Butter Balls!

3c. peanut butter
3/4c. butter
4c. confectioners sugar
2c. crushed graham crackers
1c. rice krispies

Mix graham, krispies and conf. sugar in large bowl
Melt pb and butter together on low in a saucepan
Pour melted mixture over dry mixture and fold together (not really as smooth as it sounds... more like heave... lol)

Scoop out portions with a small scooper and then roll into balls. Line up on a cookie sheet and place in freezer for around 15 min.

~chocolate drizzle-dip~

1/4 c. chocolate chips
1tb shortening

Melt together on high in microwave safe glass for 30 sec. take it out and stir... repeat in 10 sec increments until you are able to get it smooth. You can either dunk each piece into the melted chocolate or paste it on with a spoon/spatula after your pb balls have cooled.

cooking for the freezer recipes

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Fridge Magnet Manufacturer

fridge magnet manufacturer

resin music plaque

resin music plaque

1.resin music plaque,corporate gifts,music plaque,resin plaques
2. material : polyresin
3. size: available customized sizes
4.moq: 1000 pcs
5. deliverytime: 15-25 days
6. packing : pp bag +polyfoam box +w hite box
7. welcome any customer design of polyresin sport trophies

we are a professional manufacturer&exporter specialize in polyresin crafts gifts since 1992,featured for doing customer designs. the main products we have include polyresin sport trophies,bobble head, souvenirs,fridge magnets,snow globes, wedding cake toppers,key chain,pen holders,hindu gods,polyresin crafts ,religious crafts .

polyresin crafts, figurine,resin statues

polyresin crafts, figurine,resin statues

1.polyresin crafts,resin figurine,figurine,polyresin decoration
2.material : polyresin
3. moq : 500 pcs
4.packing : pp bag +polyfoam box + white box
5.welcome customer designs (OEM)

we are a professional manufacturer&exporter specialize in polyresin crafts gifts since 1992,featured for doing customer designs. the main products we have include polyresin sport trophies,bobble head, souvenirs,fridge magnets,snow globes, wedding cake toppers,key chain,pen holders,hindu gods,polyresin crafts ,religious crafts .

fridge magnet manufacturer

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Freezer spray - Small refrigerators for dorm rooms - Refrigeration sales inc.

Freezer Spray

freezer spray

Things you find in the freezer

Things you find in the freezer

While cleaning out the freezer, I found a flank steak this morning. I decided to defrost it and have it for dinner tonight (and tomorrow night and the night after).

When I was growing up, I was always told that you have to marinate a flank steak for it to be any good. How far from the truth that could be. The next time you have a flank steak, try this out:

Get your grill (or broiler if you don't have a grill) hot - between 500 and 550F

(apply to both sides of the steak)

apply a dash of salt (not a lot)
lots of black pepper
cayenne pepper (to taste - I like it hot)
dash of cumin
lots of oregano

After you have the spices on the steak, spray with some cooking spray to help keep the spices on the steak.

Put the steak directly in the middle of the grill and close the lid. Cook for 5 minutes a side.

Remove from the grill and then let sit for 2 to 5 minutes. Cut across the grain of the meat and serve (maybe on a crusty roll with some cheese for the ultimate steak sandwich or with some grilled potatoes).

You'll never marinate a flank steak again after that.

Pra onde vocęs estăo me levando?

Pra onde vocęs estăo me levando?

Tenho orgulho de dizer que essa geladeira nao e uma BRASTEMP, a marca da menina e GENERAL MORTORS, isso mesmo na decada de 60 produzir motores era coisa pra grandes montadoras. E o que mais me impressiona e a qualidade e resistencia dessa geladeira... a lataria e puro ferro, mais resistente que qualquer carcaca dos carros modernos. A dobradica da porta esta impecavel nao faz barulho igual as de plastico de hoje em dia. Sem duvida e uma reliquia que esta funcionando a todo vapor. Gela ate demais e gasta bastante energia.

