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How To Make Dry Flower

how to make dry flower

Weeping Ox Eye (flower DSE3960.jpg)

Weeping Ox Eye (flower DSE3960.jpg)

Thought I would continue the flower theme for a couple of more posts.

This photo of of an Ox Eye Daisy was taken after a brief rain storm . For such a beautiful and delicate flower... it is an "invasive" species. It is a Eurasian Perennial and frequents low to mid elevations in moist to moderately dry locations. Nevertheless... I do find them a beautiful and seemingly delicate flower.

The word Daisy is from the Anglo-Saxon "Day's eye", which is apparently a reference to the fact the English daisy closes at night and opens again at sun-up. They are incredibly prolific, one of the most common flowers in North America, and will overgrow any area if not kept in check... which may or may not be a bad thing depending on how you look at it. The Scentless Chamomile is often mistaken for an Ox-eye as they look VERY similar.

This shot should have been taken with a circular polarizer attached but the drop-in filter for my Nikkor 200-400 f4 lense was not at hand so I made do. It would be a MUCH better photo if it had been taken with the polarizer. The angle of incidence and the DOF make the composition for me though.

How I long to be, a shadow on the wall...

How I long to be, a shadow on the wall...

it's hard for me to say when I'm wrong
It's hard for me to weep when I'm strong
But I can never sleep when you're gone
Oh, but still, if you are gonna crucify me
I wouldn't want nobody to see
'Cause you could kick me hard when I'm down
Down, down, down

I don't want to be nobody's fool
I've played that part so many times before
How I long to be a shadow on the wall
I will make no sound at all
And when the sun goes down
The shadow on the wall cannot be seen at all
At all

Oh friend, it's not that you would mess with my head
I believe that you believe what you said
You think you know me best and you care
But that's not fair
'Cause I don't really want to be seen
It must've been the way I was raised
To sleep with one eye open I'd say
Hey, hey, hey

Oh how I long to be a shadow on the wall
I will make no sound at all
At all
Brandi Carlile

how to make dry flower

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