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JJ MILTEAU - Blue 3rd (2004) @192

JJ MILTEAU - Blue 3rd (2004)



1 Blue 3rd 3:39
2 The Lonely Knows 5:14
3 Pride Street 4:22
4 Some Kind of Pressure 4:12
5 The Turtle Walk 5:15
6 Home Is Where the Hatred Is 3:35
7 Rainy Night in Jersey 3:52
8 Daddy's Gone 4:22
9 Fishing Blues 1:32
10 Englewood 3:23
11 Paris Blues 4:50
12 Sunday Morning 5:22
13 What a Wonderful World 4:04

*Blue 3rd:

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JAN JAMES - Soul Desire (1997) @128

JAN JAMES - Soul Desire (1997)

This tale comes right out of the inner soul of the blues. It reads like the street-level truth in the lyrics of a Delta classic.What kind of artist finds their way to Chicago after having learned licks on a guitar from a Tennessee guy named "Catfish?" What kind of artist hones powerful vocals in a church choir and then translates that emotion into a deep understanding of the blues? Jan James is that kind of artist.

Raised in central Michigan on a family-run fishing resort, Jan's talent was obvious early on.

"The more I played guitar and the more I tried out the voice I learned to use in the church choir," says Jan, "The more I liked it."

And so did everyone else

She was continually invited to sing at public gatherings and-like all the great artists-the seduction and thrill of performing onstage soon matched her talent.

Jan met her partner, songwriter/guitarist Craig Calvert, while they were both attending Michigan State. She was working in a duo, performing regularly at a small cafŽ. When she needed to replace her guitar player, the timing was right. It was perfect. Craig was taking a break from his punk band; they met and developed a musical chemistry that has evolved into a big sound and feel that is colored with blues, soul and the sweet dynamics of the best rock.

After their performances together established a solid reputation for them in the Detroit area, Jan was voted "Best Female Vocalist" by the Detroit Metro Times.

Then, continuing a legend-laced journey, they moved to Chicago. The blues capital was good to them, and they to it. They became favorites in such venues as Buddy Guy's Blues Legends, Taste of Chicago and The House of Blues. They shared the stage with Koko Taylor, John Mayall, Little Feat, James Brown and B.B. King. They cut their first demo, a powerhouse CD called "Last Train," picked up by the Dutch label Provogue, in yet another example of the wide appeal that American blues has throughout Europe.

Jan launched a promotional tour of acoustic and electric performances aired on radio and television throughout The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Scandanavia; along with a feature on NBC's television program, Talking Blues. The press raved: "Voices of the caliber of Jan James are rare in today's pop musicÉ" and, "Her upbeat rock/blues is exceptionally radio-friendly and very stylishly executed.

More albums followed: "Soul Desire," "The Color of Rose" and the critically acclaimed, "Limousine Blues."

Comparisons to legendary artists are often soaked in hype and are sometimes unfair both to the legend and to the musician who is carrying on the legacy. But sometimes they are necessary. Sometimes they must be made; not just for the sake of similarity but for the sake of the importance that keeping something so stark and vital alive means to the art.

Jan performed at Chicago's Royal George Theater in the staring role of Janis Joplin in a play based on Janis letters and songs. Along with the standing ovations, there was so much more. There was the aura of a major talent. There was not only the power of what Janis had left for us, there was the power in what Jan James now doesÉand will do

Jan's newest CD, "Drive Me Home," is a pure and commanding showcase of her heritage and her talent from start to finish. Each and every cut demonstrates just how good she is. This is what modern blues should be. This is Jan James


1. Another Man - 6:09
2. Soul Desire - 3:50
3. Do Right live - 8:49
4. We Live - 4:28
5. This Aint No Living - 3:18
6. Too Much To Loose - 4:36
7. Lonesome Town - 3:48
8. Always Knocking - 3:29
9. Tender Years - 3:26
10. Social Graces - 3:37
11. A Lot To Learn - 3:23
12. Cant Run Away - 3:19

