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Cheapest digital photo prints - Card & photo holders

Cheapest Digital Photo Prints

cheapest digital photo prints

    digital photo
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Photo from hell

Photo from hell

I took a photography class at the Denver Darkroom to better understand photography using the 35 mm film camera I borrowed from my father-in-law. It was a very good class, I learned alot from the four classes that were offered, and my instructor Standish Lawder has even taught at Harvard and Yale.

Lets just say it was a rough month and I have almost given up taking pictures for good, considering I have overdid it. It was tough having to bring in two rolls of black and white film each week with photos taken (I work nights), and after the second week having prints done.

It was a rocky start, my first two rolls of film did not develop, they were pitch black. Thinking it was me of course that did everything wrong, it was the camera that was broken and I was able to go to the Camera trader and get another camera for realtivly cheap. But I got my pride in the way and felt humilated that I couldnt develop film like the rest of the students in my class.

But I tried again with the new camera, but I never did get past of developing more prints of my other photos besides the photo above. The thrid class i developed several prints of the coal train, but the paper I purchased either was bad to begin with or I accidently exposed the paper to light. The photo would have black edges and so forth.

Whats cool about the Denver Darkroom, if you are taking a class there, you can use the darkroom as much as you want. I made the mistake of spending over three hours working on this photo. First, the photo developed all fogged over, thinking it was me that was doing something wrong, it took five more prints, and then the darkroom monitor realized the developing solution was exhausted since they did not change it out since last class. Oye! My nerves.

But I tried again, had the right exposure and the photo turned out nice, that is until the monitor said try using a contrast filter to bring out the dark coal to make the photo better. Of course this meant going back taking several shots at different exposures to get the right photo. This took me three hours in the darkroom, and I stopped at this photo even though the corners need dodging a bit.

So I burned myself almost completely out on photography, it was a good class and I learned alot. But I dont think I could ever step into a darkroom again. Thank god for digital cameras and photoshop!

CHEAP FREAKS EP Launch @ The Mercantile Dublin

CHEAP FREAKS EP Launch @ The Mercantile Dublin

CHEAP FREAKS EP Launch @ The Mercantile Dublin

cheapest digital photo prints

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