O acordo com a dona foi o seguinte, ela me daria a verba pros sprays e ai eu pintaria a geladeira e ela ficaria sendo metade minha e metade dela, com uso fruto dela. Mas quando rolar uma expo ?posso leva-la e se algum investidor quiser compra-la podemos negociar, o preco e so sob consulta.

Deu ate dor no coracao quando ela deixou minha casa para ir de carreto pra apartamento da outra dona! Mais a vida e assim mesmo heheheheh

freezer spray

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Ge Side By Side Fridge Freezer

ge side by side fridge freezer

Eat-in Kitchen

Eat-in Kitchen

All maple custom Kraftmaid cabinetry, solid maple breakfast bar, granite countertops, travertine backsplash, built in electric GE wall oven, china cabinet, 5 burner GE gas cooktop, dishwasher, garbage disposal, 2-bay stainless sink, GE side-by-side fridge/freezer, 4 leaded glass casement windows for incredible light, pantry, laundry-off

ge side by side fridge freezer

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Ice Fridge

ice fridge



As a person from a country of snow and ice it is hard to understand why people have these ice machines everywhere. But when I got an ice cold Budlight to my hand reason was chrystal clear.

Ice Ice baby

Ice Ice baby

It had to be done as I lay awake at night like Shackleton listening to the groans and creeks as the last tub of half eaten chinese gave way and was crushed by the pack ice

ice fridge

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How Long Do Egg Whites Last In Refrigerator

how long do egg whites last in refrigerator

how long do egg whites last in refrigerator - MRM All

MRM All Natural Egg White Protein,French Vanilla 24 Ounce

MRM All Natural Egg White Protein,French Vanilla 24 Ounce

Egg White Protein 24oz Egg protein has the highest biological value because of its combination of essential amino acids and sulfur containing proteins, all of which can be used by the body for natural, healthy muscle maintenance. In addition, egg whites are high in protein and contain no cholesterol, fats, or carbohydrates. MRM’s All Natural Egg White Protein is perfect for all age groups and active lifestyles. It offers a source of protein that is 100% derived from egg albumen. Produced from a superior extraction process, our egg white concentrate provides a foundation of essential amino acids that mixes easily and tastes better than traditional egg white proteins. Promotes Natural Healthy Muscle Maintenance No Artificial Flavor, Colors or Sweeteners No Cholesterol Fats or Carbohydrates Free of Any Dairy Products.

78% (18)



You whip the egg yolks, egg whites and cream separately. In the egg yolks you add sugar and vanilla. You prepare what you want to have for flavouring. I chose raspberries’, chocolate and digestive biscuits. When this is done you mix every thing and put in a form and then in to the freezer.
I havn't tasted it yet and I havn't tried this kind of flavouring before either so it will become an suprise when we eats it. : )

Extra Egg Whites

Extra Egg Whites

We had some extra egg whites lying around, so this weekend's dessertstuff is meringues. We made one batch of normal ones and then expermented with a second batch made chocolatey. The chocolate ones were a bit flatter and chewier than their plain brethren, but both varieties are super-duper delish.

how long do egg whites last in refrigerator

how long do egg whites last in refrigerator

Jay Robb Egg White Protein Vanilla -- 24 oz

Offering Only The Best!Since 1990, the Jay Robb Corporation has been producing what we feel are the best protein powders on the planet. To the best of our knowledge, we were the first company in the world to create a whey protein powder made with stevia and raw materials derived from cows not treated with rBGH (a synthetic growth hormone). We have taken a strong stance against the use of artificial sweeteners and flavors. You will find neither in our high-quality formulas-nor will you find preservatives, MSG, or artificial colors. Jay Robb Egg White Protein powder is unique and famous for its natural flavor systems. The egg white protein raw material is derived from chickens not given growth hormones. The protein is flash pasteurized for safety, with no additional heating used during the final processing. One taste of our easy-to-mix delicious Egg White Protein, and you'll be a fan for life! God bless you! Jay RobbClinical NutritionistAuthor of The Fruit Flush Our Mission Statement: To produce the best-tasting protein powders on the planet!

