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Popular Cooking Games For Girls

popular cooking games for girls

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Day 275 - Primal scream

Day 275 - Primal scream

This weekend, 18 volunteers from the department of Morazan, along with 37 hand-picked boys and girls, came together on the banks of the Rio Sapo for a leadership and trust-building camp. Everybody showed up on Friday afternoon, and we kicked off the weekend with a bunch of games to help the kids learn everyones' names. After this, we all went down to the river for a swim. With everybody worn out, we got dinner, then went for a starlit hike through the woods.

Today, I went with all the boys from my tent down to the river for a six am swim. Since they all live in the country, they are used to getting up at that hour to go out and milk the cows. So while I was dragging, they were full of energy.

During the day, the kids were divided up into three groups which rotated through different activities: “Trust Block,” “Adventure Block,” and “Logic Block,” which I was assigned to. The photo above is from the “Trust Block.” To help the kids get over being shy, the volunteers in charge had the kids get “in touch with their cave-dwelling predecessors.” That is, they stood in a circle and screamed like maniacs. It proved to be surprisingly effective.

Almost at the end of the third block, the rainy season started. It rained all afternoon and long into the night. However, we didn't let this bring us down. All the kids sought shelter under a big pavilion to talk, kick around a soccer ball, or make bracelets (a surprisingly popular activity among the boys). One of the female volunteers taught a self-defense class for the girls, which was a highlight for many.

After dinner, with the rain still coming down hard, we gathered under the pavilion again for a challenging game of Jeopardy, along with a bunch of other games. Throughout the evening, kids were pulled out eight at a time to go and cook s'mores over a fire which had been built in a covered cooking area. It seems that burning marshmallows and eating them with chocolate and cookies is a universally enjoyed pass-time, and the kids required little encouragement.

Day 210/365 2011 Ammo!!

Day 210/365 2011 Ammo!!

Friday was one of the hottest days so far this year with temps in the low 100s and heat index around 130. A perfect day to have a field day and play games and cook for the Boys and Girls club. We had relay races and water balloons, cooked hot dogs on the grill. The egg in the spoon relay was more a race to see which team could cross the finish line without the egg cooking in its shell. With all the planned activities, the most popular was the unplanned "line up and run through the hose" activity.

popular cooking games for girls

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