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Cheap microwave stands - 1300 watt microwave - Trudeau microwave egg poacher.

Cheap Microwave Stands

cheap microwave stands

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I truly have a lot of photos to post from the past few weeks but my room is in such a state of disrepair that I don't even want to stay in there long enough to get the chord to connect my camera to the computer...

This is my breakfast the morning after my first grocery shopping trip (to Metro). It provides me with the opportunity to make my "Things that are different in Montreal/ Things from Toronto that I miss" <-- For today I will limit it to food-related things

1. The grocery store was all in French so I sort of had to guess what things were on sale if the labels were not clear.

2. I was all ready to say "J'ai pas besoin des sacs." to the cash girl but then when I got there I just blurted out "I don't need any bags!" and she didn't hear me so I had to stand there and take everything out of the bags and into my backpack. Then a second person came to try and put my stuff in plastic bags and when she told him that I didn't want any, he started questioning my ability to pack things because he thought I was going to put a bag of potatoes on top of my tomatoes and bread (and not actually just in the milk crate on its own, like I did.)

3. Also, at this store, you can't take the shopping cart with you past the cash register.. I was so confused and kind of got the cart stuck in the aisle as I tried to push it through so I could just put everything back into the cart and then pack my backpack at my leisure instead of trying to rush and get everything off the counter before the next person's stuff was added to the pile.

4. On the whole, I probably won't go back to that Metro again. Jean Talon Market is supposed to be ok but I need to call my aunt and find out for real what is the Toronto Chinatown equivalent here. Even if I have to travel far to do it. because everything was more expensive at the store than in TO (ex. broccoli--- $2.49 for a bunch vs. $0.99!)

5. Oddly enough, avocadoes are cheaper here ($0.99 vs $1.39)

6. Around the house, I miss: a microwave; a cheap, easy to wash frying pan; a big cutting board and broad selection of knives; big huge pasta bowls for pigs; the speakers I could connect my iPod to

It's just adjusting stuff... Anyway I should post about Pop and my meeting w/ Jay from yesterday soon because that went PHENOMENALLY!

(short form for cya later according to Jay.. I guess it translates to "a plus?")

The work/food bench

The work/food bench

I know I'm starting to take a lot of shots of food but this is more than what I am eating. As I come back to my desk to eat this delicious microwave personal pan pizza I pushed things out of the way to make room for the pizza. However when I stood back I though it looked like an interesting comentary on what kind of college student I am. Sure there's cheap pizza. But then lots of electronics and projects. I just think it's funny that this is what my desk looks like.

cheap microwave stands

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