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Clean My Registry - Water Free Dry Cleaning Solvents - Home Dry Cleaning Products.

Clean My Registry

clean my registry

  • register: an official written record of names or events or transactions

  • In housing, The Registry is a risk management tool used by landlords as a screening mechanism for prospective renters.

  • A building in which things are registered or where registers are kept; A register; The act of registering; registration; A database of configurations etc maintained by the Windows operating system

  • An official list or register

  • Registration

  • A place or office where registers or records are kept

  • Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing

  • make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from; "Clean the stove!"; "The dentist cleaned my teeth"

  • free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits; "children with clean shining faces"; "clean white shirts"; "clean dishes"; "a spotlessly clean house"; "cats are clean animals"

  • Remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking

  • clean and jerk: a weightlift in which the barbell is lifted to shoulder height and then jerked overhead

March 10th

March 10th

Today was a wedding shower for Ashley! Her first of four this month! It was hosted by Andy's (fiancee) family and it was cool to meet so many people from his life. I feel like I know him better, and I appreciate that. Being a Maid of Honor is really more of a honor than I can really express, and it's so cool to say I have known this girl forever. She really is special to me. Plus, I don't think it would be a wedding without Miss Otis there, right Ash? :)

It looks like I am picking my nose but I'm not. Just so you know. :)

Also, I kind of want to fake a wedding just so I can get a lot of presents. Although my registry would probably have way more cleaning than cooking supplies. Also, can you register for gift cards? That's really all I would ever want (and as a result that's really all I ever give.)

Day 160 / Stick 'em up

Day 160 / Stick 'em up

I've been attempting to clean my excessively messy apartment (or really, my bedroom) as my parents and rockin' maid of honor are arriving tomorrow. There has been some success, but also quite a bit of procrastination and silliness.

clean my registry

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