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Laser Surveying Equipment

laser surveying equipment

    surveying equipment
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  • an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation; an optical device that produces an intense monochromatic beam of coherent light

  • LASER (Linea Aerea de Servicio Ejecutivo Regional) is an airline based in Caracas, Venezuela. It operates scheduled and passenger charter services within Venezuela. Its main base is Simon Bolivar International Airport, Caracas.

  • A device that generates an intense beam of coherent monochromatic light (or other electromagnetic radiation) by stimulated emission of photons from excited atoms or molecules. Lasers are used in drilling and cutting, alignment and guidance, and in surgery; the optical properties are exploited in holography, reading bar codes, and in recording and playing compact discs

  • Laser is the primary debit card system used in Ireland, launched in 1996 and currently having around 3 million cardholders. Four Irish financial institutions are partners in the Laser Card system: Allied Irish Banks, Bank of Ireland, EBS Building Society, and National Irish Bank.

laser surveying equipment - Lasers in

Lasers in Medicine

Lasers in Medicine

The use of lasers in medical practice has dramatically increased over the years. Lasers and modern optics have largely been unexplored in medical science. This contributed work is both optimistic and cautionary in its expert evaluation of the state-of-the-art medical use of laser technology. The use of lasers to improve upon conventional practice is highlighted in the foreword by the late Dr. Leon Goldman, widely regarded as the father of laser medicine.

Focused on filling a need for a "basic physics" understanding of laser-tissue interactions, Lasers in Medicine brings together contributions from experts in various medical specialties, including ophthalmology, dermatology, and cardiovascular medicine. Each chapter addresses significant applications of laser technology and offers the author's perspective on the state-of-the-art within that specialty. The discussions convey enough basic information to enable readers to assess a laser's usefulness for a specific purpose and to understand its limitations:

A clinical engineer needs to know what laser to use for tattoo removal-Chapter 1 lists laser wavelengths available and pulse characteristics for absorption in tattoo ink to thermally decompose the ink, allowing the body to remove it.

An oncologist discovers cancerous tissue in the lining of a bladder-can photodynamic therapy be used to treat it, and what is the success rate? Chapter 10 details treatment and Chapter 6 tells how to find exactly where the cancer is located.

A newly graduated ophthalmologist needs to know the advantages a laser can bring to his profession-Chapter 8 can provide the information he needs to know.

Lasers have made many advances in medicine-especially in ophthalmology, dermatology, and cardiology-sparking a wave of enthusiasm. Lasers in Medicine supplies sufficient fundamental knowledge in order to more appropriately assess a laser's usefulness for a specific purpose, and to not attempt to purchase or utilize a laser when it is not the best solution.

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San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

San Diego Maritime Museum - USS Dolphin - The deepest diving submarine in the world, Dolphin is responsible for many "firsts", but is not primarily associated with any specific historic event or time frame during her nearly forty years of service. Rather, it is her unique, extreme deep-diving capability that sets her apart and has continually placed the vessel at the forefront of undersea naval research during her entire career. In November 1968, she set a depth record for operating submarines that still stands. In August 1969, she launched a torpedo from the deepest depth that one has ever been fired. Employed by both Navy and civilian researchers, the submarine is equipped with an extensive and impressive instrumentation suite that can support multiple missions. Since the boat's commissioning in 1968, it has amassed a startling record of scientific and military accomplishments. The boat was designed to be easily modified both internally and externally to allow the installation of special military and civilian research and test equipment. A recent example of this modification for research and development was Dolphin's test run of the Navy's newest sonar system. She is presently configured to conduct extensively deep water acoustic research, oceanic survey work, sensor trials, and engineering evaluations.

Specific stories of her various achievements and contributions include:
---Development of a Laser Imaging system of photographic clarity
---Development of an Extreme Low Frequency (ELF) antenna for TRIDENT
---Evaluation of various non-acoustic ASW techniques
---Evaluation of various low probability of interception active sonars
---First submarine launch of a MOSS system
---First successful submarine test of BQS-15 sonar system
---Development of highly accurate (10 cm) towed body position monitoring system deepest launching of a torpedo
---Development of a new Obstacle Avoidance Sonar system
---Development of a highly accurate target management system
---Evaluation of a possible "fifth force of nature"
---First successful submarine-to-aircraft optical communications
---First successful submarine-to-aircraft two-way laser communication

Lazer Gunz... pew pew pew

Lazer Gunz... pew pew pew

Monitoring the deflection of the newly constructed arch culvert by surveying established points along the underside of the pre-cast arch sections. The reflectors affixed to the arch are located with a laser from the surveying equipment. Angles and distances are recorded and later used to generate a plan location and elevation for each reflector.

laser surveying equipment

laser surveying equipment

Bosch GLR825 Laser Distance Measurer

The Bosch Laser Distance Measurer incorporates precision laser measuring technology, where the laser beam does both pointing and measuring, for distances up to 825 feet. A magnified viewfinder assists with long range and outdoor measurements. Range (ft.): 2 - 825, Accuracy: 3/64in. / 1mm / ±0.04in., Functions (qty.): 11, Measures: Length, area, volume, min./max., continuous, indirect length, double Indirect, combined indirect, stake out, trapezoid, multi-surface area and timer measurements, Backlit Display: Yes, Large, illuminated 4-line LCD display for easy readability, Battery Type: AAA, Battery Included: Yes (4)

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