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Cooking Skill Guide

cooking skill guide

From CF Combat Camera

From CF Combat Camera

28 November 2007
Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Leading Seaman Denis Joyal, a cook on Her Majesty's Canadian Ship (HMCS) Iroquois, prepares dessert for the crew during Task Group Exercise (TGEX) 6-07.

Five ships from the East Coast fleet, HMC Ships Iroquois, St. John?s, Halifax, Ville de Quebec (seen in background) and Preserver, along with the guided missile destroyer USS Barry, conducted a task group exercise off the eastern seaboard in late November and early December. The first half of the exercise was used to develop skills and practice the ships? ability to conduct operations in a task group. Some of the exercises included maritime interdiction operations, boardings, hailings, anti-air defence, surface gunnery, and anti-submarine training. The second half of the exercise included electronic warfare operational tests, as well as testing tactics for the enhanced Sea Sparrow missile (ESSM).

HMCS IROQUOIS, commissioned in 1972, is fitted with state-of-the-art weapons, sensors, command-and-control systems, and propulsion equipment. Together, these systems make her capable of carrying out a variety of tasks, aimed at protecting Canadian interests in the oceans adjacent to the coastline, and beyond. However, combat capability depends on more than modern equipment. It requires dedicated people whose skills depend on constant practice and development. Some 282 men and women of various trades make up IROQUOIS's crew. To these sailors, IROQUOIS is not merely a warship, but a home, an office and a school.

Photo: Cpl Jeff Neron, Canadian Forces Combat Camera

Le 28 novembre 2007
Norfolk (Virginie), Etats-Unis

Le Matelot de 1re classe Denis Joyal, cuisinier a bord du Navire canadien de Sa Majeste (NCSM) Iroquois, prepare un dessert pour l?equipage au cours de l?exercice de groupe operationnel TGEX 6-07.

Cinq navires de la flotte de la cote Est, les NCSM Iroquois, St. John?s, Halifax, Ville de Quebec (a l?arriere plan) et Preserver, accompagnes du destroyer lance-missiles USS Barry, ont participe a un exercice de groupe operationnel pres du littoral est a la fin novembre et au debut decembre. La premiere partie de l'exercice visait a perfectionner les competences et permettre aux navires d'exercer leur capacite a mener des operations a l'interieur d'un groupe operationnel. Les navires ont procede a des exercices de formation dans les domaines de l'interdiction maritime, de l?arraisonnement, de l?appel de navire, de la defense antiaerienne, du tir de surface et de la lutte anti-sous-marine. La deuxieme partie de l'exercice comprenait des essais operationnels dans le domaine de la guerre electronique ainsi que des mises a l'essai de tactiques liees a la nouvelle generation de missiles Sea Sparrow (ESSM).

Mis en service en 1972, le NCSM Iroquois est muni d?armes, de capteurs, de systemes de commandement et de controle et d?un equipement de propulsion a la fine pointe de la technologie. Mis ensemble, ces systemes permettent a ce navire d?executer toute une gamme de taches visant a proteger les interets du Canada sur les oceans contigus a nos cotes, et au dela. Par ailleurs, la capacite de combat ne repose pas uniquement sur l?equipement, si moderne soit il. Elle requiert des gens determines, dont les competences dependant d?un entrainement regulier et du perfectionnement. Quelque 282 hommes et femmes de metiers divers constituent l?equipage de l?Iroquois. Pour ces marins, l?Iroquois n?est pas simplement un navire de guerre, mais aussi un foyer, un bureau et une ecole.

Photo : Cpl Jeff Neron, Camera de combat des Forces canadiennes

Adirondack Winter Camping,Hiking and Snow Shoeing

Adirondack Winter Camping,Hiking and Snow Shoeing


Sat. & Sun., January 24 & 25, 2008
Sat. & Sun., February 21 & 22, 2008
Sat. & Sun., March 2 1 & 2 2, 2008 - Cold weather is unavoidable in the Adirondacks. With or without snow, it gets darn cold at times! That's no reason to turn into a "couch potato." The winter season offers new activities and challenges for the outdoor enthusiast to enjoy. Leafless trees afford better views. Frozen ground cover allows exploration of areas not easily accessible at other times of the year. Trails are generally smoother for travel once the snow arrives. There is a solitude in the winter woods that is seldom experienced during the warmer weather months. Snowy landscapes... fewer folks around... no pesky bugs...

We offer cold weather hike, snowshoe & winter camping experiences appropriate for beginners and novices alike. We will teach you how to plan a winter or cold weather hiking, snowshoe or camping trip, what equipment you should take with you, tricks and tips for staying warm, traveling on snow & ice, setting up camp, food & nutrition for cold weather, cooking skills and breaking camp.

We also plan 2-3 day wilderness winter trips for those who enjoy cold weather hiking, snowshoeing or camping but prefer not to go out alone. Contact us with your thoughts of what you would like to experience and we'll help you with an outing that's right for you. Experienced guides, appropriate instruction to prepare you for your experience, snowshoes when necessary, camping equipment & meals are provided for our weekend experiences & wilderness camping packages.
Our cold weather hike, snowshoe and camping experience is a weekend event designed for people who would like to learn more about cold weather hiking, snowshoeing & camping in a "controlled" setting. We begin indoors with discussion, demonstration & instruction covering tents, shelters, sleeping gear, clothing, cooking equipment, food & water considerations, winter travel, tips for staying warm & cold weather concerns (hypothermia & frostbite prevention), etc. Then we head outdoors for an opportunity to experience some of what we covered inside - winter travel (hike or snowshoe), set up a camp site, outdoor cooking, etc. Snowshoes, packs, camping gear & meals are provided for the weekend.

Instruction begins at 8:00 AM on the morning of Day 1. Expect to depart by 3:00 PM on day 2. Information for the weekend, driving directions, a clothing & gear list to help you come prepared for the weekend will be provided once your registration is processed. Besides instruction and leadership, meals Day 1 lunch through Day 2 lunch, snowshoes (as necessary) & camping equipment are provided for this experience. You must provide your own sleeping bag with a minimum 0 F comfort rating for a night in the "cold." Let us know if you need help locating such. A minimum of 2 participants is required to confirm an experience. Groups are limited to 6 people per session.

cooking skill guide

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