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Cooking Shows List - Green Cooking Pots - Dry White Wine For Cooking Substitute

Cooking Shows List

cooking shows list

Vegan:The New Ethics of Eating

Vegan:The New Ethics of Eating

Hard-hitting and factually based, this book outlines the health, ethical, and ecological reasons for adopting a vegan lifestyle. The author outlines many practical reasons for making this conscious choice- among them is that 70% of all Americans are dying from illnesses related to diet. As heart disease is one of the leading killers, the author sests a link between animal protein consumption and heart disease. He also gives extensive documentation of cruelty to the animal population by visiting several slaughterhouses and animal farms. The author's writing style appeals to the reader's compassion. It seems at times to be almost political in its agenda. Change your eating habits and become a better person is the final message I am left holding onto at the end of the book. Whether you consider the author's sestions to be radical or rational, he speaks from personal experience. As noted in the foreword of the book by Howard Lyman, he felt an awakening to the concept of eating vegan when he was lying in a hospital bed. He felt that he could no longer ignore the killing on his family's farm and had to make a lifestyle change. He has the support of many in the medical fields, including Dr. Dean Ornish, care-giver to many celebrities and high-profile public figures and leading author of NY Times Bestselling books, Eat More, Weigh Less and Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease. Ornish sests that healing qualities exist with a combination of vegetarianism and meditation, and was the first in his field to present findings sesting that heart disease can be reversed through diet and lifestyle changes, free of surgery and drugs. Four new food groups are introduced, excluding the meat group. He sests that protein, calcium, as well as other nutritionally essential elements in a person's diet can be met without the addition of animal food products. While this book is educational, it lacks recipes to show how tantalizing food can be without the addition of meat. However, the lengthy resource list at the end of the book sests much research and achieves the objective of retraining the reader to think before eating. -- From Independent Publisher

debbie's funny list

debbie's funny list

Since we were in the Burgh last weekend, my Aunt Debbie did an early Thanksgiving Dinner for us :)
She is soo organized...
I just had to show you.

My brother couldn't wait untill she messed up one of her own steps and finally at 2:15...she was a tad late getting those darn pumpkin tortellini on the stove! ...boy were they good!
Oh...and dinner was on the table a bit late but that's because one of my cousins was running late...not her fault. haha :))

btw: her kitchen is soo huge and gorgeous and she's such a good cook that she was asked to do her own cooking show on tv! keep an eye out for aunt deb!!

oh....and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone :))

cooking shows list

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