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Wireless Camera Transmitter Receiver

wireless camera transmitter receiver

    transmitter receiver
  • A transmitter is an electronic device which, usually with the aid of an antenna, propagates an electromagnetic signal such as radio, television, or other telecommunications.

    wireless camera
  • Wireless cameras allow the transmission of video and audio data to be transmitted to the receiver without having to run wires (using radio waves). Wireless cameras often have an option to power the camera via mains in which case there will be a lead from camera to power point.

  • is a term used too frequently in the CCTV, and especially miniature camera, industry. Any product touted as a "wireless camera" is simply a camera integrated with a wireless transmitter. Eyespyvideo.

My new toy!

My new toy!

Phottix Plato 2.4GHz Wireless / Wired Remote Set, 151PLN.
The transmitter works as a wired remote and has all thefunctions (S/2S/Continuous/Bulb mode).
Uses two-way communication system with real-time confirmation before you press the shutter button.
Cable end that goes into camera is the C8 type.

Uses the 2.43GHz worldwide frequency. It has less restriction for worldwide use. It is more stable, faster, and takes less power.
2.43GHz has high resistance to interference for a secure transmit range, even in crowded environment, range up to 100 meters.
Smart code technology (codes pre-set in production): 16,000,000 combinations of safe codes, highly resistant to interference.
Transmitter and receiver will automatically turn off after one hour of non-usage.
Optional cables for different kind of cameras.
Uses easily found, low cost AAA batteries for both
* Frequency: 2.43GHz
* Communication: Two-way system
* Working Voltage: 3V
* Operation Current: <30MA
* Standby Current: 10UA
* Transit Power: 1DBM
* Transmitter power: 2 AAA Battery
* Receiver power: 2 AAA Battery.


one special day...

one special day...

i always thought that in order for a control shoot to be monitored in the best way online (i.e. during the shoot itself) i had to wireless-ly connect the camera to the laptop... today i learn that i need no wireless transmitters/receivers no more € to be spent for this... a €3 USB extension cable will just do the job and a free software download.... remarkable to say the least... so you will shoot and see the end result on your laptop screen directly in seconds - be it RAW or JPEG.. sure enough better than the 3inch display on the camera - especially when you have to tweak lighting to perfection... its called CAMERA Tethering... and i love it...

wireless camera transmitter receiver

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