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Refrigeration Pressure

refrigeration pressure

refrigeration pressure - Electrical Schematics

Electrical Schematics Simplified Tutorial

Electrical Schematics Simplified Tutorial

Home Study Training in the Highly Portable Skill

For Beginners - For Intermediate-level - For Future Problems-Solvers

Here's a simple, straightforward, EFFECTIVE tutorial you can turn to learn quickly and easily HVAC electrical schematics.
With this valuable tutorial, "Electrical Schematics Simplified," you will acquire a powerful set of tools and skills that is the trademark of every heating, air conditioning and controls service technician.

To do an accurate and speedy repair on any electric system, you must know how the system works, and in most cases, this means you will need to understand the system's schematic.

Learn to unlock the powerful and useful information contained in electrical schematic diagrams and pinpoint systems malfunctions in seconds rather than hours.

Mikhail is an industry veteran known for his superb technical knowledge and teaching skills.

Until now Miritek Academy's courses have been only presented in workshop format. But, now they are available in the DVD, so that YOU can learn this vital skill at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office. Learning with Mikhail is like having a personal tutor with you every step of the way.

The results produced by this tutorial are phenomenal, but don?t take my word for it,
read what others have said;

?It?s the kind of tutorial I wish would have been available when I was getting into the HVAC trade.
Mikhail is a top notch trainer and if you don?t yet have the skills where you want them to be,
then I strongly recommend you start with this tutorial? ? Sam Wu, Queens

"I have learned more in 1 day with Mikhail than I did in 9 months of vocational school!" ? V Pankov

?You've covered all the bases!
You're right - anyone could learn that stuff
if they just follow your step by step instructions? Jose Ruiz, HVAC Technician


This tutorial will put you on the solid footing you'll need to successfully service and repair electromechanical equipment. The content of this tutorial is very basic in nature but powerful in its aim. For achieving best learning results, I recommend that you follow the tutorial the way it?s laid out. This is not a movie or a virtual realty video game and you won't learn by just watching it. You need to participate hands-on, no matter how childish it may seem to you. You?ll learn fast, effectively and without much effort. When you are comfortable and understand the symbols, the legend, the layout, and the different applications of schematics you need to put this knowledge into action and start looking into other schematic diagrams.
This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

88% (16)

the end ...

the end ...

It is an ancient custom among Hindus to cremate their dead. After a person dies, it is understood that the lighting of the funeral pyre will be led by the eldest son of the deceased. In this article, a number of issues dealing with cremation and its origins are discussed.

During early days of civilization, fire used to be started by rubbing sticks of special materials against each other. Lighting any fire afresh therefore used to be a difficult task that was time-consuming, laborious and required a lot of effort and energy. One of the prayers (Book 1: Hymn 94.3) in the Rig Veda, "O Agni, may we have power to kindle thee," indicates that the person lighting a flame had to be in good physical condition.

A ritual fire, such as in yajna (fire worship) or cremation (using a pyre of wood), was usually ignited afresh. This would also mean therefore that a healthy and strong person in the family had to light the fire on any special occasion. A physically fit and robust son would naturally be an ideal choice for this job. In this regard, a number of Vedic prayers were dedicated for obtaining a good, strong and healthy offspring (usually a male). It was expected that he would eventually be involved in fire starting duties. Moreover, by igniting the fire himself, he would spare his family from depending on others for lighting the ritual flame or borrowing it from outside.

The practice of a strong male (usually the son) lighting the funeral pyre slowly grew into a custom, which over time became quite rigid. It implied that a son had to perform the last rites for his parents. It also led to the unfortunate belief that the last rites for a parent would not be acceptable religiously unless the deceased's son had carried them out. This thinking put more pressure on the families to have sons while undermining the importance of daughters.

