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Very fun cooking games for girls. Cooking with broad beans. Cooking lessons in bangkok.

Very Fun Cooking Games For Girls

very fun cooking games for girls

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Stuck in a world!

Stuck in a world!

Stuck in a world where nothing makes sense. Tricky teachers, killer class mates, Perfect people, friendly friends. This is a world you don't want to get in.
Miss Schwartz pretending to be a lovely heartful teacher is actually a love stealing demon who makes people fall in love with her so she can steal their hearts and stay young for ever.
Miss Tage (Luka) is an explosives expert and has a very explosive personality. She is a Demon to some extent and teaches music at the school.
Sophia: Strong willing and mostly human, she was one of the three girls first to meet Amelia in this world. Fun attitude but sword enemies with Miss Tage there is a lot of arguing in Music class.
Amelia (Miku): Stuck in this world after finding one of Miss Schwartz's teleporting hearts and breaking it, she finds herself in a strange world where people aren't just normal people they're demons, angels, nekos and so much more. Likes to cook she first meets Sophia in this world.
Grun (Gumi): A Regular school girl in Miss Schwartz's class, she is a magical being where if she is really scared her magic kicks in. Living with Miss Schwartz as her parents died when she was younger, Miss Schwartz is highly protective of her. Loving to give out presents to strangers, she gives Amelia a full blank note pad and paper.
May (Miki): An immortal of many tallents, loving her friend Grun as they play santa and give presents to people they don't know. An actual hidden spy for Miss Schwartz all of this is just a game to her and extra grades in science.



More day 9: going to the gym after breakfast. Getting groceries and preparing for a weekend with the girls. Driving to Amersfoort to pick them up at the railway station. Taking them to their first-ever Couch Surfing address!! A real nice student home, where we cooked for our host, her roommate and his brother. Lots of wine and more liquors after dinner. Funny videos and pictures by DJ, causing strange laughing and strange dancing and too much fun!!! ;))) More roommates arriving. Card games until very late, followed by a night on the couch. Long time since we had a night like this! :D

very fun cooking games for girls

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