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Exterior Door Frame Repair - Terry's Small Engine Repair - Typewriter Repair

Exterior Door Frame Repair

exterior door frame repair

    exterior door
  • a doorway that allows entrance to or exit from a building

  • (Exterior Doors) Doors found on the outside of the house, designed to weather outdoor elements.

  • Make good (such damage) by fixing or repairing it

  • Put right (a damaged relationship or unwelcome situation)

  • a formal way of referring to the condition of something; "the building was in good repair"

  • the act of putting something in working order again

  • Fix or mend (a thing suffering from damage or a fault)

  • restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken; "She repaired her TV set"; "Repair my shoes please"

  • Place (a picture or photograph) in a frame

  • a single one of a series of still transparent pictures forming a cinema, television or video film

  • Surround so as to create a sharp or attractive image

  • Erect the framework of a building

  • enclose in or as if in a frame; "frame a picture"

  • the framework for a pair of eyeglasses

They don't make 'em like they used to

They don't make 'em like they used to

You still hear that line now and then, for instance from old guys who think their '56 Buick -- or whatever -- was the greatest car ever. Here's some evidence, though, for the truth of that well-worn saying.
We did a total rehab of our house nine years ago, which included a lot of new framing, replacement of the siding, and of all the trim wood such as around windows and doors. But -- the exterior trim started going bad at least a year ago, bad enough that I've had to get into replacing it piece by piece. This is happening, as best I can tell, because of the type of wood used by the contractor -- finger joint pine -- plus his neglecting to prime paint or otherwise preserve the wood before nailing it in place. I presume he used the finger joint wood because it's nice and straight, and virtually knot-free. It looked great when the job was finished, and for a few more years.
Now, as I work my way through the replacement process, I'm using solid pine or fir, and am prime coating each piece on all four sides and both ends before installation. And, of course, caulking the joints thoroughly. Still, it probably won't stand up for many decades as is the case with some of the old houses around town. I suppose I'm really conducting a multi-year experiment ... and, keeping my fingers crossed!

Replacing Exterior Door Trim

Replacing Exterior Door Trim

This is a single frame from a video at called Replacing Exterior Door Trim.

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exterior door frame repair

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