There were also several reasons for a daughter (or another woman) to not play an active part at her parent's funeral. A woman was generally not as strong as a man for lighting the funeral flame by rubbing sticks against each other. This was a strenuous and time-consuming task that had to be carried out usually in wet and cold conditions of crematorium near a river. Moreover, a woman's health during menstruation, pregnancy and child delivery could make it difficult for her to take any strenuous assignment. Women would also be prone to get emotionally more upset at funerals than men, and therefore not suited to undertake additional responsibility. Similarly, a daughter could be away at her in-laws when her parents died and therefore not able to attend the funeral in time. Note in this regard that there used to be no holding and refrigeration facilities to safely store a corpse, and therefore the funeral was held without delay -- usually within a day after the death of a person. To eliminate any uncertainty regarding women's participation at funerals for their family members, the cremation duties were assigned to their male kin in stead. This was basically to avoid any confusion at the last moment. Furthermore, in case of a deceased person having more than one son, job of lighting the pyre would go first to the eldest son. If he was unable to fulfil his duty, then his place would automatically be taken by the second son, and so on. This orderly division of labor was to complete the cremation reliably and without delay. Everyone understood his role in the family.

Traditionally, whenever there was a death in the community, a male person belonging to each household -- irrespective of the caste -- would attend the funeral to pay respects to the dead. Moreover, everyone going to the crematorium on such occasion would carry some wood with him to add to the pyre. This was to assist in gathering the necessary fuel for cremation.

Note that the Hindus originally started the practice of cremating their dead for several reasons. They did not want to leave dead bodies around to be consumed by vultures. Such a sight could be very traumatic . especially to the family of the deceased. Hindus also had a reverence for their dead and wanted to maintain sanctity of the corpse against attacks from savages. They did not therefore follow the practice of leaving their dead to the vultures.

Cremation was also preferable to burying the dead. A grave or burial site would require a piece of land, which had to be in a good, safe and secure location. Moreover, if the practice of burying the dead had been prevalent, huge areas of good territory would be lost as graves. During early days of civilization, digging a grave would be more difficult, laborious and time-consuming because of lack of proper tools. In comparison, cremation was easier and cheaper (needing no land), because everyone going to the crematorium to pay respects to the dead would simply carry some wood with him to add to the fire.

In case of burials, fresh graves would also need to be guarded against attacks by prowlers. As indi

Camborne Trevithick Day 1 of 8

Camborne Trevithick Day  1 of 8

Richard Trevithick was born in a cottage a mile or so from Dolcoath Mine, where his father was a mine Captain. His curiosity about the engineering aspects of the mining area that he grew up in started at an early age, and this led to a career during which he pioneered the use of high pressure steam, and increased the efficiency of the engines used to pump water from the lower levels of Cornwall’s tin and copper mines. Trevithick’s inventive mind was never still - his ideas ranged from the first successful self-powered road vehicle, and a steam railway engine, to schemes for wreck salvage, land reclamation, mechanical refrigeration, agricultural machinery and for tunnelling under the Thames. Trevithick’s career spanned the dawn of the industrial revolution, a time when Cornwall’s engineering prowess was the envy of the world. Trevithick spent eleven years in South America, working for owners of silver mines.

Each year Camborne hosts Trevithick Day, a one day festival of entertainment to celebrate the industrial heritage of the Camborne Area. Featuring Steam Engines and a Steam Parade, Vintage Vehicles, Local school children in the Bal Maidens and Miners Dance, Street Entertainers, Fair Ground Rides, Market Stalls, Performances by Local Male Voice Choirs, Camborne Town Band and other local bands, a Flower Festival and much more. And the sun came out!

refrigeration pressure

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Make Ahead Freezer Dinners : Refrigerator Freezer Door Handle : Norcold Refrigerator Parts.

Make Ahead Freezer Dinners

make ahead freezer dinners

make ahead freezer dinners - Streets Ahead

Streets Ahead 2.25" Gunmetal Snake Embossed Leather Cuff Bracelet

Streets Ahead 2.25

Make a memorable entrance with the Streets Ahead Gunmetal Snake-Embossed Leather Cuff Bracelet. The design of antique silver has an unmistakably medieval, knight-in-armor flair to it. The leather is textured to resemble snakeskin--or perhaps a snake shedding its skin. All around the cuff are silver embedded studs, plus a deliberately weathered, cracked silver medallion as a centerpiece. This dazzling bracelet has a diameter of 2.25 inches, a width of 2.38 inches, and is adjustable in length from 6 to 7 inches.

