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Occupational hazards

Occupational hazards
When we read newspapers, we often come across the word pollution. This word was not familiar to the people some decades ago. But now, it is a serious threat to us means the poisoning of the air, seas, rivers and lands, which would do harm to our health.
There are many bootsthat bring pollution to us. We can not have fresh air in the morning. This is mainly because of the poisonous smoke coming from factories, especially chemical ones. In rivers, seas and oceans, there are industrial wastes. Some factories just throw their wastes into seas or let them flow into rivers. When people drink the water from such rivers, they get poisoned. Besides, there is rubbish from ships and when sometimes an accident occurs in an ocean, oil flows out from tankers.
Why does local environmental degradation lead some communities to rebel while others remain politically complacent? This comparative analysis seeks a partial answer to that question through examination of the impacts of the social visibility of local environmental problems on political mobilization in the Great Lakes Basin. The data upon which this UGG® Australiais based is drawn from original field research conducted in six environmentally contaminated communities in both the U.S. and Canada. The paper examines the efforts of industry, government and environmental organizations to manipulate the visibility of contaminants in order to promote or prevent the emergence of grass roots political activism.
However, the data indicates that socially visible environmental disorganization increases local awareness of them, but has little bearing on the definition of that contamination as a problem requiring political action. The transformation of awareness of environmental problems into local political mobilization is not determined primarily by the social visibility of contaminants, their sources, or their impacts on the environment.
On land, the accumulation of rubbish in the streets may dirty the city and ruin our health. This is mainly due to the improper disposal of rubbish by it.
If we do mot fight against pollution, surely one day all of us will be killed. Some people like to put the blame on the industrial revolutions. On the contrary, the pollution problem will be solved only with the help of modem science and technology.
Pollution, occupational hazards, and consumer health problems caused by flawed or poisonous products have been more effective in inducing citizen-based mass movements than any other type of social disaster since the beginning of Japan's period of modernization. All these problems are interconnected through a single extensive root system.
Pollution problems are derived from a set of that are related to health damage caused in the work environment; the effects of this are felt far beyond the industrial workplace in the form of health problems related to consumer goods. The problems extend outward from the factory, to the small circle of the community. and then to the larger circle of the nation - a process in which labour disasters' pollution problems, and then consumer problems are all interconnected in a single nexus of cause and effect.

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