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Digital photo printing adelaide. Turn my photo into a painting.

Digital Photo Printing Adelaide

digital photo printing adelaide

    photo printing
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Hart's Mill

Hart's Mill

I took this photo of Hart's Mill at Port Adelaide in mid 2004, using a Canon EOS 3000 film SLR, polariser and Fuji Velvia 50 transparency film. The potent mix of Velvia combined with a polariser really made the unusual clouds from that morning stand out against the building.

With this photo, I was lucky enough to win First Prize in small colour/mono prints, and Champion small print at the 2004 Adelaide Show photography exhibition. I also entered it into the 17th Annual Heritage Society photographic awards in 2005, where it won the The Bruce Mackenzie Memorial Youth Award, for photographers under 21.

Less luckily, this is the only transparency that I've ever lost, and it's one of my best shots of the mill. I never scanned it so I don't have a digital file either. At least I had a couple of smaller prints made that I could frame with the awards.

Adelaide beach 2010

Adelaide beach 2010

Painted with Nexus on my 35th birthday in Adelaide, Australia. Never painted on a sunny beach with 30 degrees on my birthday before, was a nice change from the usual winter scenario.

digital photo printing adelaide

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