Connect Ps3 To Computer Wireless

connect ps3 to computer wireless

  • (computing) computer science: the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures

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  • calculator: an expert at calculation (or at operating calculating machines)

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  • transmission by radio waves

  • Lacking or not requiring wires

  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"

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  • Link to a power or water supply

  • Sony’s Playstation 3.  Yes, it’s mostly for games, but it used to be the most affordable Blu-Ray player around.  What makes it nice is that it also has Wi-Fi connectivity and is constantly updating itself.

  • The is the third home video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment and the successor to the PlayStation 2 as part of the PlayStation series. The PlayStation 3 competes with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii as part of the seventh generation of video game consoles.

  • Sony PlayStation 3. It’s a PlayStation. With a three.

silly girl and silly me. : ) IMG 5045

silly girl and silly me.  : )  IMG 5045

ever have one of those computer or router troubleshooting moments where the most obvious solution is the one you do hours later? well, that was me tonight! *face desk* i got my new Blu-Ray player and was trying to set up the player to connect with the router. it found the router no problem but was not accessing the internet. i'm going through the internet trying to figure out what was wrong. even called tech support which was about as useful as shooting firecrackers out of your bum. finally, as i was about to give up i thought "reboot the damn router" and of course, that was it! i was looking at that two hours beforehand and it should have occurred to me then!

anyhoo, all is well now in Blu-Ray land. a bunch of people said the streaming of Netflix through the player to the TV was horrible. i think it's great! the quality is not true HD but geez, the signal has to go wireless to the player so of course it won't be completely perfect. the speed is okay. i know that wireless data transfer rates to the PS3 is awful....almost like dial up speed....but the Blu-Ray is not bad at all! probably hit Borders tomorrow and pick up a movie or two. : )

so enjoying me time. hope everyone has a great weekend!

connect ps3 to computer wireless

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