75% (19)

Dinner is ready ahead of schedule!!!

Dinner is ready ahead of schedule!!!

I am ahead of schedule today. I had to make dinner early b/c J has basketball practice and the girls and I are headed to the library while he's there. I decided to cook dinner before we left so that I'm not in a rush to get things done when we get home and starved. Just need to get the rice cooker fired up before we leave.

I've always known this as torta, but recently someone called this giniling.

Anyhow it's a really simple recipe.

1 small onion chopped
2 small garlic clove chopped
1 lb ground beef
1 small potato
red bell pepper
green bell pepper
frozen peas, and carrots
handful of raisins
garlic salt
yoshida sauce

saute the onion and garlic in the oil
brown the ground beef
season the meat
throw everything in

Yeah I'm one of those weirdos that likes raisins in my food!
Just serve with hot rice!

side note: I cheated today. no potatoes in the pantry and i'm not fond of mass quantities of bell pepper. I had some Potatoes O'brien in the freezer and hey that had potatoes, red bell peppers and green ones too. So I just threw in some of that! WOo hoo!

side note 2: this can also be used as lumpia filling! Awww yeah!

Ugly-colored jars

Ugly-colored jars

I've made chicken broth from leftover carcasses for awhile, but have always frozen instead of canning it. Freezing is easier, but I tend to misplace them at the bottom of the freezer and just lose track of whether I have any or not. I never thaw them ahead of time and it's one more thing to do to prep for dinner. So this year I've canned two batches of chicken broth. It's awfully handy to just grab a jar off the shelf. Making broth feels like the best bargain since it's made from stuff that would have gone into the trash.

Next to the broth jars is my rhubarb ketchup. People raved about it online and I'm always interested in new uses for rhubarb. This one is not my cup of tea. It's okay, but I feel like I sneak it into things like sloppy joes and don't want to bother adding it to burgers. I'll stick to tomato ketchup now.

I have 6 quarts and 4 pints of chicken broth and 5 half-pints of rhubarb ketchup.

make ahead freezer dinners

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freezer spare parts

refrigerator bars

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Used Display Refrigerator. Haier 1.7 Cu Ft Nucool Compact Refrigerator White.

Used Display Refrigerator

used display refrigerator

Phil and the Dead Guy

Phil and the Dead Guy

@BlinkAndYouMiss on Twitter is a long-time beer connoseur but, surprisingly, he had never been to this little shop in Ward Center. He was quite astonished to find that they had Dead Guy, a beer he had been combing the island for. Light was rather low, so I used the remote capability of my Nikon SB-900 flash to give the illusion of light pouring from the display by placing it low and to the front.

Treasured item

Treasured item

In an audacious marketing ploy, Peroni beer is given museum-class treatment with displays strategically placed in restaurants across Maputo city in Mozambique. Ironic that so much electricity is used in the displays, given that a good deal of the city's suburban population doesn't have electricity for luxuries such as nighttime lighting or refrigerators to keep beer cold.

used display refrigerator

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r134a refrigerant

sanyo cube refrigerator

commercial refrigeration jobs

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Refrigerator Temperature Range

refrigerator temperature range

refrigerator temperature range - Novagard Versilube

Novagard Versilube G321 Extreme Temperature Range Grease, Mil-G-46886B, 5.3 oz Tube

Novagard Versilube G321 Extreme Temperature Range Grease, Mil-G-46886B, 5.3 oz Tube

