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Kellys Country Cooking - Sous Vide Cooking At Home

Kellys Country Cooking

kellys country cooking

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Yeah, I got tagged. :P

Yeah, I got tagged. :P

I've never been tagged before, and I'm sorry this is kinda late. SO YEAH! I got tagged by Kirstie Lei btw. <-- amazing photography, check her out! :)

1: I LOVE POKEMON!! When I was a kid, my dream job used to become a pokemon master xD And my favorite pokemon are Electrike, Charmander, Gallade, and Umbreon.

2: I don't have a cell phone, but I use the home phone as my own. Since no one else uses it. Everyone in my grade finds it hilarious that I use my home phone as my main communication source. -.-"

3: I LOVE MATCHING PAJAMAS!!! I usually wear a tank top and a pair of sweat pants though. Which reminds me, I should totally go shopping for matching pajamas.. The pair I happen to be wearing are green with penguins! :D

4: Cinnamon Toast Crunch = Daily Breakfast. Cheerios and Cookie Crisp are my alternative choices. I even bring it with me to school when i get hungry during class. :P

5: VANS! I always feel like a poser when I wear them, but the pair that I have are so cool! And they go with every outfit I have, so I wear them practically everyday.

6: Turtles are my favorite animals ever. If I were to change into an animal, I would totally be a turtle. Why? Cuz they live longer and are practically indestructible. The only downside is that I'm not that fast. But who needs speed when I got an indestructible shell?

7: I'm very self conscious about myself and I'm a total perfectionist. So every time I see a mirror, its second nature for me to look at myself and see if there are any imperfections about my current outfit or hair.

8: I have the tendency of cutting my hair every 2 weeks or so. This habit gets quite annoying, considering that I'm trying to grow out my hair. -.-" I was pretty impressed with myself when I didnt cut my hair at all during the whole summer. Then when school started...... -.-"

9: I have never used photo shop. Ever. Paint, Picasa, and Picnik are my main editing sources :P

10: When it comes to music, I can listen to anything. From death metal to classical. Pop to country. Acoustic to Punk. Beatles to All Time Low. Killswitch Engaged to Beethoven. Sum41 to Jacks Mannequin. David Cook to Kelly Clarkson. You get the point :P

dear tori,
Caitlin House
zoe campbell
ICT photo
mandee in wonderland


Philippines 2010

Philippines 2010

ShelterBox Response Team member Arnold Kelly with a family who recieved a ShelterBox in the Philippines. ShelterBox has been working in the Philippines since mid-October, after super-typhoon Megi struck the country. On Tuesday, December 7, ShelterBox tents were distributed in the San Lorenzo and San Rodrigo hamlets set in the hills to the south of Ilagan where families continue to be hit by frequent rain and flooding. ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member David Hatcher (UK) said: ‘Many of the families we helped yesterday are trying to rebuild homes shattered by the super-typhoon while others are strling to find the means to give shelter to their children. ‘The people who live in these tiny hamlets off the beaten track were amazed at the gift of ShelterBox tents, blankets, cooking utensils, water carriers and other basic but essential kit that we were able to deliver to them. It seems the whole of the Philippines is looking forward to and preparing for Christmas which they take as a very uplifting season.’ The UK based disaster relief agency has sent emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for up to 4,000 people to the Philippines since the super-typhoon struck, with SRT members from all around the world working in the country. (Photograph: ShelterBox / David Hatcher) +441326569782

kellys country cooking

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