Discography: janjamesmusic.com
New CD (review): "Drive Me Home" (cdbaby.com)

*Soul Desire:

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MAGGIE BELL - Suicide Sal (1975)

MAGGIE BELL - Suicide Sal (1975)

CD debut of the second solo album by the Stone The Crows vocalist, first released in 1975. Recorded at Ringo Starr's studios & produced by Jerry Wexler of Atlantic Records, it's10 tracks include a guest appearance by Jimmy Page on 'If You Don't Know', plus covers of the Beatles' 'I Saw Him Standing There', Free's 'Wishing Well', Leo Sayer's 'In My Life' & the Pretty Things' 'It's Been So Long'.
Maggie Bell is Glasgow's answer to Janis Joplin, and what a voice she has too! The title track is one of her own compositions (deicated to her Aunt)and must be one of the greatest songs of all time! This is a Must Hear - Must Have CD!


01. Wishing Well
02. Suicide Sal
03. I Was in Chains
04. If You Don't Know
05. What You Got
06. In My Life
07. Comin' on Strong
08. Hold On
09. I Saw Him Standing There
10. It's Been So Long

Suicide Sal

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MAGGIE BELL - Queen Of The Night (1974) @192

MAGGIE BELL - Queen Of The Night (1974)

Maggie Bell was just 16 years old when she recorded a few singles with Frankie And Johnny. Afterwards she met guitarist Les Harvey through his brother Alex Harvey (supposedly, Bell's first onstage performances was with Alex Harvey). Bell and Harvey would play clubs and U.S. Army/Air Force bases in Europe. They formed Power with bassist Jim Dewar and keyboardist John McGinnis in late '69. They were soon discovered by Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant who renamed them Stone The Crows (the term "Stone The Crows" is from a Scottish curse meaning "the hell with it"). After former John Mayall's Bluebreakers' drummer Colin Allen joined, they recorded and released their self titled debut which featured a cover of The Beatles' Fool On The Hill as well as a side 2 epic entitled America.

After the release of their follow up album, Ode To John Law, McGinnis and Dewar left (Dewar would later join with Robin Trower) and were replaced with bassist Steve Thompson and keyboardist Ronnie Leahy. After the successful 1971 release of Teenage Licks, Bell was voted by a Melody Maker readers poll as Best Female Vocalist as many critics hailed her as an obvious successor to Janis Joplin. As the group was doing a sound check for a show in Swansea Wales, Les Harvey was electrocuted and died instantly. The band was devastated.

Deciding to carry on they chose Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green for a possible replacement. Even though Green rehearsed with the group, he cancelled at the last minute. Yes guitarist Steve Howe filled in for a few gigs until Thunderclap Newman guitarist Jimmy McCulloch joined. McCulloch helped out with the recording of 'Ontinuous Peformance which had began before Les Harvey's death. Never really recovering after the demise of Harvey, the group would split up in 1973. Drummer Colin Allen would join Focus and McCulloch joined Paul McCartney And Wings. Maggie Bell went solo with the release of Queen Of The Night which featured her cover of Ringo Starr's Oh My My. She recorded Suicide Sal for Swan Song Records in '75 which featured guest guitarist Jimmy Page, both albums charted in the U.S. Bell formed [b]Midnight Flyer with former Foghat bassist Tony Stevens in 1978. She sang a duet with B.A. Robertson in which the song Hold Me went Top Twenty in 1981. She worked with a reformed Alex Harvey Band until his death in 1982. After years of touring Bell settled down with her family. She has recently worked with Long John Baldry and shared the stage with vocalist Chris Farlowe.


1. Caddo Queen
2. Woman Left Lonely, A
3. Souvenirs
4. After Midnight
5. Queen Of The Night
6. Oh My My
7. As The Years Go Passing By
8. Yesterdays Music
9. We Had It All
10. Other Side, The
11. Trade Winds

click for more info:

*Queen Of The Night:

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