Versilube G321 is a soap thickened,dimethyl-diphenyl polysiloxane based grease formulated to conform with the specifications outlined in the commercial item description (CID) A-A-59173 Type II. Versilube G321 resists oxidation and degradation even under extreme conditions. This grease has an exceptionally broad operating temperature range and retains its lubricity at temperatures as low as –100°F (-73°C), which makes it well suited for use in cryogenic systems. Also, Versilube G321 is designed to have excellent long term aging and work stability characteristics that make it ideal for use in neglected areas. For lubrication of metal to metal and select plastic and rubber parts consider the Versilube(R) line of greases. These lithium soap-thickened, silicone lubricants meet the requirements of high performance bearings, gears and other mechanisms under sliding and rolling friction conditions. Formulated with two distinctly different silicone base fluids (i.e., methyl-phenyl and methyl-alkyl) each Versilube(R) product offers unique performance advantages. Generally, methyl-phenyl base fluids provide the widest possible operating temperature range, while the methyl-alkyl base fluids impart better lubricity and higher load carrying capabilities. Versilube(R) products are excellent lubricants where hardened steel meets hardened steel, where hardened steel meets bronze, where steel meets aluminum, and where aluminum meets aluminum. While more than one product may function in your application, full examination of your specific operation and specifications will usually determine which product is best for you. Versilube greases are not recommended for use on bearings with a D/N ratio exceeding 200,000. D/N ratios are calculated by multiplying the diameter (mm) times the bearing speed (rpm). Do not use in or around highly oxidative chemicals such as liquid oxygen, chlorine, or peroxides.

78% (12)



Wide operating temperature range: -40 to +250Celsius degree
Dielectric strength: 1,500V AC for one second
Short thermal response time in water, high stability in moisture
Suitable for use in low and high-temperature and moisture environments
High accuracy,Different tolerancr available ,Cost-effective
UL approval ,RoHS compliant
Climatic category:IEC60068-1
Resistance tolerance :+/-1% to +/-5%
Insulation resistance: Greater or equal 100Mohm
Dissipation Coefficient: 3-10 mW/Celsius degree in still air
Time constant : 3-15 Seconds in hot water
Moisture resistance:(40Celsius degree 95% RH)1000 hours
Recommended Applications
1.Temperature measurement in household appliances:
Water heater,Water boiler,Dish washer ,Toaster, Soybean milk maker.small appliance
2.Temperature sensors for industry control

temperature sensor

temperature sensor

Temperature sensor APR-CWF98.75KF4060FB210A
Application:for temperature measurement and control in food probe
Cost effective
Electronical characteristics:
Dissipation coefficient:5mw/?
Time constant:12 sec
Isolation resistance at 500Vdc:100Mohms
Operating temperature range:-30~+200?

refrigerator temperature range

refrigerator temperature range

Hanna Instruments HI 99300N Waterproof (Low Range) EC/TDS/Temperature Meter with Amperometric Technology

The Hanna Instruments HI 99300 meter is a portable, waterproof multi-parameter meter for measuring electro-conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS), and temperature, all in one device.
The meter features a large LCD screen for readability, and automatic temperature compensation to eliminate the need for additional calculations. EC and TDS calibration is automatic at one point (1382ppm, 1500ppm, or 1413uS/cm).
EC range is 0 to 3999 uS/cm (+ or - 2% F.S.) with resolution 1 uS/cm. TDS range is 0 to 2000 ppm (+ or - 2% F.S.) with resolution 1 ppm. Temperature range is 0.0 to 60.0 degrees C (32 to 140 degrees F) (+ or - 0.5 degrees C [+ or - 1 degrees F]) with resolution 0.1 degrees C (0.1 degrees F). Dimensions are 143 by 80 by 38 mm (5.6 by 3.1 by 1.5") with weight 210 g (7.4 oz.).
Conductivity meters are used for measuring the electro-conductivity of a solution. They are commonly used in hydroponics, aquaculture, and research to measure the amount of salts or other compounds present in water.
Hanna Instruments manufactures a wide variety of analytical instrumentation, including pH meters, multi-parameter meters, electrodes, chemical reagents, and buffer solutions. Founded in 1978, Hanna is headquartered in Woonsocket, RI, with subsidiaries in 32 countries. Hanna Instruments holds many firsts in the field of analytical instrumentation, including a pH electrode with a built-in temperature sensor, an electronic pocket-sized pH tester, and a replaceable electrode pH pocket tester. To assure the quality of its products, Hanna is a vertically integrated manufacturer and does not subcontract any part of its manufacturing.
What’s in the Box?
HI 76306 probe with 1 m (3.3’) cable
Four 1.5V AAA batteries
Carrying case

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