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How To Clean Up Hard Disk

how to clean up hard disk

    hard disk
  • (Hard Disks) Storage and backing up data.

  • hard disc: a rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a drive unit

  • A rigid nonremovable magnetic disk with a large data storage capacity

  • A hard disk drive (hard disk, hard drive, HDD) is a non-volatile storage device for digital data. It features one or more rotating rigid platters on a motor-driven spindle within a metal case. Data is encoded magnetically by read/write heads that float on a cushion of air above the platters.

    clean up
  • make a big profit; often in a short period of time; "The investor really cleaned up when the stock market went up"

  • tidy: put (things or places) in order; "Tidy up your room!"

  • An act of removing or putting an end to disorder, immorality, or crime

  • An act of making a place clean or tidy

  • The fourth position in a team's batting order, typically reserved for a power hitter likely to clear the bases by enabling any runners to score

  • dispose of; "settle the bills"

    how to
  • A how-to or a how to is an informal, often short, description of how to accomplish some specific task. A how-to is usually meant to help non-experts, may leave out details that are only important to experts, and may also be greatly simplified from an overall discussion of the topic.

  • Practical advice on a particular subject; that gives advice or instruction on a particular topic

  • Providing detailed and practical advice

  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations

how to clean up hard disk - Apple Mac

Apple Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger [OLD VERSION]

Apple Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger [OLD VERSION]

Apple's long awaited new operating system brings more than 200 new features to Mac users. Technically speaking, Tiger boasts an open source core, 64-bit system, and support for the High Definition H.264 video codec. But, every user will enjoy the highlights of this new release: a new search tool, cool new mini applications, real-time RSS feeds in the browser, improved email, amped up audio and visual conferencing, parental controls, automation of tedious, repetitive tasks, and the list goes on.

Apple's long awaited new operating system brings more than 200 new features to Mac users. Technically speaking, Tiger boasts an open source core, 64-bit system, and support for the High Definition H.264 video codec. But, every user will enjoy the highlights of this new release: a new search tool, cool new mini applications, real-time RSS feeds in the browser, improved email, amped up audio and visual conferencing, parental controls, automation of tedious, repetitive tasks, and the list goes on. OS-Level Search: Spotlight
Handled by Tiger's search technology, Spotlight, users may search across documents, images, movies, music, PDFs, email, calendar events, and system preferences with one keyword. Spotlight reviews text content, filenames, and keywords (metadata) applied by users and automatically stored by files to return search results. Results are fast and smart, providing previews of returned files and the ability to filter them by kind, date, people, and location.
Spotlight Search Return
More Robust Conferencing: iChat AV
iChat AV updates the Panther version with various new features. Enjoy three-dimensional, multi-participant video meetings with better resolution and compression. Conduct audio conferences with up to 10 members utilizing a graphical panel with sound meters for each speaker that indicate who is speaking. Purchase and run your own Tiger server and conduct instant messaging behind your firewall. iChat Audio Conferencing

iChat Video Conferencing
Parental Controls
Set computer profiles for children using the aptly named Parental Controls and limit their access to system controls, documents, printers, burners, applications, email, chat, and the Web. With multiple profiles, parents can set varying levels of access for each child. Even downloaded or emailed applications are subject to parental approval first.
Drop and Drag Tool Panels: Dashboard
Pull in mini applications from a menu, named the Dashboard, to complete frequent tasks, like tracking flights and stocks or looking up words in the dictionary. Add and rearrange these panels, called "widgets," on your desktop as you choose, and hide or show them with the click of a button. Some other widgets include a calendar, calculator, weather report, yellow pages, language translator and unit converter.
Desktop with Dashboard Widgets
Language Translator Widget

Stock Tracking Widget
Automated Repetitive Tasks: Automator
Choose pre-programmed "actions" from a library and automate tedious tasks when they have to be done in bulk, like editing images for slideshows and creating birthdays in the address book. There are hundreds in the can and sure to be more as third-party vendors create and make them available.

