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Record Cleaning Brushes - Clean And Pure Water - How To Clean A Plasma Screen Tv

Record Cleaning Brushes

record cleaning brushes

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record cleaning brushes - NEW Record

NEW Record cleaning Brush (Home & Portable Audio)

NEW Record cleaning Brush (Home & Portable Audio)

The hunt eda record cleaning brush contains over 1,000,000 anti static carbon fibers. The fibers are in two rows with a static grounding pad centered between. The grounding pad supports the tiny carbon fibers and keeps them erect so they can dig down deep into the groove and extract trapped dust. Look at a record. It contains microscopic undulations inside the groove wall smaller than a human hair that the naked eye cannot see. This is how music is stored on an lp. It simply brushes over the top and removes the surface dust. The real culprit is the dust that's trapped deep in the record groove. The only way to remove this dust is with the hunt eda. It's super easy to use. Don't push it down on the record simply support the back of the brush with your hand and let the brush's weight do the work. You want to keep those bristles erect not rolled over. The hunt eda comes with it's own support stand which also doubles as a cleaning tool.

Manufacturer: Music Hall
Manufacturer Part Number: H1
Manufacturer Website Address:
Brand Name: Music Hall
Product Model: H1
Product Name: H1 Hunt Carbon Fiber Record Cleaning Brush
Product Type: Cleaning Brush
Features: Anti-static

86% (13)

That is bad Project 365(3) Day 210a

That is bad Project 365(3) Day 210a

This was supposed to be entitled “a cloudy day” - meant as a joke because these were the only clouds in a vast sea of blue sky. The picture was ruined though by that bloody hair!

This is definitely not something you want to see on your pictures because that hair was obviously lodged on the sensor of my camera.

In the old film days you might have got a hair like that inside the pentaprism or on the focussing screen but they would not show up on your photos. Digital cameras though have a sensor inside which records the pictures. Any dust, or in this case a hair, on it will come out on every photograph you take.

Compact cameras are sealed to prevent this from happening but in a single lens reflex the sensor is exposed every time the mirror swings out of the way to take a photo.

Camera manufacturers have devised clever ways to try and keep the sensor clean by vibrating it each time the camera is switched on and off. That wasn’t going to shift this hair though; I had to remove it manually with a very soft sable brush.

Thankfully the trick worked but it was a HAIRY moment I can tell you!

Canon 5D MkII with Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM lens.

Racomitrium lanuginosum (Grimmiaceae)

Racomitrium lanuginosum (Grimmiaceae)

The view at left gives the impression that this is a somewhat "untidy" moss, but a closer look (right) shows a regular and elegant insertion of the stem leaves. The left image makes me think of a tangled wire brush for shoe cleaning, while the shoot on the right reminds me of the trunk of a palm tree. This is a clear illustration of how the form presented by mosses varies according to scale: the stems branch irregularly while the leaves are tidily arranged on the shoot.

The toothed edges of the leaf tips are a useful diagnostic for this species.

Collected from a pile of stones in a field in near Kinclaven Crossing.

The name Racomitrium means "fringed cap", referring to the calyptrae.

record cleaning brushes

record cleaning brushes

Mobile Fidelity: Record Cleaning Brush

Shota (the Lab's resident jazz aficionado) hipped us to these high end audiophile grade cleaning accessories from Mofi Sound Lab. This is their easy to use record brush that features a proprietary cleaning pad that really gets deep into the grooves, eliminating all the dirt and grime that causes noise on your records. The brush also features a unique ergonomic handle that helps you get a good grip and apply the right amount of pressure to really scrub the record. It can be used as a wet-cleaning brush or as a dry record brush. Shota recommends buying 2 - one for wet and one for dry. One pad will clean hundreds of your favorite LPs. Recommended.

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