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Triumph Motorcycle Repair Manual

triumph motorcycle repair manual

    repair manual
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1964 Leyland Octopus,1963 Triumph Herald

1964 Leyland Octopus,1963 Triumph Herald

A brand new 1964 Leyland Octopus truck and a 1963 Triumph Herald parked in Mill Lane Chelmsford (UK). The building works to the left is the extention to Building 720 at Marconi's New Street factory.

Mill Lane has vanished (along with the mill..) but the building to the left is still there in 2011 although sadly like the rest of the factory, it's empty and derelict. Note the railway embankment in the background.

Taken by fellow Chelmsford archivist and friend Dave himself in 1964 from his archives and posted here with kind permission



Quem entende de moto diz que essa e sensacional.

triumph motorcycle repair manual

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