Automation of Image Editing Task with Automator

Real-time Browser: Safari

Quickly view news headlines and article summaries from around the world with Tiger's browser, Safari . Take advantage of RSS protocols to get the latest news updates automatically.

Improved Mail
Tiger's email program, Mail, uses Spotlight to manage your mail. Find messages easily and let Mail automatically organize your messages as they come into the box. New photo resizing, archiving, and slideshow options enhance your ability to share and enjoy pictures via email.

Centralized Computer Sync: .Mac Sync
Use .Mac to sync all your Mac computers, wherever they are. .Mac Sync allows you to conveniently sync your Safari bookmarks, iCal appointments, Address Book contacts, passwords, and Mail settings for multiple Mac computers over the Internet.

Automation of Image Editing Task with Automator

Apple's spoken interface technology, VoiceOver, gives people with visual and learning disabilities equal access to Mac.

Enhanced QuickTime 7
Featuring the new standards-based H.264 video codec, QuickTime 7 brings you incredible video quality with lower data rates and smoother playback.

76% (15)

Katahdin Lodge and Camps 1969

Katahdin Lodge and Camps 1969

Look at all that front lawn I had to mow down there at Katahdin Lodge and Camps, in the summer of 1969.

Anytime Finley Clarke's Nephew, that'd be me, David Robert Crews, was living and working at Finley's Katahdin Lodge and Camps, David was the Lodge's sole grass cutter and weed whacker.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

And my Uncle Finley and his wife, my Aunt Martha, both completely agreed with me.

In November of 1968, I moved, from where I grew up in Dundalk, Maryland, a Baltimore County suburb of Baltimore City, to Katahdin Lodge of Patten, Maine, to begin living and working at the Lodge. In effect exchanging the crowded, industrialized sights, sounds and smells of suburban sprawl for the quiet, sometimes gentle/sometimes harsh, natural beauty and fresh air of the heavily forested, sparsely populated Katahdin Valley.

The very first time I had entered that wide, rolling, deep green, mountain and valley landscape, was during summer vacation of 1966. I was a 16 year old passenger in my father's car. Dad, my mother, younger sister, cousin Nelson and I were on our way, up from Maryland, to spend a week at the hunting lodge my Uncle Finley, my mother's younger brother and my father's best friend, had bought the year before. We were driving about 6 miles south of the Lodge, when I was blessed with my first full, sweeping look from the northern Appalachian Mountains to our left, then back across Rural Route 11 and out across the wide, rolling Katahdin Valley to our right.

I felt the very soul of me expand -- powerfully -- outwards in all directions around our moving car -- with such secure, natural warmth that I can not fully express. Something previously unknown to me, from deep inside of my living spirit, reached out and embraced the countryside. It instantly mingled all in amongst the multitudes of tall, healthy green trees. Then slid back inside of me.

For the first time in my life, it felt like I had finally arrived at home.

I had found my most comfortable place on earth. I was destined to love that sweet, rough section of God's Country more than anyplace else I have ever been.

Which is why, at the end of Thanksgiving Day Week of November 1968, after my father and I had spent that week at the Lodge, I accepted my Uncle Fin and Aunt Marty's request that I stay there at Katahdin Lodge to live with and work for them, instead of going back home to Baltimore to join the US Merchant Marines, as I had told everyone in my family that I was planning on doing.

I graduated from Dundalk High School on June 5, 1968, and had planned on joining the Merchant Marines before my official Army draft notice came. That way, I could not be drafted into the US Army, trained as an infantryman and sent to die in Vietnam. At that time in our nation's history, most young Americans thought that all military draftees were sent to Vietnam as infantrymen. And that few ever returned home fully alive.

In November of '68, I figured that I had about another year before my draft notice arrived in the mail. So I stayed at Katahdin Lodge, and my father drove back home to the Baltimore suburbs alone.

