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How To Clean A Cats Ears. Dry Cleaning Prices. Cleaning Vinyl Upholstery

How To Clean A Cats Ears

how to clean a cats ears

    cats ears
  • a block style also known as prairie points

    how to
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how to clean a cats ears - The Case

The Case of the Cat with the Missing Ear: From the notebooks of Edward R. Smithfield D.V. M. (Adventures of Samuel Blackthorne)

The Case of the Cat with the Missing Ear: From the notebooks of Edward R. Smithfield D.V. M. (Adventures of Samuel Blackthorne)

"And if I'm not mistaken," said Blackthorne, peering into the microscope, "we can narrow down our list of Mr. Kirkpatrick's visitors to a dalmatian, a Sussex spaniel, a poodle, a weimaraner..." -- Blackthorne looked up from the microscope -- "and an orange-haired cat."
Samuel Blackthorne, a Yorkshire terrier, is a master of observation and a genius of deductive reasoning who earns his living by unraveling mysteries and solving crimes.
When Molly Kirkpatrick, a sleek greyhound, comes to Blackthorne for help in finding her missing brother Patrick, a quiet accountant, it seems like a simple enough case. But the trail leads Blackthorne and his colleague, Smithfield, to the docks, the dog track, casinos, and all kinds of roguish characters. They are caught up in an increasingly convoluted web of deceit that involves the highest-ranking officials in the city -- and a mysterious, possibly deadly, cat with just one ear.
In this witty mystery Scott Emerson recounts the amazing adventures of Mr. Samuel Blackthorne, as revealed in the notebooks of Dr. Edward R. Smithfield.

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Cat Processing 101

Cat Processing 101

All animals are processed thru a minimum of a two week quarantine when they come to Rikki's. We cannot risk any of our residents catching something from "the outside world". Our residents are our first concern. When a new resident joins us they go into quarantine. In the case of cats, it's usually two weeks, unless there are "issues". Like persistent worms, a bad case of ear mites, they get sick during their two weeks or they need additional veterinarian work like neutering or spaying or a current rabies vaccination or a dental.

We have an extensive parasite prevention program because we simply cannot afford to have all of our animals infected by parasites brought in by one animal. An otherwise healthy and "ready to go" cat receives two preventative parasite treatments as well as a physical and any needed vaccinations. They are treated for fleas and ticks, ear mites, mange mites, a whole host of possible internal parasites and given vaccinations. The typical cat will have his or her ears cleaned and mite prevention dripped in. They will receive a capsule of worming meds and 2 cc of liquid worming meds. They get an injection for mites and other parasites and one for distemper and those other nasty things. Then they get flea drops. If they didn't come with a current rabies certificate or it's due to expire soon, they also get a trip to the vet to update that. A full exam includes various body orifices being poked and prodded, otoscope in ears, thermometers in unpleasant places, eyes examined, mouth pried and held open so teeth can be examined - visually we hope but all too often with the ferals we get to feel first hand how well those teeth are working - stethoscope pressed against chest and abdomen, nails clipped - often after being extracted from human flesh.

And two weeks later it's all repeated. And if all looks well at that time they get to move into their new cat house. We have 8 temporary pens for cat quarantine that can hold up to six cats each. Some will have to be quarantined in cages in our hospital. When a family comes in together we prefer to keep them together in a temp pen than in individual cages. it's much more homey and much less scary. Lots of kitties who've come to Rikki's in the last 8 months thank Ron for the temp pens.

These kitties have been captured in their temp pens and brought up to the hospital for "processing".

How many lives does a dog have?

How many lives does a dog have?

So we all know that a cat has 9 lives. What I want to know is, how many lives does a dog have?

For those that have been following Tombstone's health issues, I've got an update. First, let me get back to the question of how many lives does a dog have. Tombstone's life was first saved by the Pitt County Humane Soicety who found him in a trailer, starving and dehydrated with 4 other dogs. All 5 of them made it and all were adopted.

The first weekend I brought Tombstone home he had a seizure. I brought him to the vet across the street from where I lived and was told that he had a tumor on his brain and I had two options, make him comfortable for what remained of his life or put him down. There was nothing else I could do. I sought out a second opinion and Dr. McMillian thought Tombstone had nothing more than an inner ear infection and wanted to clean that up first. He was put on antibiotics and I cleaned his ears weekly. He hasn't had a seizure since. That was life #2.

With the latest episode of the tumor in his abdomen, in which I was told to put him down yet again, it seems his life has been saved another time. I sought out Dr. McMillian for the second opinion and he said that I should operate, if it was his dog he said he would. That was good enough for me. He thought that there was a 1 in 10,000 chance that operating was going to save his life, but he was very confident that it would make Tombstone's remaining days comfortable.

As for the update, I received a phone call from Dr. McMillian that started out like this "I've got an early Christmas present for you." The pathology report came back that there was no sign of cancer in Tombstone's spleen or the 5lb tumor that was removed. No cancer. Dr. McMillian said he just doesn't see why Tombstone shouldn't live a full and normal life from here on out ...

So, how many lives does a dog have? Tombstone seems to be on his fourth ...

how to clean a cats ears

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