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Cross Cookie Cutters

cross cookie cutters

Fallen Arches 1

Fallen Arches 1

A cross section of Busch Memorial Stadium in its fourth day of demolition.
Busch Memorial Stadium, later known as Busch Stadium, was the home of the St. Louis Cardinals National League baseball team from May 12, 1966 to October 19, 2005.
It opened four days after the last game was played in their old home, Sportsman's Park (which had also been known since 1953 as Busch Stadium). It was sometimes referred to as a "Cookie cutter"-style stadium, and supported both football and baseball.
The stadium was designed by Sverdrup & Parcel and built by Grun & Bilfinger[1]. Edward Durrell Stone designed the park's most enduring feature, the roof's 96-arch "Crown of Arches,"[2] The Crown echoed the iconic Gateway Arch, which was completed only a year before Busch Stadium officially opened. It was one of the first multipurpose facilities built in the United States from the early 1960s through the early 1980s, along with those in Washington, New York, Houston, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and some others. The original design of the stadium had called for a baseball-only format, but the design was altered to accommodate football, a fact which arguably shortened its existence. The stadium was demolished by wrecking ball in late 2005, and part of its former footprint is used by its replacement stadium of the same name

Heart circus

Heart circus

Sometimes love is all about balancing our emotions...
knowing when to show sympathy and empathy...
and when to be more strict with our behaviour.

A loving heart is always soft and true though....
one that has gone through many waves...
one that can distinguish real from fake...
one that has embraced its own imperfections...
and conquered egoism and personal ambitions...

Wanting and wishing for our dreans to come true differs from doing absolutely anything to make them true.
It is this very thin line that makes the difference and which when we cross the other way, we have most possibly betrayed our own hearts and selves.

Maybe this is also the difference between being talented and being ambitious.
It could be a matter of pure heart...

Again, since this flickr community is so vast, I'm amazed to have met and recognised so many incredible, trully talented people, who effortlessly shine with the things they do and share!

As much as there are a lot of objections for the online world and relationships - some of which have a true base - I find to have been become only richer inside by sharing with you.

Wishes for genuine inspiration, lots of creativity and hearts that beat happily to us all.

cross cookie cutters

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