And I experienced my first wintertime in northern Maine.

Eventually, after a great winter spent at Katahdin Lodge, with my Uncle Fin and Aunt Marty, a few paying lodge guests, along with plenty enough of the finest kind of Mainers, especially the country girls, and after doing a whole lotta' snowmobile riding, but mostly doing a whole lotta' hard, often dangerous physical labor, I became a Registered Maine Guide--who specialized in guiding bear hunters.

I was the right man for the job.

Especially when it came time for keeping the Lodge's roofs, walkways, parking areas and large horseshoe shaped driveway shoveled or plowed free from the record snowfall of the winter of 1968-69 and for keeping the Lodge's substantial, rocky lawns mowed and looking good.

All through my teenage years, while still living in Dundalk, I had shoveled neighborhood sidewalks and driveways, and had mowed and trimmed neighborhood lawns for money.

My way of viewing doing that work was similar to how some other young men view being on an organized football team.

Participating whole heartedly in football practice and playing football games is a very physically, mentally and emotionally demanding challenge. And in order to be, and feel, successful, and to win any games, football players must love 'tackling' those multiple layers of challenges. They must also learn to understand and respect their opponents.

You already know that mowing lawns or shoveling snow can also be a very physically, mentally and emotionally demanding challenge. Many teens, especially today's computer dependent teens, do not want to mow any lawns or shovel anything at all around their house, or anybody else's. Other teens love working out in gyms and being on sports teams. The average kid thinks of lawn mowing and snow shoveling as being a serious, frustrating hassle. But I approached it fr

February 11th, 2010 - 42/365

February 11th, 2010 - 42/365

This is a first!
Actually, it is a second. Completing a shot before 10:30pm!
I think the first time was January 1st… and the last time.
Oh the feeling is great.
So great… I might be able to get some work done, and or clean my hard disk up or actually go and take some photos with no real significant purpose. What a fucking novel idea.
I might even take the night off.
This is all too much for me.
Two things about this shot. I am, as you might of gathered, a fully qualified carpenter, graphic designer and budding photographer.
My life is a constant change of hats, as you also would of prolly noticed I am quite the avid fan of the hat, especially in the shot.
It might of been years of partying, gigs and the likes, but a different hat for every occasion really helps me remember what I am supposed to focus on at that moment.
No, I am not scatted or anything… it's just I have a thing with pulling off the part. The other week when I was levelling out a baseball pitch… yes we have them in Australia… I actually wore a baseball shirt to each day I was out there. Most days I ended up taking it off and working shirtless, but the idea was there.
I just want to know, if I am a Dodgers and Mariners fan (yes, I go for two teams, fuck you if you have a problem… it's not my national sport so just get the fuck over it =D)

Sorry, went off there for a bit… what was I saying, oh yeah, the only shirt I have is a St Louis Cardinal and a Cleveland Indians/ Chicago Wihite Sox hat.

Well, Ryan, that is an interesting anecdote. Isn't it?

So, back to the shot, I have been working on another side project that today, I finally started to put together. It has taken me a week to get to this point and I still need to sand the fucking thing down. Let me just say, you want an awesome strip show… sand rare timber, first with 120 grit, then 240, then 320… my god, it might just be me… but seeing completely naked timber is an inspirational experience.
I wanted a shot that documented this pivotal moment.

Secondly, When I woke up, at 6am the sun that was beaming through my window was simply magnificent. The day took a rather gloomy turn and I am glad that I took this when I did. I have also been looking into 70's photography, how they would smear a film over the lens and then do a shot using the sun as the back drop behind the subject…
So whilst this isn't as perfect as I would of wanted it to be… it still gives me an idea of what I would use at a later point in some other project.

Tip: don't use Vasoline. It is a cunt to get off… simple sweat and pva glue was used here. This is pretty much SOOC.
I had a reflective device on the desk to illuminate my head.

Peace out.

how to clean up hard disk

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