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Cooking games that look real - Cooking mag - Personal trainer cooking recipe list.

Cooking Games That Look Real

cooking games that look real

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Last trip to gymnastics for the summer

Last trip to gymnastics for the summer

Some Quotes from the ride home:

- I could probably do a commercial for cooking, toys, or toothbrushes, because kids are usually in those types of commercials
- if I worked for lego they might pay me $50 a day and all the legos I wanted.
- What is the worst thing for your car to hit. I think myth-busters did an episode on Moose vs a speeding car... but they didn't use a real moose it was like a fake rubber moose. I think it was made out of gelatin.
- where do they keep the money at a bank... I think they send it into a computer or a big machine that calculates how much you have left. What if you had a million dollars in ones. How many legos can you buy with a million dollars. Mom if you had a million dollars what would you buy? M: AIR CONDITIONING!! How much is air conditioning... wow that's a lot of money.
- if you were a kid and you said "hey talk to my agent.. that would be funny" an agent sounds like a spy. If you were my agent I would give you 7%... that means if I got a million dollars you would get 70,000... you can buy the air conditioner then.
- do you know what would save us some money on the water bill? we could filtrate the water that comes from the showers and the laundry and then water the garden with it... or if we lived in the Arctic we could just unfreeze some ice...
- Liam's tooth looks like a tooth, like a real tooth... In the movie (ToothFairy) the tooth fairy wears a tutu and has shrinking dust and amnesia dust
- the next invention probably won't be a time machine... it will be a hologram video game... that will be awesome..
- the person who invented those zanybandz probably made a million dollars... you know there are rare ones.. like a limo or dragon, or mystical creatures, and the ones that glow in the dark. I am sure the inventor was trying to think of something simple that can be traded... kids like to trade things.
- how do factories decide the size of clothing?... which lead to this final quote "I don't know everything, I'm a kid!"

View Through a Rainy Window

View Through a Rainy Window

This is the view we saw through the rain all day Christmas in Gualala. When we first arrived there was no waterfall there. It sprouted and blossomed as the rainwater needed a place drain into the ocean. I liked the shape of the tree growing on our side of the cliff overlooking the cove. Unfortunately all my shots of it turned out blurry, so I decided to just accept the reality and exaggerate the blur to emphasize the weather conditions. It probably looks simply like a messed up photo to most everyone else, but to those of us who were there it is a reminder of our jolly Christmas day in the rain, laughing our way through funny conversations, bad DVDs, a confusing new dice game, and cooking without all the ingredients we needed. Strange that it isn't all perfectly clear here:)

(I actually added a watery-window texture over the original of this shot, then did some more work in Nik Viveza. The original was blurry anyway, so figured there was no harm in making it worse...haha It simulates our actual view through the kitchen window, although the composition is somewhat improved from the real window.)

cooking games that look real

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