Connect laptop to tv wireless. Pink wireless keyboard.

Connect Laptop To Tv Wireless

connect laptop to tv wireless

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  • A laptop is a personal computer designed for mobile use that is small and light enough for a person to rest on their lap.

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  • Jesse Hartman is a musician, filmmaker and actor, living in New York's East Village.

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'Our first caravan test trip'

'Our first caravan test trip'

Hi everyone :)

I thought i would share my first 'camping' experience with you all.

We chose to stay at 'Clayton wetlands caravan park' for our first test run..(just Sat night, as M had to work Sat morning)

It's very quiet, and there's really nothing to do (unless you are into water activities, and then there's not much water there atm ) :(

But we just wanted to see how i handled it all ( have never slept in anything other than a house before). I did very well , considering Saturday night was very windy and blustery and the van shook quite badly, and the noises were scary ! (and it sure wasn't coming from us ! ) LOL

I had stocked it well with snacks, but we didn't end up eating much apart from the meals we cooked. At least i know where to look when i get my next craving ! hehe

We had bought a ensuite shower and toilet tent thing, to put up next to our van, which i didn't mind that much, except to go out into in the middle of the night eeekk . Luckily there were no scary monsters lurking around ! hehe

We didn't take our dogs this time, will next time..

We did get good tv and mobile reception, amazingly, (luckily the the van came with a top quality antenna) altho i couldn't get my wireless laptop to connect

I took a few pics, but they are crappy ones ( as the weather was shitty, and we were only there overnight)

I didn't do anything that active this time, as my ears/head are still not right, but took the opportunity to chill out, and nap in between watching tv (which is something i rarely do-watch tv)

I can say tho it was a positive experience, and i am looking fwd to our next trip !

We even met a very friendly guy while we were there who stays there regularly :)

He wanted to know why we had just got there, and was leaving so soon !
He has a permanent spot there, that he keeps his caravan at, and him and his girlfriend regularly stay there and go sailing (not that there's much water there atm hehe) He even joked that he used our porta loo during the night, he better not have had .

Here's one pic i quickly took in between the rain..

I have a couple others too, but they not that interesting, but it still good to keep a journal of places we go too..as they will all have their own stories/memories

I now have had the opportunity to see what i need to do to the caravan, like i need to replace the white lace curtains at some stage (they have holes in them), and i need to clean the windows, not to mention i will need to reorganize where i put stuff, as some things fell down as we were driving along Aghhh LOL

Oh and we need to get some white mag wheels for the caravan as well, don't like the ones on there now hahaha



This is my home workspace. My laptop is in a docking station and connected to Bose computer speakers.

I also have a personal fan on my desk along with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

To the right is a small tv. To make a small space not look so crowded, I sat the tv on an old banjo stand.

And of course my dog (named Google) is always by my side!

connect laptop to tv wireless

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